Toasties by @Biscuitboneblog Something Bookish Review

I had followed their blog for such a long time. And it made me the happiest bunny when I heard they had opened a physical store. Toasties by @Biscuitboneblog is one of the best gastronomical experiences you can enjoy from a sandwich shop.

The store is located at 113 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. There is enough parking on a week day. The place gets really packed on weekends but there is park at First Bank beside it. Don’t get bullied by the security guys to give a tip, it’s not a mandatory thing.

The interior is nice. Not like I was expecting anything spectacular, I was just there for the food. So, the ambience is nice, they play soft house music if you’re into that kind of stuff. I particularly like the floor. Don’t ask me why.

Toasties by @Biscuitboneblog Something Bookish Review

Toasties by @Biscuitboneblog have a variety of unconventional sandwich combinations. The Shaki(tripe) is my favourite but I’d recommend the Steak and Egg. You can take a look at their menu here.

Toasties by @Biscuitboneblog Something Bookish Review

The service is pretty fast, I waited for less than thirty minutes to receive my order. And the staff are really helpful and attentive. You should also try to take away your food, I love the packaging.

The prices are reasonable too. 2300 naira for a sandwich isn’t bad, and they are very filling, you can get chips if you want. I don’t like their chips, it’s a little too bland for me.

Toasties Review by something Bookish

They don’t have a lot of options for drinks, so maybe you should just get water or something generic. Like, Coke. I had this Wilsons’ Lemonade that everybody has been buzzing about and the worst thing I have ever had to drink. Yuck.

Toasties Review By Lipglossmaffia

Side note: Across the road is one of my favourite frozen yoghurt places, Pinkberry and you have to check it out. Currently, my best flavour is Pina Coloda. Only way to describe this flavour to experience it yourself.

Frozen Yoghurt

Have you been to Toasties by @Biscuitboneblog? Do you like sandwiches? How adventurous is your palate?

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Toasties by @Biscuitboneblog Something Bookish Review
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