For the one who revived my butterflies. Enjoy!


As I lay contently on my bed, I begin to devise the scheme of fair play. What new tricks did I know that could send you over the edge, like you had to me? I rolled over and relaxed on your chest and I instinctively ran my hands around and down to your briefs to see how hard you were. The smile on your face from my touch and your deliciously hard cock, made not wanting you to cum in my mouth seem impossible. Giving you a slightly mischievous look, I straddle your lap and kiss you, letting the passion build between us. I love how we kiss. I really love how you kiss me.


I know that my pussy is still wet from the pleasure you gave to me, you can feel it spreading to your underwear. My mouth leaves yours and trails to your neck, giving a few kisses to both sides and a few quick nibbles to the earlobes. I kiss your lips again and start to edge slowly down. I kiss your chest and your hand finds its way into my hair and holds on to it.


When I get to your briefs, I peel them away to reveal your glorious cock that I desperately want to ride, but instead, my desire to tease you and taste you in my mouth, is stronger. I lick my lips in anticipation and bend down to take you in my mouth. The sharp intake of air from you lets me know that I’m on to something good. I swirl my tongue around, enjoying every minute because we both know that I love sucking on you. I shift a bit more and replace my mouth with my hands. I glance back up at you, I like knowing you’re watching me. I lick the shaft from balls to head and all over, thoroughly coating you in my saliva and just to make sure you’re slick enough, I add a bit of my lube just to make sure we both get hotter.


I kneel between your thighs and put both my hands and my mouth on your cock and start to move them around. For your added pleasure, each time I bring my hands to my mouth, I let them run over the head and back down, something that it turns out you enjoyed very much. Occasionally, I glance up at you but I know you aren’t looking at me. Your eyes are closed, focusing on the intense amount of pleasure I am giving you. Several times, I’ve thought of replacing my hands and my mouth with my still dripping pussy. A quick check reveals that I am hot and very wet for you. The idea of you bending me over the edge of my bed and fucking me hard from behind makes me want you even more. I steal a quick drink of cool water and take you back in my mouth.


You make a quick noise at the sudden change in temperature, I look back up at you, cock still in mouth and gesture with my eyes that there is still water in my mouth, giving me extra lubrication to play with. You groan and now I’m ready for you to cum. You’ve reached down to play with my nipples, but I move your hands, this is your time.


I move my hands and my mouth rapidly up and down the length of your cock; I know it won’t be much longer now. You groan and your breathing changes, you’re getting ready to cum, I move everything faster and even reach down to give your balls a light squeeze and then I move my hand to my pussy and give my clit a quick rubdown. I moan with your cock in my mouth and your hand grips the back of my head urging me on.


You mutter something that sounds like “I’mgonnacum…I’m cumming….” and your semi sweet and tiny bit salty cum fills my mouth and I quickly swallow the first batch. I move my hand off your cock and use my mouth to suck out the rest. I let a bit of your cum linger in my mouth. I like the taste of you. I swallow that down as well with a smile and gingerly clean up what little I might’ve missed. You can’t make a full sentence, just words and noises. I know I’ve done well. Hopefully, I didn’t wear you out too much. I take another drink of my water to re-hydrate and stretch out next to you. I’m still horny and I want you to fuck me.


The End