Ake festival

Hello Readers!

I have been writing the #LipglossmaffiaGuides for a while now and it makes sense to write one for Ake Festival because I’m super excited to be attending this year. It’s my second time and if I had a guide like this before my first time, I would have had more fun.

Also, I feel people might need a little help navigating the waters of socializing and truly enjoying themselves at the continent’s biggest literary festival.

First of all, what is Ake Festival?

Promoting, developing and celebrating creativity on the African continent, Ake Arts & Book Festival is four days of cultural immersion.


I got that off their website so you should definitely check HERE for more official and legit information. For me, Ake Festival is four days of hanging out with all my bookish friends, fangirling over writers that I love, drinking during book readings & panels and buying books. A lot of books.

Ake festival
Ake Festival 2018

This guide will ensure you make the most of the festival if you open your mind to its possibilities.

Tickets and Registration

Registration for the festival is compulsory and can be done on the festival’s website, or in person. If you register online, it’s #10,000. At the venue, it will be #12,000. Alternatively, you can apply for the Green Room Pass which is #50,000. That’s the VIP ticket.

#LipglossmaffiaGuide On How To Make Time For Reading

What To Wear

Dress Casual. Although days will be warm and sunny, for some weird reason, rain won’t stop falling in Lagos. So, you need to be prepared for that. Also, the interior might be a little chilly. But make sure you put the ART in book and art festival. Get it?

Sessions and Venues

The sessions at the festival are spread out over a number of halls of varying sizes at the Mike Adenuga Center. You will get a complimentary event program at the festival or on the festival’s website.

There are two main ways of attending the sessions. You can either wander from session to session depending on what interests you or plan the sessions you want to attend in advance. I vote, PLAN!

Nicole Dennis-Benn is such a babe!

Do note, however, that the venues can become extremely crowded. In order to get a seat, you’ll have to arrive early enough, depending on how popular the guests are.


Mint: I don’t think I need to explain that you’d need to have fresh breath at all times. You don’t want to meet your favourite author with your mouth smelling like stale akara.
Powerbank: This needs no explanation.
Your Books That Need To Be Signed: Go through the Ake Festival guest list, if authors you already own are coming, bring it and get it signed.
Look Out For Me: Not to toot my horn but I’m a lot of fun and a great person to be around in a literary setting. Also, I always have drinks.
Mints: Have I mentioned that you need to have mints? Or some gum?
An Open Mind: This also needs no explanation.
Chewables: Sometimes, you might forget to get something to eat because you have all these fun things to attend but if you have some snacks with you, it would go a long way. I suffer from Hypoglycemia AKA low blood sugar so, trust me when I say you don’t want to get light headed in such a crowded space.

On a final note, you should do your best to document the experience. Take pictures/videos. Don’t be shy to ask anyone to take your picture, you might just meet a new friend that way. You can also journal. Whatever you want to do, just make sure you document it. If you need help, check out this guide.

And that’s it, folks! I hope you have fun at Ake Festival this year. If I forgot to add anything, please let me know I the comments.