It’s the morning after our first night of meeting and lovemaking, having enjoyed each other for hours and hours. It was purely heaven to have one final shower together, then fall asleep in each other’s arms. You felt most comfortable sleeping in a sheer off-white nightie, the delicate material lightly covering your beautiful body, teasing me. I chose my boxer briefs.

In the morning, I wake first, groggy. My senses start coming to me. I sigh a deep, sleepy breath and stretch, feeling my muscles return to life, sloughing off the peaceful slumber of the night and coming back to the conscious world. As I stretch, I become aware for the first time in too long, that I’m not alone in bed, waking up with a presence next to me. Warm. Soft. Feminine.

I wake on my left side, facing you, my right arm loosely draped over your body as you lie on your back. My forearm rests on your stomach, my right hand flopped over to your left hip, just above the bed sheets that swathe your lower body. For a few minutes, I lie there, taking in the sight of you, this beautiful woman lying next to me. The early morning glow of sunrise softly radiates through the window curtains, giving a dim but warm orange light in the room. I study your face as you sleep, admiring your semi clothed body, feeling a deep love for you.

The feeling is indescribable, melting my heart, waking up next to you, feeling so warm and cozy, never wanting to get out of bed. I recall the events of the night before, how wonderful our lovemaking was, the two of us joined together. As I replay our trysts in my mind, my hand idly wanders over you. I delicately touch your body, taking in your features. Remembering how your body felt underneath me, how your breasts looked swaying over me. My fingertips lightly skim your nipples as I recall how they brushed my hairy chest as you rode me to screaming orgasm. I touch the base of your neck, remembering how my cum pooled there when I came on your tits, covering those sexy freckles on your caramel skin. My fingers run through your pretty hair, reminded of holding your tresses balled up in my fist while you sucked my cock.


I delicately brush your sensual lips, recalling our passionate kisses, feeling your humid, rhythmic breath on my fingers. This agitates you in your slumber, and you roll away from me to your left, taking the sheets partially with you. I smile to myself, seeing your back presented to me, opening up an opportunity, and I scoot up behind you, spooning you. My pelvis goes to your bottom, my legs bent behind yours. I press my bare chest into your back, and nuzzle my face into the nape of your neck, my arm wrapped around you, holding you close. You quietly sigh.

Mmmmm… this is wonderful, so warm and cozy, having you in my arms, with full body contact. Your soft skin caresses my face, and your scent pervades my senses, driving me wild. As a red blooded male, of course I’ve woken up with “morning wood”, slightly erect. Feeling your body against mine gets me going, my cock pressed against your soft ass, and I want you. Again. A devilish grin creeps over my face.

I move my hand down the full length of your bare right arm, feeling your skin, and lightly close my hand on yours from the back, slipping my fingers between your fingers. It’s so intimate. I nuzzle into your neck, and rub my cock against your ass through both of our underwear. Then I release your hand and caress your stomach, cup your breasts, and massage gently, loving their juicy flesh in my hand.

Needing more, I reach down and do what I can to tug your panties down without disturbing your sleep, mostly only getting the right side off your sexy hip since you’re lying to your left. Moving slowly and deliberately, I carefully take off my boxer briefs and move back into position behind you, gently gyrating my hips to nestle my cock between your soft exposed ass cheeks. Your body warmth excites me, increasing my desire for you.

I reach into your somewhat pulled down panties and explore your abdomen and your pubic hair. I lightly stroke your pussy lips, which makes you stir and softly moan. I hold your body tight and kiss the back of your neck. Your ear. You stir again and release a breath. I’ll definitely have to sacrifice your sleep for more sex time for us, as I won’t be able to both keep you asleep and play with you, even if I wanted to.

I gently roll you to your back, and your top leg flops open to the right side as you come to rest, limply slumping against me. I glance at you, noting your eyes twitch but remain closed, and you stay asleep for now. Your disheveled partial state of undress from me playing with you looks so sexy, your “bed head” hair falling unkempt around you on the pillow.

I smirk to myself and scoot down under the covers, pulling them over my head to create a cocoon. Very carefully, I pull your panties off, able to remove them now in your new position. I softly kiss your legs, and then maneuver between them, being careful not to wake you. I kiss your calves, then slowly work my way up to your knees and your inner thighs. I move up, staying under the covers, touching you as little as possible. Past your thighs, I stop touching you altogether, moving my lips just above your body. I can smell your pussy now, stopping with my mouth hovering over your bare sex, my hot breath falling on your pussy lips. Through the sheets, I can hear your breathing change as your body unconsciously reacts to my presence. You’re starting to come out of your deep sleep, with small wiggles.

I continue to breathe on your pussy, my moist breath falling on your groin. Then I place a small kiss on those lips.

A slow little lick.

You whimper.

We had taken a shower together before bed with all our messy lovemaking, but I can still taste a little of our sex on you, and your musk gets me going. You’re gently writhing now. I can tell you’re waking, so I go with it, being slow and deliberate but not wasting any time, kissing and softly eating your pussy. My kisses get wetter, deeper, using more of my open mouth on your pussy.

I gently rest my hands on your hips, holding you in place while I give you head, then move my hands up to caress and feel your torso, underneath your nightie, pushing it out of place. Then I tenderly grasp and massage your breasts. Oh, how I love those wonderful tits of yours in my hands.

You begin to wake from your deep slumber, groggy and still drunk from sleep, not knowing where you are or what’s happening. You’re vaguely aware that someone is with you in bed, but not registering who it might be, feeling strange but wonderful sensations on your body. What’s going on?

I can tell you’re almost awake so I smoothly kiss up your body, emerging from my cave below the warm covers, and lay between your legs. I rest my body on yours, supporting my upper body weight on my elbows, and naturally press the bulging head of my erect cock against your pussy lips. The soft sheets feel nice resting on my bare ass, covering the lower halves of our bodies.

I tenderly kiss your mouth. This wakes you the rest of the way and your eyes finally open, to see me on top of you, looking down at you lovingly and with a smile. You look at me with drunken, sleepy, glassy eyes, an imperceptibly confused look on your face, half understanding but not yet comprehending.

Just as you’re registering what’s going on, I begin to ease inside you, my cock head pushing your pussy lips apart and penetrating you. Your eyes fly wide open in surprise. Your mouth drops open in silent shock and pleasure. You grab my arms tight with your hands, fingertips digging sharply into my skin, as you weren’t expecting this. Your whole body tenses up, you arch your back, and give a startled gasp.

You’re a little wet from the foreplay and my saliva on your pussy, but not much since you were asleep. Therefore there’s more friction and sensation as I penetrate you. So different from our other lovemaking, where you were sopping wet with desire. It’s a wonderful change of pace, feeling so good, just a different variation on the perfection of my cock inside you.

I’m kind and stay pushed deep inside you for a minute without moving, letting you mentally and physically catch up with the situation. Your grip on my arms relaxes, and you’re able to breathe again, trying to catch up with big, deep breaths. Your abdomen trembles a little. The shock and surprise in your face slowly melts. You smile at me, inside you again, making love to you. Your expression becomes so happy as you remember the previous night. That we’re in love. That feeling in your heart.

You reach up with one hand and touch my cheek as only a woman can, delicately, in a loving and feminine gesture. Showing love and being caring, while re-familiarizing yourself with this man who is once again inside of you. Then your hand comes back down to my arm, silently preparing, encouraging me to continue without a single word, asking only with your eyes.

I deliberately withdraw and push back deep inside you, keeping my eyes locked onto yours, making you scrunch up your face in pleasure. Your eyes roll back in your head for a second as you’re overwhelmed in ecstasy, then with great effort you look back into my eyes, meeting my gaze as I begin to fuck you.

Your whole body reacts to my lovemaking, as pleasure envelops your whole being from the inside out, making you ache with desire. Instead of a yawn and stretches after waking, your body becomes alive to start the day with deep gasps and grinding your hips back into me, your fingertips again digging into my arms.

As your body continues to wake up, you feel some of the rose petals under your shoulders and back left over on the bed from the night before. Your pleasure continues as we have sex, enjoying each other and how good we feel, our lower bodies under the sheets.

I reach under your nightie that’s pushed up but still covering part of your top, and squeeze your left breast, feeling your nipple under my fingers. This makes you moan and takes you to a new level. You turn your head to the side, struggling to keep up with all these sensations immediately after waking up. Intentional or not, this just gives me a big target and I lean down to open mouth kiss your exposed neck. I use a little suction, then a little teeth. Then harder, clamping my mouth on your neck. This takes you even further, feeling so good. You softly cry out.

Your pleasure turns me on and our lovemaking intensifies, picking up speed and passion. I have to have you. All of you. Now I roughly grab that nightie and pull it up your body underneath your arms, exposing those glorious tits, and sink my mouth onto your right breast, sucking hard. You utter your first words of the day, your voice a little raspy with sleep.

“Efe… Oh my God… Oh baby… Efe… Oh fuck… Don’t stop”

You start to come first. Not explosive, but incredibly intense. It envelops your whole body, flowing through every muscle, every vein. Your orgasm washes over your full body like an unstoppable tsunami, drowning you in rapturous elation. Your every muscle tenses again, and you find yourself unable to breathe.

Your body spasms underneath me, pussy squeezing my cock tight, and I feel your extra wetness gushing onto my hard cock, which pushes me over the edge and I come. I fall onto your body with my whole weight, pushing out the remaining air in your lungs in a single forced exhale. I clamp my mouth hard onto your neck again, shooting my cum into you, gasping and groaning into your flesh, trying to push my cock even deeper into your wonderful pussy.

We ride our orgasms and stay just like that, my face buried in your neck and cheek, not looking at each other but fully aware of our bodies coupled tightly together. We’re both breathing hard, heartbeats pounding against each other, then slowing.

As we come down from our highs, that warm, cozy, snuggle-under-the-covers, don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed feeling returns. I pull out of you, both of us so satisfied, and lie next to you. Both of us turn to face each other in bed on our sides, heads resting on our pillows, gently touching each other’s naked bodies, periodically kissing. Feeling hot and slightly sweaty from sex, we keep the sheets pushed down low, but still enjoy snuggling underneath.

I smile at you.

“Good morning, babe. Would you like some breakfast as well?”