What is #TheTribe ? It is a group of open minded individuals who love life, appreciate the simple pleasures and most importantly, are committed readers of Lipglossmaffia’s Blog. There are many branches of #TheTribe on social media, we are a very large group and can’t be pinned in a single place. In honour of #TheTribeAnnualBlowjobDay(yes, I came up with that on my own), I asked our BBM branch these questions.
*What do you like about blowjobs?
*Do you have any tips for improvement?
Their answers were amazing, insightful and hilariously funny. Enjoy…
Aguiyi Ironsi, Male
The beauty about blowjobs to me would always be the ready wetness of the mouth
The mouth is always wet and lubricated and just drooling all over the penis does magical things
The combined effort of the tongue licking down the shaft
How she looks into your eyes to watch the feedback
When you’re about to cum and she changes tempo and prolongs your orgasm it does things to your soul
And you always know a woman who gives you a bj does it cos she likes you or likes it both ways you get the immense pleasure of the miracles the human mouth can perform
And when she deep throats and the gag reflex ensues you literally feel your dick convulsing
And she takes it out to gasp for air oh Lord Jesus!
Fluffy, Female
I’m not crazy about it but the few times it happened, I’ve actually really enjoyed it… I enjoyed how silky it felt in my mouth.
Anonymous, Female
TBH I don’t like blow jobs and I think I suck at it. But I however like to give when I am officially in a relationship and it is better for me when there’s something sweet on the D.
Then I am more comfortable. Anyway Tip, understand what your partner likes and how he likes it. As a non penetrative sex person ( whatever that means) I have given a number of blowjobs and understanding what the person likes and how, helps a lot.
@Stef_23rd, Male
What I like most about blowjobs is the wet lips on my dick n the tongue rolling around it…Tips? I would say more saliva on the lips of the lady sucking me to stop any hard friction on my dick n smooth movement in n out of her cute lips.
Deep Sip, Female
I like the look of pleasure on a man’s face when he’s getting a blowjob. Don’t rush it, take your time to fill up your mouth, the deeper the penis goes in, it gets more intense.
@im__McCoy, Male
What do I love? Well, the look on her face, her control, her will… Her fingers, her lips… How nasty she can get. The build up, the rush, and the swallow. Tip: you need to love giving to be able to actually give well. Very important Tips. Do not neglect the balls and the regions just below. The sloppier the better. Although, observe your man, so you know if he’s just as nasty.
Gabazee, Male
I love everything about blowjobs. Except the teeth.
I think the best I’ve got was when the girl was teabagging my balls simultaneously giving a handjob. Very fascinating experience. And yeah. A lot of spit too. Lool
CI, Female
I love the way it feels in my mouth. Tips? Lots of spit, eye contact and when you get tired, u can alternate with your fist.
Anonymous, Male
Very sloppy, a lot of saliva. And remember, balls are delicate but very sensitive, don’t be afraid to explore. I actually don’t like blowjobs. I hate when I’m not in control. Especially when a girl is making me brrrr… brrrrrr…
Chris, Male
Focus on the tip. Lick it. Suck on it. Cover the entire shaft with your mouth. Lick my balls. Suck on them. Plant kisses up & down my shaft. Use your hands to assist the action too. Love the way it makes me feel. I moan like a girl. Curled toes & all. Unfortunately I never cum from blowjobs but I never pass up on it.
Moyekan, Male
Lol  love the feeling. The fact that I get to look at the female while she’s giving me so much joy and happiness. Lol well…make ur mouth into a pussy as much as u can while giving one. Make it as sloppy as possible. There’s never too much spit.
NZT-48, Male
I love the feel of the teeth on my penis and when the tongue touches the tip. Also when her fingers wrap around and she slides it up & down near the balls! oh la la.
Hmmm I can only think of tongue piercings, i’m not sure that can be categorized as a tip, I would call it a blowjob “bonus”.
TeCee, Male
I like the way my cock disappears and appears when she’s sucking on it. I like the sweet sensations it sends up my groin while she’s sucking on my cap. I like the feeling of vulnerability and power she has over me when she’s going down on me but most of all, I love the indescribable pleasure I get from being sucked.
As for tips, the first thought that comes to my mind is: no teeth!!!
A lady doesn’t have to take in the entire shaft into her mouth, she can just focus on the cap. That’s the most sensitive spot on the cock.
She should go slowly if he’s big so she doesn’t tire easily and she should ensure that she finds a very comfortable position to get into so she just doesn’t get uncomfortable later if he’s taking a long time to cum.
She doesn’t have to put her back into it to make him come. She should focus more on having fun and enjoying it than ensuring he nuts.
She shouldn’t just focus on sucking the cap and the shaft. There are balls too. While she sucks. She should gently grab the balls and gently play with them (these fuckers like to be touched).
She should think of the cock like a chocolate bar and lick on it. This doesn’t really do anything but men are visual and seeing a woman do that makes him believe that she’s enjoying what she is doing and that feels super good.
Then finally for me, she should learn to lick the perineum. Or she can just use her fingers to play with that line if she doesn’t want to go that deep.
Okay “finally finally”, she should do it because she enjoys it!!! Not because of her man else eventually she will tire of it.
She should do it first because it makes her wet and because she enjoys making him squirm with pleasure and anticipation while her tongue plays musical notes against his nether region.
Ahmed, Male
For me it’s the look on the lady’s face and the sexiness in her doing. Sisters shouldn’t treating it like yank thing. It kills the fun.
Mo, Male
It’s a way of giving control over completely which feels epic when it’s done right.
Suction control is key. Sometimes hard sometimes gentle. 👍
Anonymous, Male
The feeling, that warm mouth going up and down that dick. The sensation is just priceless. There’s that place in guys just at the waist line most girls dunno, it’s super sensitive… Like it wen her fingers rub thru for a while. The she plays with the dick, with the fingers… Met only one girl that could give intense pleasure from that tho.
After finger playing, She’d hold the dick up right and still by the tip while i lay on my back, and lick it form down up and kiss the tip. She’d do that to all sides. Then, then suck the balls, while she gives a very gentle and soft hand job. Sensations. That’ll go on for a while. Then she’d cover d dick with her mouth making sure her lips and tongue doesn’t touch it, but the cap goes straight to that warm moist end of her throat. And as soon as it touches it, she’ll remove and do it again… Couple of times. Then she’d look at my face and laugh. Lick my chest down and wrap her tongue around it by the sides and go up and down, u could call it a tongue job… Lol. Then she’d put the cap in her mouth and just lick and lick and suck and suck, and she’d stop and immediately slide it into her wet kitty just once to the end, and I’d stretch. Then she’d put the dick in her mouth and tighten it, but still her teeth doesn’t touch it… Then she drags her mouth up till she reaches the tip and the she sucks the tip vigorously, dips again, drags up and sucks the tip vigorously again. Then she dip it all the way in the vagina again. And then start continue the process with random tweaks.
Cereal264, Male
Tip- always keep it sloppy but under control.
What I like about it, Omo I can’t explain in English but there’s a feeling that comes when you being blown properly. Watching someone get to all the places you can’t get to during penetrations is like heaven.
Jedi Mistress, Female
I like the feel of the cap on my lips and how it makes his legs shake. I like how it moves in my mouth. And the soft moans that comes from him.
On tips… Making the blow job as slimy as possible. Tease with the tip of my tongue around the cap …round the tip. I like deep throating too. Making myself gag. I pride myself on that lol.
Bad Gang, Male
I really like the warm moist feeling; almost feels like actually being within those vaginal walls with different motions. Although, the act of receiving a blowjob with ice cubes or mints (TomTom/Vicks blue) also gives its own sensation.
Concentration on the tip/cap with rotational tongue moves.
Mild slides of tongue along the shaft.
Tea bagging can hurt when done wrong due to the delicate nature of the ‘bags and their content’.
Deep throat isn’t always needed, except your bulimic.
The strokes of being hand jobbed and and vacuumed.
Eye contact while being blown, blows the mind.
Less teeth… A lil nibble, and no biting *you’re not chewing meat*
Taking your time…
Hold on, and treat like its yours… You don’t wanna let it go… Use one hand… Both… No hands…
And SWALLOW!!! After swallowing, don’t stop… Try and get every last drop. Don’t let it go to waste (if I stay hard then continue with the sex)
Madam Creative, Female
I think I like playing with the balls, you know that thing you do with the balls in your mouth, like swallowing it or popping it in your mouth. I found out that it gives them, you know, i can’t explain whatever it does to them but i like the sound they make when i do whatever i do on the balls. It’s just the popping sound, licking, you know, it just drives them crazy and i like it. Then, there is this thing with the tip of the penis, rolling your tongue all around it and then just licking it like candy and just, you know, putting a little pressure while you lick and then when it’s all up in your mouth. And then you’re just swirling your tongue, like, it’s in your mouth but then your tongue is still just moving round and round inside. Yes, That. I like. I just like that, at that point in time, all the masculinity and the ego of the guy is in my mouth. Like, i can do with him whatever i want because the whole of a man is in my mouth. So yeah, you know when they say, I’ve got him by the balls. I’ve not just got you by the balls, but in my mouth. So if i decide to chew you down, you’re gone. So, I just like that, at that point in time i have total possession of the man.
Yeni, Male
Now, this small rant (I’m not allowed to call it a rant) is directed to JUST people who are interested at offering a better “experience” in this department.
Which people am I talking about?
Small list of criterion:
– If you realize that the entire experience is primarily about the head and just the area below the head and not the entire shaft
– If you realize that there is no space in this “experience” for teeth (I particularly mean this)
– If you realize that the entire venture referred to as deep-throating is designed for people that will not bellyache about forced nausea and likelihood to retch, then the slight teary eyes
– For the people that realize that the slight hand motion, up and down the shaft that syncs with the movement of your lips on and off the head is not just for porn stars
– For the people that have tongues that can sweep in circular motions round the circumference of the head, just above the neck while the head is inside their mouths
– For the people that know that when he closes his eyes and tosses his head back is not the time to ask if “you’re getting it right”
– And for the people who won’t pause from replicating the rapid up and down movements of a not-so-deep cowgirl, just because of a neck ache
Now if you are one of these people, I can afford to share this information with you.
What’s the information?
Well… let’s just say that if you are not sharing this information with your friends that have always been showing up on the end of my shlong with the impression that they are the most-skilled head givers in the world, then we really need to have words.
You guys have successfully killed my faith in Head being a pleasurable experience… ever.
I hate the lot of you for hoarding and showing your friends the way to do it with dildos and bananas even.
I hate y’all.
Lol! And that’s it folks…
Happy Annual BlowJob Day!!!