Okay i just wanted to show off my screensaver, pretty cool huhn?

Unfortunatly, I have joined them.I can’t leave without my phone. I have become so attached to my phone. This blogging business caused it. And these developers just keep creating apps that are so good. I would love to create my own app someday, I even have sketches and colour schemes. Someday, I know I will have my own app that people go crazy over but today, I will be sharing apps that help me through on a daily.
In no particular order…
1 – Simple Note
Not all note-taking apps are created equal. The Beyonce’s of the space, Evernote and OneNote, aim to do it all, offering rich features and support for multimedia, blah blah blah. But there is another class of simpler note-taking and syncing services that stress-free people like me enjoy.  Simplenote is a productivity app that helps me put all my thoughts(loads of them) in one place. And the best part is I can work on my phone, laptop and iPad. All I need to do sign in with my email and poof, I can continue editing! And if you’re a writer or creative person, you need to get this app! Stop losing those great ideas, keep them in your simple note.
2- Bitmoji
Bitmojis make perfect sense for human communication. I am addicted this app. 150,000 years ago to 150 years ago, human interaction was face to face. Then we got the telephone and you could talk to anyone anywhere but you couldn’t see their face. Then we got the text and lost voice. And everything went to shit. Now, there are smileys and all that but they lack character. Your Bitmoji avatar is your digital identity!!!I have created mine and boy am I in love. I haven’t named her yet, but you’ll see more of her in the coming blog posts. Seriously, everybody needs this app.

3- Pinterest
I like to call myself the Pinterest queen. I loved scrapbooking as a child, so when I saw Pinterest, it was like a dream come true. When I get on that app, I can get lost for hours. It  takes on the challenge of creating a way to explore and discover content online based on your interests. More specifically, Pinterest focuses on images primarily and some videos. And you can save them, like forever, if you are already there, follow me. I have boards for food and drink recipes, places i’d like to travel to, DIY tricks, I have so many boards. Even costumes i’d like to dress my future babies in. Don’t judge. Just look at this!

WordPress is a beast of a Web-publishing platform, “because it’s easy to set up, SEO-friendly, and incredibly flexible, thanks to an ever-growing theme and plug-in ecosystem”. (Okay, I copied that wikipedia) The official WordPress app which is free for android, IOS and windows, lets you add text, photos, audio, and video to your blog, no computer required, whether it’s hosted on WordPress.com or a third-party Web hosting service. So, I really have no excuse for not posting more on this blog, so feel free judge me:-(
5- Accuradio
AccuRadio is a free Internet radio app.  You get to skip songs, and there are no monthly subscription fees. The genres available are really eye opening if you love music. It is just the best thing to do when you’re near free wifi. When I login, I like the choice of  personalizing my playlists. I loooooove this app. Best part? No ads!
6- Dictionary
What I love about this particular app is the word of the day feature where you learn a new word every day and the  audio pronunciation feature, it helps me hear every word/pronunciation properly. And this app works offline, you don’t need an internet connection.
7- Pages Manager
unnamed (1)
Pages Manager is an application that lets admins check on their Page activity, view insights and respond to their audience from their mobile device. That’s pretty much it. Recently, I updated my app and I discovered I can live stream! I was so excited and I can’t wait to do something with that. Maybe we can share a bottle of wine soon. But you have to like the page first, on Facebook.
8- Twitter
Do I really need to explain this? Twitter is where it’s at, yo! <<<—You need to read that with an African American accent, whatever that is. Asides helping me keep up with all types of news, Twitter helps me keep up with crazy people. And there are a lot of crazy people in this world!
So, what about you? What apps keep you functional?