The Something Bookish Podcast

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Something Bookish Podcast. It’s a podcast for people who like to read, drink, and talk about books. Asides books, you’ll also get recipes to my experimental cocktails which are pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.

TSBP 003: The 7 Best Short Story Collections I've Ever Read

I feel like, everyone has a bucket list. A list of things you’d like to achieve before you die. It could be taking a walking on the Great Wall of China or be swimming with dolphins. Do you have a bucket list?

My Bucket list divided into categories, so in this episode, I’m sharing my bookish one. It ranges from visiting author homes to owning a bookstore. Give it a listen and see if it inspires you to form your own list.

Worthy Mentions

What's on your bucket list
Bernardine Evaristo and I at Ake Festival 2019

Do share with me the things on your bucket list, let’s compare notes.