When the lift doors opened and Nkem saw the man waiting to get on, she smiled. She had been watching this guy for two weeks now–had even gone so far as to peek at a PHCN bill he’d thrown away so that she knew his name, Shelleng. The most gorgeous man she’d ever seen in Lagos. For real.

He was a few inches taller than she was in her flats for work. They’d run into each other a few afternoons so she could tell. He had thick black hair that was neatly combed into an afro –hair she wanted to curl her fingers in as she drew his mouth to hers. And, oh God, he was built. He had the look of an athlete, all hard and sleek muscle. Every time she saw him she just got hot thinking about what it would be like to have him naked in her bed.

He stepped on and then moved to the back, standing fairly close behind her as the doors shut. She felt herself grow damp and she swore she could feel the heat of his body as the lift lurched and started to descend. Suddenly, her ice cream selfie date seemed like a God-send. Until the lift stopped. And the lights went out. How many times did they have to complain to the estate utility office?

Nkem tried to still the immediate panic at being stuck in a small, dark space. She debated whether to say something to Shelleng, but, while she was hesitating, she felt a hand touch her shoulder. She held her breath as it slowly slid down her arm and his fingers twined with hers. She felt more than heard him step forward and his breath was warm on her ear.

“I’ve been watching you,” he murmured.

She felt a shiver run up her spine. Had he? She’d thought she was imagining it, but he had been sitting in the lobby an unusual number of times when she’d come home from work or when she came down for bills from the security. Maybe he’d been there to see her.

“Watching you walk, that luscious wiggle you have, your long legs sliding out from under your short, short skirts,” he whispered, sliding his free hand along her thigh.

Definite tremble, she thought as her knees felt weak, wondering if he felt it. She was so aware of him in the dark. She closed her eyes and concentrated on breathing, smelling his cologne surround her as he moved closer.

“I’ve been watching and wanting you,” he continued, then paused.

“Do you know how much I’ve wanted you?” he growled as he slid their joined hands to her belly and pressed her back against him.

She gasped at the sheer size and hardness of his arousal against her rear.

This time she shuddered and she could feel the wetness on her thighs. May this lift be broken the rest of the day, she pleaded silently.

“I’ve been watching you, too, Shelleng,” she whispered, rubbing herself against him lightly and enjoying the way his breath caught.

She wasn’t wearing anything under her shirt and skirt — her underwear was currently at the laundry. It was too dark for him to see her nipples harden, but she felt the tingle. The thin cotton of her clothing rubbed her bare skin, teasing her. She shivered.

Have you been watching me?” he asked, his hand releasing hers as both his hands began to unbutton her shirt from the bottom, “Tell me about it.”

His fingers were steady on the buttons, his knuckles brushing her bare belly as he moved upwards. She knew what he’d find in just seconds and she had to concentrate to remember what words were.

The dark no longer closed in, but expanded, allowing her to give in to her fantasies.

“Just last week, you got on this very lift and stood in front of me,” she whispered, getting more breathless with each button as his wrists brushed her belly, her breasts.

“All I could think about was how much I wanted you to just turn around and take me right there against the wall. How I wanted to feel you inside me, pounding me until I came,” she finished in a rush as she shuddered again.

His fingers were at the top of her shirt and the cool air was on her skin. His breath was warm against her neck as she tensed in anticipation.

“Such naughty thoughts,” he chuckled, his voice rough and low.

Just the sound of it was erotic. His hands parted her shirt and slid up to touch her breasts.

Oh, you’re a really naughty girl,” he murmured, cupping her firm breasts. She knew they weren’t big, but she worked out so her breasts were firm.

He shifted closer, kissing her neck as his hands caressed her breasts, “You must know I love a woman who doesn’t wear a bra…”

Her breasts swelled at his touch, her nipples hard and sensitive. She moaned a little as his thumbs began to rub her tight buds. His fingers felt rough, callused, and it added a delicious friction.

Then you’ll really love what else I didn’t wear,” she managed.

Saturday was laundry day. This was the last clean outfit she had. She was just heading down to collect it…Nkem sighed. Who knew running out of clean underwear would be the perfect excuse for seduction?

Shelleng groaned as her meaning sank in, his hands immediately moving to her thighs, working her skirt up to her waist. “Such a bad girl,” he growled in her ear as his hands caressed her bare hips. He slid a hand between her thighs, finding her already wet. With another low growl, he spun her around to face him and turned to pin her against the wall with his body. His mouth crushed hers, his tongue already thrusting between her lips as he kissed her hungrily.

His hands explored her, moving over her breasts, her belly, sliding up her neck to her hair, then back down. He pressed a hand between her legs again, seeking her heat. He wished he could see her, to see her breasts shift with her breathing, to see the glistening wetness of her arousal, but the darkness gave him the perfect opportunity to sample her away from the real world.

“It seems like you have too much clothing on,” she breathed, her whole body pulsing with arousal, hot and throbbing.

Her pulse pounded in her head, echoing the one she felt under her hands as they pressed against his broad chest. She wanted to see him, to see his penis surge free from his pants. Maybe she could “see” him with her fingers. She started to slide a hand lower, intending to undo his pants, when his hand moved against her, his fingers stroking her clit, and she lost all thought.

Shelleng couldn’t wait anymore. He could smell her desire, could feel the wetness of her pussy folds. She was ripe and ready and he was throbbing. He thrust two fingers up into her pussy, enjoying the way she arched against him with a cry, her body clamping tight around his fingers.

He fucked her with his fingers, twisting and thrusting, hard and fast, feeling her tense, hearing her impending climax in the whimpering cries she made. She was so slick, so hot, so ready for him and he was rock hard in his jeans, the crotch getting tighter with each passing second. If he didn’t open his fly soon, he’d explode from the pressure.

Then she came. She rose on tiptoe, her sex tightening around his fingers as he kept working his fingers inside her. She writhed against him, panting, sobbing as her body contracted sharply and opened, her hot cum spilling over his hand. He wanted more than anything to drop to his knees and feast on her, but he didn’t think he could wait any longer or he’d cum too.

She melted against him and he took the opportunity to tug open his fly, to let his thick erection spring free. It slapped her bare thigh, making them both groan. She reached for him, her fingers brushing his shaft and his breath caught. He pulled her hands up, pressing them to the wall above her head as he pressed his mouth to hers. His hands slid down her arms, her breasts, her belly, and he lifted one of her legs to his hip, opening her wide.

“I can’t wait,” he groaned, “Now. It has to be now. Hard and fast right now.”

He was panting as he used a hand to guide his cock between her folds, seeking her heat. His head brushed her clit and she shuddered again. She was so slick as his tip settled against her hole, her juices dripping down his shaft.

“Yes,” she panted, her voice catching, and he plunged into her with a grunt that changed to a groan of pure pleasure as she enveloped his length in her heated body. “Oh God,” she sobbed, arching to him.

His thickness stretched her tight, but he could bury himself to the balls inside her and that was everything he needed. He cupped her ass, his fingers digging into her tight ass cheeks as he began to thrust again and again, grunting and panting as he fucked her.

Nkem moved against him, matching his smooth, eager rhythm, craving the hard stroke of his cock. He was the biggest man she’d ever had and she couldn’t believe the way he felt–a rod of slick hard heat ramming her core as if he would tear her open with his need. In and out, in and out, caressing, the friction building, the pressure getting more and more intense. His primal grunts and groans stirred her even more and she felt her body gathering for release.

Please…I’m going to cum…” She panted it, wanting desperately to hold it back, to keep going with this incredible pulsing rhythm.

She’d never been fucked like this, so hard and deep she could feel him straight through her body. She felt like she’d come apart at any moment. She squirmed against him until he pinned her to the wall, thrusting harder.

“That’s it, baby,” he grunted, his hands gripping her ass tighter, urging her to lift and wrap her other leg around his hips and ride his dick.

She slid her arms around his neck and let him support her. His strokes grew longer, with a curve and she gasped as she felt the length of him caress every inch of her passage. She ground her hips against his, her weight enough to drive him fractions deeper, to take him so his tight balls rubbed her hot wet folds.

Cum for me, sweetie…” He was desperate for her to cum.

He wanted to feel her spasms, to feel that hot rush of pleasure surround him. But he was thickening, throbbing, and getting ready to climax just as fast. He thrust his hips up against her as she rocked, rubbing himself against her clit, and her cries got more desperate.

That’s good, angel,” he murmured, squeezing her ass as he rammed his cock into her like a piston, “God, you feel so good…

Oh, my God…” Her breathless cry told him she was ready. He tilted her hips and plunged into her once more, hard, and she came, her body contracting almost painfully around his swollen penis, then opening, her hot juices washing over him. She cried out again as his cock pulsed against her core and he groaned as hot, thick cum exploded from his head.

He pumped against her, shooting a seemingly endless flood into her as her pussy squeezed him tighter, milking him. She spasmed once more with another cry and went limp against him, trembling with the release. He groaned as his cock emptied into her and he wavered on his feet with sudden overwhelming exhaustion.

There was a faint grinding sound that brought Shelleng back to reality. He carefully slid out of her, urging her to release her legs, to stand on her own. He wished he’d had more time as he tucked his cock back into his pants. Even as he fastened the button, the lights came on.

Nkem squeaked, tugging down her skirt–but not before he found out she had freckles. Amazingly, he felt the hunger that he’d just sated rekindle. She fumbled with the buttons on her shirt as the lift restarted with a lurch.

Shelleng fastened the last button, right above her breasts, as her eyes locked on his. He gave her a slow grin.

You are one naughty woman,” he murmured, dipping his head to brush her lips with his before turning towards the doors. Maybe another time…

The lift jerked to a stop and the doors opened. They didn’t say a word, didn’t look at each other, but neither moved and the doors slid closed again. Shelleng reached out and pressed the six.

My place is closer,” he said softly.

That’s just what I was thinking,” she whispered. He suppressed a shudder of desire as he pictured the rest of his afternoon. Hot. Wet. Endlessly satisfying.



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