T. G.  I. F!
YouTube is a great place to kill time watching something interesting, informative, or funny. I have prepared for you a list of my favourite YouTube channels. I doubt you are already subscribed to some of them but here is a chance to learn something new. This is still a great chance to discover new creative YouTube channels delivering you their best comic content for free!
1-The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
This is the number one  person on my husband list, so it should be no surprise that his show is mentioned first. Trevor Noah is the funniest African comedian and i can’t get enough. Sometimes, I just want to climb into his head and live there. Forever. P.S you NEED to watch this video, when he done with the rant,I was ready to have his babies! Yeah, I’m in love.

2- Suzelle DIY
If you love to do things on your own and you love to laugh, this is the channel to subscribe to. I love the way she speaks and her relationship with her best friend. Her channel is interesting and colourful and the best part is you actually learn things. My colleague hooked me up with this channel, thanks Nkeiru.

3- Post Modern Juke Box
After I watched this particular cover of Maps, I was sold. I bought their album. If it wasn’t so difficult for me to travel, I would be at all their concerts. I love the idea of this band. Their style is vintage and it is from eras that i love. And they work with such amazing singers too.

4- Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jimmy Kimmel reminds me of my late uncle. Same kind of humour, the only difference is the colour of their skin. I guess that’s why I love everything Jimmy Kimmel does. Well, except his Emmy’s 2016 monologue, that was just a shame. Remember #MeanTweets? Yeah, it’s from his show and these little vox pop things he does with kids and strangers, they are always so much fun to watch.

5- The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
I love talk shows and I love Jimmy Fallon. He always plays fun games with celebrities, so it’s not just all talk. That’s why I love his YouTube channel. P.S this is my best Lip Sync Battle ever, Emma Stone killed it. I have watched this particular video a hundred times!

6- The Ngee Show
Ngozi has to be the funniest Nigerian woman who is not a comedian. I always look forward to her vlogs where she shares her unapologetic thoughts about social issues. And she makes so much sense. I feel like if I was to invite her to a dinner party, it would be a lot of fun.

7- Buzzfeed
If this list was being done in order of preference, this would have been my number two pick. What i love the most about Buzzfeed videos is the honest-to-God comments/reactions from the staff and contributors. I tried doing it one time with Jobless People, I think I will bring it back when i get my list of very interesting people too.

8- WatchMojo.Com
My love for lists and TV is what landed me here. They curate the most amazing stuff. The channel produces daily “Top Ten” videos as well as videos summarizing the history of specific niche topics. So, there is a healthy surprise everytime. It’s awesome.

Bonus: Jenna Marbles
I just discovered this channel through Don, an old friend,  and I am still going through her videos, she is really funny. My kind of humour. She might even be my spirit animal.

And that’s my list for the week. What are your favourite YouTube channels? Share with me. I like discovering new channels too!
Have an awesome weekend…xoxo