She arrived at my studio clutching a few bags. They did not look bulky, no surprise I suppose. When we discussed what she wanted on the phone, it was your regular boudoir shoot, some somewhat revealing shots wearing various sexy items, that type of thing. We said our hellos and she was a little nervous explaining as she had on the phone that this was her first time doing anything like this. I told her I would try to make everything as comfortable as possible and handed her a glass of red wine with the remark, “this helps to settle the nerves a little.”

She smiled as she took the glass and said, “well, I have no idea how we should start?”

“Don’t worry about that. That’s why you’re hired me. I’ll take care of it. Just relax for a few minutes.” She smiled once again and took a sip of the wine.

I picked up my camera and started to take some shots. She sat on the small chair just to the side of the white backdrop. “Have we started already?” she asked nervously.

“No, not really. It’s just a few test shots for the lighting and stuff and to help you get used to the camera.” She giggled and took one more sip. Her face softened as I attempted to put her at her ease. “Do you have an order you would like to do the shots in?” I asked, “Generally, I would start with the less revealing items and then move to the more revealing lingerie as we progress,” I continued before she could answer. “Would you like me to look through what you have and pick what we should start with?”

She nodded enthusiastically at this suggestion and I placed the camera on its tripod and topped up her wine. I picked up her bags and took them off to the small tables I had. I had a sheet rigged up to pull across this area. A poor dressing room really but it helped a little when the clients were changing. I placed the bags on the table and began to look through the contents.

She strolled over and her pretty cheeks gently softened in the studio lights and her hair swishing as she walked. I wished I’d had my camera right at that moment but alas, no and I knew it was useless to try and recreate these spontaneous moments. Another missed opportunity I thought as I proceeded to empty the contents of the first bag.

Wow, this is some pretty hot stuff,” I said as I placed the red and black corset on the table.

She blushed a little more and grabbed the garment nervously from me. “It’s one of my favourites,” she said, “Where should I change?” I took this as a cue to get back to the camera instead of rifling through this lady’s underwear. She was smiling quite timidly by now, her nerves getting the best of her.

Oh right,” I said, “there is a stool and a hanging rod behind the curtain. Go ahead and get ready. Take all the time you need and we’ll begin. Would you like some more wine?”

She nodded and then giggled, “I don’t usually drink it this quick.”

I smiled and as I bought the wine bottle to refill her glass. “Oh don’t worry, once we start the shoot you’ll begin to feel much more comfortable. These initial moments are always the most nerve-wracking but I think it will be a wonderful shoot and a great experience for you. We can’t fail to get some beautiful shots, after all, look at the model I’m getting to work with.” A quizzical look floated over her face for the briefest moment and then a wide smile as she realized the compliment.

Awww, thank you.”

This time I had grabbed the camera when I retrieved the bottle of wine and quickly swung the viewfinder to my eye and clicked. I showed her the beautiful natural smile that filled the large preview window. “There,” I said, “we are already off to a wonderful start. Absolutely beautiful.” And it was. The unexpectedness of the shot had her at her most relaxed since she had come through the door. It was always good when these impromptu shots turned out so well and particularly helpful in showing the client that I was more than just a ‘dirty pic’ photographer.

She picked up the corset, the black stockings and tiny black panties from the bag, hesitated momentarily and with her spare hand grabbed the whole bag and marched behind the curtain saying as she went, “well, I had best get changed so we can start the real thing then.”

I went to do some attending of the set. Well, set might be overstating the grandeur a little because to most it would appear to be a white sheet draped over a short pillar. The sheet was long and pulled out along the floor about twenty feet. To the side just behind the bright lights focused on the center was an old wooden chair. It was battered in all the right places and always looked good against skin, a useful prop for some sultry shots.

By the side of the chair was a mattress wrapped in a clean white sheet. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, you would have a lousy night’s sleep on it but it was clean and certainly better than the floor for those shots, where laying in some way was the best pose. It was large enough that it usually didn’t need any post editing and just looked a part of the overall scene. I was always careful to wash the backdrop and the sheet together so when used in a shot they blended into one seamless unit.

Occasionally, there would be a shadow cast but if it couldn’t be cropped, a few minutes retouching took care of it. A few pillows lay beside in various shades of off-white to give some contrast of color for those shots where this prop was a nice feature especially when combined with the fluffy duvet I had also. A furry rug completed the rest of my props. Corny but a lot of them like a few shots with it wrapped around them and hey they were paying.

Erm,” she called from behind the screen, “I think I am going to need a hand.” Her voice sounded a little different from our call on the phone as voices usually did but there was something more than just the phone voice normal voice thing, a hint of nervousness, a little trepidation was there. No surprise really, I assumed as she had never really done anything like this before and this could be a good thing, made them more vulnerable which always made for better shots.

But it was a double edged sword as sometimes even with my best charm they might have a worried edge to them. This could come through the camera well or badly, it was a fine line. She had told me the pics were a present for her boyfriend. They had taken some themselves but point and click pictures, usually as the couple are getting heated up, does not show the human form in the best of light.

She also volunteered how her boyfriend had often commented that he found the idea of another man seeing his girlfriend as only he normally saw her quite erotic, she thought this would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone. That was a good sign too, there were some who never told their other half and the worry of whether their partners would approve or not was captured by the lens, at least initially and when you only had an hour or so that could affect a lot of the shots.

Also there were the occasions when an irate husband would call and demand to know whether you fucked their wife. The jealous types were always the worse as they couldn’t believe anyone could take pictures of half and in some cases totally naked women and not jump them. Mainly because they couldn’t see themselves having that willpower. Christ, I’m a professional. I would protest, usually in vain. They always calmed down eventually. After all their wife had done a beautiful thing for them, did they really think if they were cheating they would bring home some, hopefully, wonderful and arty pictures taken by the man they had just blown?

Thankfully no one had turned up at the studio yet. Cutlass in hand ha ha.

That is not say there hadn’t been some opportunities for a little extra excitement. Once in a while I would get a look and a little after shoot action would go on. But few and far between. Most of my work was still weddings, red carpet and family portraits, these extra assignments were a great day in the office, a perk of the job if you will, well at least most of them.

I wandered over to the screen. I could see a vague silhouette of her body through the material. No such worries of irate significant others here I hoped as I said, “what do you need me to do?” I knew of course. Corsets are made to shape and enhance and that generally means they are difficult if not impossible to do up completely by the lady herself when the clips are on the back.

Sure enough as I rounded the curtain I could see her struggling. She looked good though. Very good, my thought expanded as I took her in. The sheer black stockings ran perfectly along her legs, up over her knee and half way up her thighs. The even darker band of additional material at the top lay perfectly around her legs with just the two little humps on each leg rising as the garters clipped to them.

She wore black patent leather heels, not ridiculously high but certainly not normal work attire either. The corset was mainly red with black seams and trimming, the bottom of which had lace running around it. It had this too at the top but it ended as it became the cups. It was pushing her breasts up and together and what magnificent breasts they were too. She had mentioned on the phone that she might consider a topless shot, it just depended on how she felt. That’s fine I had assured her, just do as much as you are comfortable with, it is all totally at your discretion. I hoped now that she would. She turned her back so I could pull the corset together. There was a full length mirror in front and I was careful not to let her see me ogling her. Well, although I’m a professional, I’m still a man.


I kept my demeanor as professional and business like as possible whilst I knew she could see me in the mirror. The first gig like this that I had had taught me that lesson. That lady had seen me take her in, seen my eyes widen and linger a little too long on parts that only her husband and previous lovers had seen. It made an already nervous woman even worse and the shoot reflected the fact that somewhere in the back of her mind I was probably going to rape her. The shots showed her pensiveness and frankly they were not that good because I could also sense a certain tension. Oh well, a lesson learned and she still paid, so it wasn’t all bad.

As I dipped my head to help with the clasps I did so at an angle where her body shielded my gaze from the mirror. I looked down her back and saw the thin black material of her thong dive between her buttocks. What a glorious sight. Her round cheeks were dark and smooth, the curves as they became her legs were exquisite. I sucked in a breath as I pulled the clips on the corset together and thought to myself that this was going to be a great shoot. I finished the few clips she was struggling with and said, “OK, all done. Are you ready or do you need anything else?”

She spun around and with a big smile replied, “no I don’t think so, but you’re the expert. What do you think?” With this, she twirled around. I looked her over as she gave me a show but made sure not to linger on the small triangle of panty material covering her most intimate area, or the large breasts snug within their corseted confines. I didn’t want any doubts in her mind. She was a natural it seemed and I wanted her to remain as comfortable and carefree as possible.

OK, let’s go,” I said and turned to leave the dressing room. I noticed she had barely any wine left in her second glass.

No more wine, this will be work for you too,” I smiled.

It is?” She laughed.

“It certainly is, I’ll need your help to make these shots as wonderful as possible and that means you’ll be striking a different pose every few seconds.” She frowned. “Hey don’t worry. I’ll make it as painless as possible and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

Her smile returned and she said, “I intend too. OK, let’s do this.” With that she began to walk to the set. As she approached me still standing at the entrance to the dressing room, I turned sideways so she could pass. I stole a gaze at her bottom as she walked past me and felt my cock stiffen. Her buttocks lifting and falling as she walked made the thin cotton strip of her panties, well the small piece I could see emerging from between her cheeks swish left and right. Her caramel soft skin a beautiful contrast between the tiny slither of black. The curve of her bottom as they became the top of her legs was a dream and as she walked further from me, again I saw the small silky panties covering her between the gap at the top of her legs.

My cock began to press against the confines of my underwear and pants and I reminded myself I was a professional. This didn’t seem to have too much effect on my growing penis and as I hurried after her, I took a quick peek at my crotch and was happy to notice it wasn’t too obvious.

Well, where do you want me,” she said, and a little flirtatiously I thought or, was that just wishful thinking, as she walked onto the set.

We’ll start with some frontal shots I think. Just face me and place your left hand on your hip.” She began to pose and I could already see was a natural. “That’s great. Now cock your head slightly. Bend your right leg a little.” She lifted her leg and pointed her toes down bearing her weight on her left leg. “Yes that’s it. Perfect.” I began clicking away moving around. “OK, follow the camera just with your eyes, keep your body still. Bring your right arm up and run your fingers along your braids.” Click click click went the camera as I shot away.

We spent a few minutes with me suggesting various movements, shifting from one leg to the other, slight variations of body angle, different facial expressions as I walked around and clicked away. I then placed the camera on the tripod and took some more staged shots, some more typical seductive poses. I liked to do some of the more photojournalist type stuff initially as this always seemed to put the models at their ease a bit and more loose, whereas beginning with the more formal pics didn’t give them a chance to lose the stiffness and nervousness they all initially had to varying degrees.

The stage shots were always my favorite part though. I could always pretend to be adjusting the camera when often it was merely an excuse to zoom in and see their naughty bits close up. I did this with her, had her stand with her back to me at a slight angle and her head looking back over her shoulder. Took a couple of great shots and then asked her to hold as I adjusted the lens and zoomed in on her great arse. Took a couple of pics for myself and carried on.

I pulled the chair over and set it beside her with the back of the chair facing the camera. “Now if you could sit side saddle as it were and rest your arm along the back of the chair.” She sat down and rested her right arm along the aged wood. “Excellent. Now place your legs out more and part them a bit. Turn your face to me and place your chin on your arm. Hey, you’re really good at this.” A broad smile spread across her face.

Am I?” She giggled.

Yeah, you’re a natural’, I replied as the camera clicked which had become the de-facto background noise now. The radio was on quietly in the background. An easy listening station just to give some ambiance against an otherwise silent endeavor. “You ever modelled before?” I asked.

She laughed and replied she hadn’t. I quickly pushed the button on the camera to catch her smiling face as she did. To this day that is still one of my favorite shots. The lights had caught her face beautifully casting subtle shadows across her nose and chin. Her eyes sparkled and her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ when she said ‘no’.

A very slight flush of color came to her face as she responded to the compliment and flattery. Her braids was running along the side of her head and rested along her shoulder. Her back was arched with her bottom seated back in the chair and her legs slightly raised till the knee where they then bent down to the floor. Her feet were pointing at a right angle to her wonderfully stockinged legs as she rested just the heels on the floor.

Now lean back with your head facing the ceiling. That’s it. Keep your back arched as much as possible.” Her braids swayed slightly as I barked instructions getting her to shift her body and head as I took shot after shot.

You weren’t kidding about this being work.”


Nope. Do you want some more wine? You can as you’re doing so well.” There was an unmistakable sexy lilt in my voice but nothing overt, just enough to keep the session relaxed and productive. So far it had been very good. I already knew I had at least half a dozen shots which were very good.

No I better not, if you’re going to be this hard of a task master I better keep my wits about me. But I will take some water if that’s OK, these lights get kinda hot.”

Of course. Yeah, sorry once I get going I forget about how it gets under these lights.” I wandered over to the little cooler I had by my equipment and took out a bottle. I handed it to her with a ‘here you go’ and took the opportunity to take a furtive glance down her cleavage as she was still holding her head back with her back arched. “I have an idea,” I said as I lifted the camera from the tripod. “Stay in that position and drink or at least bring the bottle to your lips so I can get some close ups.” I began to walk around her as she sipped, coming real close for some, whilst peeling back for other shots. I forgot all sense of everything, completely lost in the moment as I took picture after picture after picture.

“Er this is getting a little uncomfortable with my head back like this.”

I protested, “just a couple more” and punched the camera button continuously for a few more seconds as I prowled around. “OK perfect” I said much to her relief as she sat up with an audible gasp. “Sorry, you looked so good I just had to get you like that.”

“No, no that’s fine. You’re the pro. I’m in your hands whatever you think will work I’m prepared to try.”

“Fantastic. You’re  fast becoming my number one client.”

We both laughed at the corny remark although the truth was I couldn’t think of a better one this early into the session. I wondered if she would be able to keep it up. Often clients started enthusiastically but waned later as the heat from the lights and the barrage of instructions to do this with your arm or that with your leg began to take a toll.

OK, one more set in these,” I continued. “I want you to sit in the chair, turn it so the back is facing me. Yes, yes that’s it.” She had got what I meant straight away and had twirled the chair around and was now sitting facing me her legs spread either side of the chair legs and using the back to rest her arm. I viewed the lens and zoomed in through the chair spindles and between her legs.

The thin black material of her panties was stretched across her pubic mound. The camera lens was powerful and left very little to my imagination. I could see the vulva lips contoured through the skimpy material which was also showing signs of moistness. This was a very good sign. She was enjoying herself and relaxed which gave me high hopes for some more beautiful shots. Her skin was smooth and soft either side of the little triangle of cloth that hid her pussy and her thighs spread wonderfully until the stockings hid the rest of her legs. The thick black band at the top wrapped her legs beautifully and I wondered to myself whether I would be forward enough later in the shoot to ask her if she would like some shots just in the stockings. But that was jumping the gun.

She hadn’t even mentioned again about possible topless shots yet. I’d have to see where the session went before we got that far. As I had my little perv moment, looking deep between her legs whilst I fiddled with the camera to make it look as I was making necessary adjustments.

Finally I began shooting again and it wasn’t long before another wonderful set of pictures were wrapped up.

OK,” i said, “we have some fantastic shots here so time for a new outfit.”

She got up from the chair and wandered back to the changing room. As she did, she tried to undo the clips at the top of her corset but was struggling as they were so high up her back. “Here, let me help,” I offered and hurried to catch her.

Thanks,” she continued as she stopped just short of the curtain. I undid the top few clips. The exertions during the shoot added to the hot bright lights were making her perspire and this had a wonderful effect if making her skin glow in the dim light away from the studio ones. I felt an urge to kiss her bare back as it became exposed but caught myself and remained professional.

There. I think that should be OK,” I said between little coughs as I attempted to keep my voice level. I was so turned on my cock was pushing hard against the inside if my pants and my words were occasionally getting stuck in my throat as images of me fucking this beautiful woman in this amazing outfit raced through my head. As I walked backed to the camera setup I stole a quick peek at my crotch to check how obvious I was. Not too bad I noted, oh there was a bulge but my jeans were doing a good job of keeping it pressed against me and as yet there was no tent shape.

When she again appeared from behind the curtain and made her way to the set, it twitched. Well, more than twitched really. It was now throbbing as my brain thought sexy thoughts and sent blood rushing to my member.

This outfit was all white. A silky teddy which barely kept her boobs in and a tiny thong. It was very transparent where it covered her. Although covered really wasn’t the word I should be using. It left absolutely nothing to the imagination. The only other thing were the matching white hold-ups. Well, again not really white as they were so transparent I could clearly see every coloration of her legs beneath. I let out an audible gasp as she waltzed back to the set.

“I take it you approve.” There was a giggle in her voice as she made this statement. It wasn’t a question. It was so obvious I approved. I had felt my eyes widen when I caught my first sight of her in this new attire. “You think it’s OK? Really? Not too much?’

No, no don’t be silly. It’s beautiful. I, I, I guess I wasn’t expecting something quite so, um so revealing. But gosh you look fantastic” I stammered.

Her eyes had shifted to my crotch. I looked down and immediately felt my face flush. The bulge was obvious. She said, “I think maybe it’s only fair that as I’m half dressed you should be too. If nothing else your probably be a little more comfortable in just your boxers.” She laughed at my discomfort. “I’m only kidding. Although if you want too, I’m perfectly fine. After all, with all these lights, it is fairly hot in here.

I started to recompose myself. It was a fine idea, I was getting hot after all. “OK” I said, “if you are sure.” I didn’t even think about what I was saying, the words just blurted out and the next thing I knew I was kicking off my shoes and undoing my belt. My jeans were soon off and flung in the corner.

Alright, then back to work.” It seemed so natural photographing in just a Tee and my underwear. The embarrassment soon wore off for both of us as we got back to work. We took a multitude of shots in various poses. I had taken the chair away and she had run through a variety of standard poses, frontal, back, side, slightly bending that sort of thing.

OK, I think we should bring out the mattress.” I paused as I realized how this might have sounded and quickly continued, “get you lying down,” Christ this was only making it worse, “I, I mean some shots of you lounging looking comfortable.” She laughed hard as I struggled to make myself understood. I was relieved when she finally nodded agreement.

Sure, that sounds fun.” I went and grabbed the mattress and pulled it onto the set. She adjusted the sheet stretched over the mattress as I went back for a few pillows. We laid them out and occasionally brushed up against each other as we did. But it didn’t seem weird. Far from it, although we had only just met we were both committed to the reason we were there and so whatever would produce the best photographs was what we wanted to do and at this moment both of us in our underwear was just the right environment.


I was completely unaware of the steady bulge in my boxer briefs although I would register her eyes occasionally drift to that area but I was too far in the moment for it to inhibit me. I was getting some beautiful material. She was superb, always open to suggestions indeed coming up with a few herself.

Every now and again when she wasn’t quite getting what I wanted I would come over and help position her but always in a professional manner. At first I sensed a certain stiffness in her when I would shift a leg or move an arm but that had eased after only the second time and now it was again perfectly natural even though there was skin on skin contact. She rolled onto the makeshift bed and said, “so what should I do?

I smiled. “I think on your back first. Let’s put a pillow under your head and look straight up. Yes that’s it.” Her breasts were full and looked magnificent as I aimed the lens along her body. Shadows were casting wonderfully of her face. The sheer white top came to end on her belly and a little skin was showing until the small band of her panties. The petite triangle lay taunt across her pussy and the white material was darkened as it pressed against her pussy. As it dipped and disappeared between her legs one side had pulled into her slit and the labia of her pussy was showing.

I frowned. This wasn’t porn this was art and although this was an extremely arousing picture I didn’t want this is the final shot. I wanted the mystery. But I did take a few shots for myself. My mind was scrambling for a way to mention it though. How do you tell someone that you want to see less of their pussy? Well of course I didn’t want to see less, at least not quite yet, so I was enjoying the dilemma.

I couldn’t think of a way to tell her so finally I just thought ‘ah fuck it just blurt it out’.

Erm, I think we should adjust your panties.” She lifted her head to look down.

Erm OK. How? I don’t know what you mean

Well I think they are a little lopsided shall we say”

She lifted her head further. Her thumbs pushed themselves under the elastic band and pulled them up. “Is that better?”

Erm no, that’s not really what I meant”

Oh er OK. Look I think you should just come and do it. Probably for the rest of the shoot. May save some time and I trust your judgment.” She lowered her head back to the pillow.

OK if you’re sure”

“Yes it’s fine, I’m really enjoying myself and I think it’s going great. Please do what you think is best”

I lifted my eyes from the viewfinder and walked around the tripod and over to where she lay. I was careful not to ruffle up the sheet as I leant down beside her. There was a slight fluff of pubic hair poking out from the side of her panties. She had shaved but left a little strip above her slit. I felt my cock grow a little as I carefully slipped my thumb under the top of her panties.

I was slow and deliberate careful not to make it appear as if I was having a cheap grope. She took a little breath as my thumb touched her skin near her most private area but she didn’t flinch, didn’t attempt to pull away. I ran my thumb down and up and the white sheer material pulled from between her lips. My cock twitched. God this is erotic, I thought to myself.

I gently released the tension of the panties of my thumb and they rested back against her mound. Was it my imagination or did the material change color slightly. Yes I believe they did. This was turning her on too and her body couldn’t hide the fact as juices flowed to her pussy. I had to catch her wetness and so quickly made my way back to the tripod.

I took the camera off and knelt on one knee looking straight down her body. “Can you push on your breasts, push them together through the top.” She got it straight away and lifted her arms up. Her elbows went out perpendicular to her body and her arms folded back so her palms could push against her breasts. They heaved up as they pushed together. I fired off shots at the wonderful scene as I moved around her. Her panties were clinging more and more to her pussy as she became wetter. I wondered who was enjoying this more.

Fantastic. OK now turn on your side towards me. Yes, yes that’s perfect.” I punched at the button furiously to take picture after picture. She pulled her leg up and bent it so her foot rested just behind the one laying flat. My god she was a natural. Her thighs looked so beautiful above her stockings and squeezed the by now sodden material covering her pussy. I went to the foot of the mattress and crouched low and shot along her body. She lifted her head and bent her elbow to rest it on her hand. Her other hand rested on her leg and she was moving it around onto her inner thigh.

I felt my cock straining against underwear but made no attempt to hide my hardness. She looked that way as I moved crouching around her. My cock twitched hard as thoughts of me fucking her ran through my brain along with sights I was seeing and photographing.

I moved over to the other side, behind her, she cocked her head back but left her body in the same position. Her bottom exposed fully as the slither of panties disappeared between her wondrous cheeks. It reappeared between the gap in her legs but the movements had forced it between her labia. This time I didn’t want to move it. The shot was wonderful and her half exposed pussy still held mystery because of the strand of panty.

Professionally, I didn’t want to move it but mixed with that was the urge to throw the camera and rip those panties off. I didn’t but it was close. She was really getting into it now. She followed the camera around with her eyes alternating between sultry and carefree as she made love to the camera. At one point her hand went inside her panties and her lips quivered as she touched herself.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get this full shot but when I saw the shots of her face as she did this, her eyes half closed, her breath held and her tongue gently touching the top of her lip I wasn’t too disappointed as these captured the essence of how horny she was feeling at the time. She must have snapped back to the realization of where she was and who she was with because she only continued feeling herself for a few seconds and quickly withdrew her hand.

Her eyes shut with the realization but not really with embarrassment more with the knowledge she could let herself go like this. I hoped she would go further.

Wow, that was really hot,” she said. “I’m sorry if I got a little carried away.”

“It sure was. And no, it is great that you’re letting yourself go.” I had to keep her in this mood. “The camera can see when you are uncomfortable in a bad and good way. And these are such wonderful pictures, we are capturing you in a fantastic way. I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with but please please put yourself on edge. It really works and will come through I promise. These are going to be so beautiful and hot”

She smiled and rose from the bed. “Are we ready then for outfit number three?”


Certainly.” I didn’t know what to expect but I knew as she sauntered away it was going to be good. I didn’t think it was possible but my cock grew as she lifted her top up and off just before she disappeared behind the curtain. I looked down at the bulge in my pants. A spot had appeared where the tip had excreted some pre-cum and it had soaked through the underpants. I felt embarrassed but it was fleeting. This felt so right. I grinned and tinkered with the lights and couldn’t stop my imagination.

A few minutes passed and then she strode back out. Confident. With authority. She had black stockings or hose, I couldn’t tell yet as they were cut off by a black tight fitting skirt which hugged her contours. A white tight fitting blouse was tugged into the waistband and buttoned up to just below the top of her breasts. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples prodding the tight confines.

On her face were a pair of wire rimmed spectacles and she carried a pad in one hand and a pencil in the other. The perfect secretary I thought. “It’s a thing for my boyfriend,” she said, “we met through work when I was an executive assistant and when we first started dating he always tried to get me to go to work like this.” She laughed. “Well, I know it’s not exactly the same but I think these will probably be his favourite images”

Oh, I would think he will love them all. We have some wonderful material here. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” My cock was rock hard in my underpants and I didn’t care. I was facing her and she looked down.

“It appears you are happy with the results too

I smiled and laughed. “I certainly am. OK back to work.” I hoped the abruptness of my words didn’t betray my excitement with how the afternoon was proceeding.

Yes sir.” She giggled her way to the set. She turned and looked really studious and serious. “Okay sir, anything you want me to take down.” She rested the pad in her hand and had the tip of the pencil against her lip. She was really getting into the flow, living the part of some sexy secretary ready to please her boss anyway anyhow.

I brought the camera up to my eye and began to circle her as she followed. Shot upon shot. She bent a little forward and I came in for a close up. As I held the camera to my face I lifted my other hand to her blouse.

I think we need to undo one more button.” I clicked away as she let me fumble the button open. I could feel her breasts heaving against my fingers as I undid the button. The side of my hand brushed a nipple and I let it linger. She didn’t pull away. I didn’t even think to let her undo the button herself I just unconsciously did it and she, at least it seemed that way, unconsciously let me.

As the button popped her breasts pushed the opening aside and a glimpse of the areola appeared in the viewing frame. As she shifted the edge of her nipple appeared too. My cock throbbed as my body became even more aroused and rushed blood to it. “This are going to be so hot” I barely whispered. I pulled myself back. I had to or I would have grabbed her and then who knows what. She remained professional, At least one of us was and followed the camera.

She dropped the pencil and bent down to pick it up but kept her eyes on the camera. Her skirt lifted and showed she was wearing hold-ups. I was all over the place jumping around getting the slithers of flesh as her skirt rode up as she bent. “Beautiful. Stay there. Yes, yes that is great. OK, hitch your skirt more, let’s see the panty.

She giggled and I soon realized why. As she hitched her skirt higher over the top of her thighs, the bottom of her bottom becoming exposed revealed that she had no panties. Her pussy was glistening and I mouthed ‘Oh my, simply gorgeous‘. The camera clicks were firing as I shot exquisite picture after another.

I panned around to her front. Her blouse was pulled from the waistband and somehow she had managed to undo a further couple of buttons. Her breasts swayed as she made variations of her stance bent over like this. She stood and as she did pulled up her skirt to reveal her glorious pussy fully. “Beautiful” was all I could utter as the camera clicked and clicked recording her body.

“I want to take some shots of you in nothing but the stockings. Is that OK?”

“I guess it is now” she said softly, “after all you have seen it all now. I didn’t think I would go this far.” She was pulling down the skirt and flicking her shoes off. The blouse had its last button undone and then in one movement was flung to the skirt and shoes pile. “But I’m glad I am. This is very hot. OK what now?

Just keep doing what you’re doing” I said as I maneuvered left and right. The camera motor whirling continuously as I photographed her. She swayed, shifted her weight left and right and then dropped her hand between her legs. She pushed her index finger onto herself and took a sharp intake of breath. “Wonderful.” Her other hand lifted across her breasts and she started to squeeze a nipple. The finger between her legs was sliding up and down over her clitoris. She began to moan softly. “God this is hot.

Watching her masturbate was indeed hot. My spare hand fell to my own crotch and I began to squeeze my dick through my underwear. Her hand began to move more vigorously and her moans began to get louder. She dropped to her knees keeping her hand on her vagina and still fondling her breasts. Her eyes were closed and she was alone in her own thoughts as she masturbated herself to orgasm. I caught it all. The build up, the slight variations in her moan as she approached the edge and then receded as she tried to delay the moment of relief.

And then she shrieked as an orgasm ripped through her body. She trembled and the shriek became a series of soft low staccato groans. How I didn’t cum at that moment is beyond me. I can only surmise that the photographer in me was so caught up with catching this moment, this point where she was in total ecstasy, that even millions of years of man conditioning had been kept at bay.


As the moment drifted away and she came back to reality a silence filled the room. She stood so vulnerable, so exposed and all I could do was take in the wonderful scene. I couldn’t even take a picture because I knew it would spoil such a unique moment in time. I don’t know how long we stayed like that, probably seconds but it certainly seemed longer, when finally the sweet silence we had between us was broken as a commercial came on the radio.

Wow. That was unbelievable” I finally said.

She looked a little sheepish and kept her eyes down. “I don’t know what came over me” she said and then continued, “I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable?”

Are you kidding, that was so hot and to catch you at that moment, at your highest high is a photographer’s dream.”

“Are you sure? It feels a little embarrassing although. No. Not really. I don’t know. I actually feel really really great. Just a little weird maybe”

“You looked so beautiful. You are beautiful. Are you OK?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. It doesn’t feel weird at all. That’s not what I meant. Oh, I don’t really know what I mean. I just have all this thoughts rushing through my head. One side can’t believe what I just did and the other feeling so exhilarated”

I couldn’t help myself and took a shot as she tried to make sense of what had just happened.

Do you ever take time off?” She asked this not in an accusatory manner but more lighthearted, a way of breaking the tension which was quickly dissipating as the seconds passed.

I took her cue. With a laughing tone I replied, “Sometimes. We all got to sleep occasionally.” This was fast becoming totally natural again. Well as natural as it can get a few seconds after a girl you have only just met has masturbated herself to orgasm as you photographed it can get.

Well I do have another outfit. That is if you not too tired,” she joked. “I wasn’t really sure I was going to wear this one at first. I’ll need some help.” She must have seen the look of deep curiosity on my face. “Well it’s more what I want you to do as I’m wearing it.” My curiosity deepened. She turned towards the changing room. “I’ll put it on and then I’ll explain when I come back.”

I took the opportunity as she was changing to scroll the last few shots. Wow, is all I could think as I viewed. She wasn’t long and when she reappeared she had a body-stocking on. It was black and reasonably sheer. Her breasts were clearly visible and again her nipples were rock hard like bullets and making indents. The garment had a hole around the crotch area for access but she had a thong on. She waltzed over to the set and must have registered my frown as I was furiously trying to figure out where my help was needed. She was a bit hesitant but finally began to explain.


You see I like it a bit rough sometimes and I want you to rip this garment as you shoot. I’ve tried to do it myself and the rips never really look right.” Again she laughed, “I’ve already been through two of these trying. Do you think that would be OK?”

I nodded, “yeah I think so. So I just pull and tug at it?”

“Yep. They are tougher than they look so don’t be shy”

I brought the camera to my face and approached her. I wasn’t really sure where to tug at first. The obvious place was where it was stretched under her breasts but this seem a little forward. Ha Ha. That was funny given what had just transpired. I decided to play it safe and took pictures of her as I tugged around her waist. She wasn’t kidding about it being tough. Well, maybe tough isn’t right but as it was so stretchy, it wasn’t ripping.

I put down the camera and used both hands to split the material. This time it gave way. She squirmed with pleasure. I picked the camera back up and again began to move around her. The rip was just below her left breast and as she moved, it split more and exposed fully the bottom of her breast. I put my free hand forward and got a good grip on the material by her thigh. I pulled smartly. This time it couldn’t stretch much and gave way. A moan escaped her lips and I caught a vague ecstatic look over her face.

Yes yes” she whispered. It was barely audible. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly opened, her tongue just seen between her teeth. I grabbed again this time by her breasts and caught a handful of it. I clenched and pulled.

Mmmmmmm” She moaned louder showing no inclination to move my hand as I squeezed her breast. I turned her round so I could take in her back and I grabbed a handful of buttock through the cloth. Again I squeezed. Hard. She drew a deep breath. I don’t know why I did it. It certainly wasn’t a fully conscious move on my part but I drew my hand back and spanked her. “Ooooohhh,” she groaned, “yes, I’ve been bad.” I pulled my hand back and spanked her again harder.

Arrrrrrrrrhhhhh. Yes. Punish me” she whimpered. My hand stayed on her buttock as I gripped and made sure my fingers curled to get some purchase on the thin material. I pulled back sharply and it gave way exposing her sweet behind. One cheek was taut and had the slight imprint of my hand on it. I moved back and took in the full view as I clicked the camera to take the shot. She turned around and sank to her knees. “Tell me what you want. Tell me what you want me to do.” My cock was as stiff as I have ever known but still confined in my underwear.

I moved forward again keeping the camera on her face. “Take it out. Suck on it.” Shit! Where did that come from! But that thought was only momentary as she pulled my briefs down. My cock bounced out hard and straight. I pointed the camera down, as her mouth slipped over the tip and along the full length. “Oh god” I exclaimed as her face rocked back and forth.

I let my camera hand fall to my side. With the other I took hold of her braids and pulled her hard onto me. Oh, she was good. Her hot wet mouth swallowed me up to the base and I could feel the back of her throat. “Oh god yes. Suck my cock” I heard myself saying. I felt her hand grope for the camera and let her take it. She put it carefully down on the floor but kept her rocking rhythm as she sucked on my cock. I looked down and saw her wide beautiful eyes staring back at me. Her hands were clasped on my buttocks pulling me to her face. She pulled back and let my cock slide from her mouth.

You like that?” she said, “Want to fuck my face. Fuck my face, fuck it hard” she wasn’t coming back onto me but her eyes were pleading with me to make her suck me. I grabbed her hair hard and pulled her back to me. Pulled her back to my cock. I held her against me. Not letting her breath for a few seconds until I heard her whimper. I pulled her back and she took a deep breath with my cock still in her mouth. I began to dictate the rhythm of her sucking, occasionally holding her against me, breathless. It was so fucking hot being in control like this. I wanted to fuck her. Right here right now.

Turn over” I said. She lent back and then rolled on all fours. She flung her head back and her braids lay across her back. The rip across her backside exposed her buttocks completely but I helped it rip some more. I dropped between her, on my knees and parted her legs as I pulled the slither of thong aside and gazed at her asshole and then down to her cunt. She was so wet. I slipped two fingers into her and felt her warmth.

She was moaning with pleasure and I took my other hand to spank her butt as I fingered her. Slap. Slap. Slap. Each one harder than the last. Each one greeted with a louder moan of pleasure. I was really getting into this now. “You’re being a naughty little girl” I said. Shit! Another one. Where did that come from again?

But it didn’t phase her, “Yes yes I am. Punish me punish me with your cock.” I lifted my arm up and gripped her hair. I pulled her hard, back to me and my fingers. My cock bounced against the back of her thighs. I pulled back and lifted it so it rested on her backside between her cheeks and then pulled her hair back. As her buttocks bumped back into me, my cock rode along her ass crack.

My fingers were fucking her quite furiously now and she bucked back into me hard as we rocked. I dictated the rhythm with pulls of her braids. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and sensed a little frustration. I put my hand on her butt and pulled my groin back a bit. Enough that my cock had some room to fall between her legs. Her moans quickly became more enthusiastic as my cock found her opening.

She groaned loudly as I slowly filled her with my full length. I still had her hair in one hand and the other resting on her buttock. I watch my cock disappear and then reappear as I slowly thrust. She was trying to push back onto me but I was using the hand on her butt to resist this. I slowly pulled back and pushed over and over. I loved watching my cock as it slipped deeper and then slowly came back into view.

Every time, a new bead of her juices would glisten along the length. She was getting more and more persistent, trying to push back, trying to have me fully inside. I decided to let her have her way and eased my hand holding onto her ass cheek.

She pushed back hard and I pushed forward. My cock buried itself hard and my balls slapped up and swung onto her. As my thighs slammed into her, I groaned with pleasure. We began to fuck hard. I lifted my hand from her butt and curled my fingers except the index one. It was pointed out stiff and as we fucked I let the tip of it make little circular motions around her anus. Her bucking also had a gyrating motion now as I fingered around her arsehole. I pushed my finger in that forbidden area and she immediately let out a slow moan. “Oh god, oh god, yes, yes, oh oh oh god yes” she said as my finger pushed deeper.

I curled it slightly and as I did, I felt my cock as it slid in her vagina. I could feel the contours of my cock through her and my eyes rolled with pleasure. I pulled my finger almost all the way out and uncurled another finger. This time when I thrust hard, I pushed the two fingers too. She let out a little yelp but the gyrating became even more vigorous.

She was so hot and so tight. I knew I couldn’t last long. The sensation was wonderful and she had halved opened her eyes. I looked down at her and watched as she came again and again. I wished I had my camera to record her facial expressions as waves of joy spread through her. So beautiful.

I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming, oh god, oh god.” I have never had such an explosive ejaculation. I could feel my cum shoot through my cock. One burst and then another. On and on. She let out a shriek as we came together. At last, the bursts evaporated as I was finally spent. I fell to the side lifting her legs from my shoulder and rolled beside her. The radio hummed some soothing music. “That was amazing” I finally uttered. “I’ve never been so turned on. I didn’t even know I was capable of that”

Yes it was. You’re a natural.” We both laughed as she said the words I had told her throughout the shoot. “And you know we are going to have to do it all again.”

A huge grin was spreading across my face as she said these words and rolled onto her side looking at me whilst her hand was making its way to my cock. “We are?” My voice had a pleading tone rather than a questioning one.

Yes we are. I have lots of other outfits.” She leant towards me and we kissed.

Who would have thought role play was so fun, I have the best girlfriend in the world. “Okay, let’s get back to work then”