Never really contemplated being with another woman in the past, but for some reason the last few months,Falida found herself looking at more girl on girl porn, carefully scrutinizing, and in a way secretly admiring the women that displayed themselves in the pages of Playboy. Being a slim long legged girl, she had been successful at keeping herself in shape, and sometimes imagined herself in one of those “swimsuit” types of photo shoot the magazine sometimes displays.

As much as she tried, she could never really explain why she was so compelled to be with another woman, other than to take a guess that her own curiosity had started to get the better of her. Now that she had reached her late 20s, she figured it was probably because she never had the opportunity arise before to be with another woman and now the idea of it drove her crazy. Even when Falida masturbated, she found herself fantasizing more about having another woman touching and caressing her, gently teasing and toying with her…so much more than fantasizing about a man.

Finally, after a few months of agonizing over her secret desires, an opportunity presented itself. Her flatmates were going out of town for a week to visit their parents,she lived with a set of twins,Taiye and Kehinde or Tea and Cake as they preferred to be called. The couple of weeks that passed in between them telling her they were leaving and the actual departure seemed like months. All her free time was spent fantasizing about her opportunity to finally experience another woman. When the day came that the twins were leaving, Falida could hardly control the butterflies in her stomach. Just sitting down for a few minutes to try to calm her nerves and curb her enthusiasm was fruitless at best. “Maybe a drink and hot bath would help,”she thought.

Sipping a glass of red wine, Falida lowered herself into her bubble bath. The hot water enveloped her body as she slowly sank beneath the bubbles. “Aahhhhh,” she sighed as she immediately began to feel a little relaxed. She closed her eyes and rested her head on the back of the tub, gently kicking her feet up and down making her toes break through the layer of bubbles. She started thinking about her evening, the potential of being with another woman for the first time, the excitement, and the concealment of her fantasy from her flatmates,strict christians who both frowned on the thought.

Without fully realizing she was doing it, Falida’s hand began to wander over her body, slowly gliding over her tummy, moving upwards towards her breasts. Using her index finger and thumb she took a hold of her nipples, gently massaging them. Gasping at the spasms that she felt deep inside her wettening pussy, she opened her eyes to see her bubble-covered breasts rising and falling with her heavy breathing. She had always had very sensitive nipples, and with the anticipation of what she had planned for the evening, they seemed even more sensitive than usual.

Slightly twisting on her hardening nipples made Falida arch her back, lifting her breasts up out of the water, the bubbles slowly sliding down the curves of her perky mounds. Moaning quietly, she could feel the surges of pleasure coursing though her body from her nipples down to her pussy. Letting go of one nipple, she slid her hand down her body, slowly over her stomach, through the little patch of hair she kept neatly trimmed, finally reaching her soft shaven labia. She took special pride in keeping them silky smooth, enjoying every time she touched herself there. Her boyfriend,Ibrahim also commented how he liked her soft skin, not having to deal with her ‘Five O’Clock Shadow’ as he put it.

Pushing deeper with her hand, Falida’s fingers slipped between her pussy lips. She couldn’t believe how wet she already was, and not from the bath. Her own wetness was so much more slippery and slick compared to the water in the tub. She always loved the taste of herself, and not wanting to miss a chance to savor it, she braced her heels at the end of the tub, lifting her hips upwards. The bubbles excited her as they trickled down her round ass, slowly rejoining the bubbles atop the water’s surface. Removing her other hand from her breast, she reached that hand down to her pussy. Pulling the hood up away from her clitoris, exposing it completely, Falida slid her finger down to her pussy coating it with her juices.

She quickly felt her excitement build, and the anxiety of her upcoming evening rapidly returning. Her urgency to make herself cum was now even stronger. Feeling her clit swelling, Falida slowly circled her clit, massaging it, teasing herself. Separating the soft folds of skin further, her fingers pressed harder against her clit, rubbing it with more pressure. A slight chill crept over her body as she held herself above the bubble bath, her legs beginning to tremble. Writhing from her own self-induced pleasure, her body twisted and contorted as she rubbed her clit faster, two fingers, then three moving up and down, side to side, all around her most treasured point of pleasure.

Falida’s body tensed, her feet pushing against the side of the tub, her legs still shaking uncontrollably. It was only a matter of seconds and she moaned loudly, her hips jutting up and down as her pussy spasmed wildly. She loved how she could always make herself cum by playing with and massaging her clit. As much as she enjoyed cuming with a cock buried deep inside her pussy, she always felt her orgasms from clitoral stimulation were so much more intense. With her orgasm giving her a satisfied smile, she slowly let her body sink back into the water. Taking a long drink from her wine glass, she let her fingers toy with her still hard nipples, the bubbles clinging to her breasts as they floated on the water’s surface.

Sighing deeply, she kicked the plug, starting the hot water draining from the tub. Feeling the water sinking away from her body, she lowered her hands down over her stomach, arriving at her still swollen clit. Stroking it gently, she quickly felt her arousal heightening once again. Wanting more than just her fingers on her clit, she slid down into the tub, her feet climbing the walls until her pussy was directly beneath the faucet. Leaning up, she turned on the water, letting it pummel down onto her swelling clit.

The instant pressure and warm water brought out a long guttural moan from Falida. Spreading her legs wider and hoisting her ass up higher towards the faucet, the pressure hitting her clit was almost too much to take. Being in such crazed desire for another orgasm, she remained motionless as the water jetted downwards onto her clit. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, arching her back, and making her clit protrude upwards. Moaning even louder, she felt her pussy spasming wildly and her clit throbbing. “Uuugggghhhhhhh!” she groaned as her orgasm swept through her body, sending her into convulsions.

This orgasm felt too good to deprive herself of another. Taking a few seconds to catch her breath, she reached around the underside of her thigh and slipped two fingers into her soaked pussy. Finger fucking herself as the water continued to pound down onto her throbbing clit, she quickly felt another orgasm rising inside her. This time her orgasm was even more intense than before and her entire body thrashed about in the confines of her bathtub. The last remnants of the water trapped beneath her body, squelching as her back lifted up and down, her orgasm consuming all of her so completely.

Sliding her trembling legs downwards, she fumbled to find the knob with her foot, eventually shutting the water off. Falida’s clit was throbbing and she dabbed at it gently with her fingertips. Her pussy was so drenched from her cum, that she dipped her fingers into her pussy as it occasionally spasmed. Raising them to her mouth, she lovingly and hungrily sucked her fingers clean. “Mmmmm” she moaned as she tasted herself on them. She had always loved her own juices, and with the aroma of her scented bubble bath lingering in the air combined with her own sexual scent, her taste seemed that much more exquisite.

Lifting herself from the bottom of the tub, she downed the last of her wine. As she stood, she saw her reflection in the mirror. Pausing to look over her body, she admired the fullness of her breasts with their delicate underside curvatures, her semi-hard light brown areolas, not that much darker from her skin. She smiled satisfactorily as she let her hands wander over her body, watching her reflection. Circling her fingers slowly around each areola, Falida’s nipples again hardened instantly. Still wet all over, she pinched her nipples, sending that familiar tingle all through her body down to depths of her pussy. She knew that if she was going to get what she so desperately wanted tonight, she would be feeling more than the familiar tingle…it would be more than she could ever dream of.

Drying off, she sprayed her favorite perfume over her body, focusing it on and around her breasts, her lower back, a small mist on her wrists and the back of her knees and one last shot over her head. She thought she might be over doing it with the perfume, but the scent would eventually fade leaving the gentle musky aroma blanketing her. Selecting a sexy and somewhat revealing outfit, Falida dressed herself in a black lace bra and matching thong, a black very low cut tank top and a long black skirt with a thigh-high slit. To finish off her ensemble, she selected her favorite 3 ½” black strappy sandals that Ibrahim gave her for her last birthday. Carefully applying a small amount of makeup, she tussled her hair and looked at the clock. 11:32pm. It was still quite early, and the butterflies in her stomach were still as prevalent as before.

Making her way to the kitchen, she opted for a quick meal of Indomie and a glass of chilled Berry blast. She didn’t want to feel too tipsy before heading out for the evening. Taking a look at her watch, she decided it was now do or die time. Exiting the house, she had already made up her mind that she would not be coming home tonight without experiencing and fulfilling her fantasy.

Driving to the club she heard so many freaky stories about, she knew it would be packed full of horny adults within the next hour, she couldn’t resist the urge to touch herself. She gently squeezed her nipples, making them hard, sending those familiar sensations through her whole body. Pulling into the parking lot, there were only a few cars, but she decided to park some distance from the entrance; just a little preplanning for some privacy if it would be needed later. Still very anxious and excited about her evening, Falida slid her hands under her skirt. The high slit was already practically showing off her thin lacey thong just as she sat in her CRV, but those few inches made her pussy so much more easily accessible to her. Much to her delight her pussy was still as wet as earlier and she slipped two fingers in between the silky smooth folds.

Satisfied with her privacy, she closed her eyes as her fingers moved in and out of her wet pussy. Moaning quietly, she marveled at her incredible wetness, drawing her fingers out and slowly and delicately circling her swelling clit. Sliding her ass down in the seat allowed her even easier access to her pussy and she quivered as she felt her orgasm building. Her hips moved up and down with her hand, as a small trickling of her creamy juices dribbled down the crack of her ass cheeks. Taking a deep breath, Falida angled her body slightly making her clit protrude, rubbing it harder and faster. Picturing another woman’s fingers massaging her clit was all it took for her to cum. Convulsions made her body spasm and jerk in her seat. Thrusting her fingers into her dripping pussy, she moaned as she felt the contractions deep inside her.

Exhaling heavily, she took in a deep breath, taking with it the aroma of her wet pussy and heightened state of arousal. Opening her eyes, Falida looked through the tinted window, seeing a few people heading into the club. She giggled to herself as she knew the tinted windows gave her some privacy, but at the same time, she wondered what it would be like to be watched by strangers as she masturbated. Taking a look in the visor mirror, she licked her fingers clean of her tasty juices and smiled. Taking one last deep breath, she ruffled her hair saying, “It’s now or never!”

Stepping out of her car, the cool air made her nipples grow hard again. Nearing the entrance to the club, she knew she had caught the eye of several men lingering outside, perhaps evaluating their own options as they entered. Normally, she would give them a flirtatious little smile, but not tonight. Tonight she was looking for some pussy. Tonight was her opportunity to experience the excitement and eroticism of having a woman touching and feeling her. Yes, tonight if all went as she has planned, would be the first time she would have the pleasure of tasting another woman’s pussy.

As she walked through the doorway, she was welcomed by dimmed lights, a strong aroma of alcohol and her choice of many places to sit. Carefully evaluating her surroundings, she selected a bar stool at the end of the bar, close enough to the door so she can observe people coming and going, but also so she can easily be seen as those same people enter. Taking her seat, she ordered a Grey Goose on the rocks and a bottle of water; one to try to calm her nerves and the other to help cool her down from the heat of the excitement she was already feeling.

All throughout the evening, an array of men asked her to dance, and she occasionally accepted an offer, when it suited her. Feeling like her evening was going to be a disappointment, she decided to take a chance. She decided that the next good looking woman who walked through the door would be her choice. She closed her eyes and crossed her fingers, silently praying that her longtime wish and fantasy would be fulfilled. A multitude of girls all entered the club, and she anxiously craned her neck when she saw a head of long million braids entering behind them.

She noticed the woman was alone, and looked her over. Her braids was a couple of inches shy of her waist. Falida watched her intently as the woman made her way through the bar, looking as though she was looking for someone herself. Turning a full 360 on her bar stool, Falida could hardly contain herself as this tall dark beauty was walking towards her. She grinned to herself as she noticed this woman was dressed in an outfit similar to her own. She pushed the adjacent bar stool out slightly, subtly indicating the seat was vacant, and it worked. Taking a seat next to Falida, the woman turned and smiled. Feeling a chill move over her body, and her nipples hardening because of it, she saw the woman’s eyes drop down to her cleavage. Falida sat up slightly and took a deep breath, making her breasts push outwards, making her hard nipples more visible to her observer.

Their eyes met again. Falida could see her dark brown eyes and light application of make up on the woman’s skin. Looking at this very attractive woman next to her, Falida determined that she was mid to late 20s, about a C or D cup, and almost as tall as her. Unexpectedly, even to herself, Falida spoke up, “Hi, I’m Falida,” extending her hand.

“I’m Sarah,” the woman replied. “This place is crazy tonight!”

“I wouldn’t know,” Falida replied, “I haven’t been here. I usually don’t make a habit of going to clubs.”

“Oh why is that?” Sarah asked smiling.

“Well, my boyfriend and I usually just chill at home, but since he is out of the country, I just felt like having a little fun tonight.”

“Oh, you’re in a relationship,” Sarah said with a slightly disappointing tone. “Happy?”

“Yeah…” Falida paused, unsure if she should confess her feelings of unsatisfaction and unfulfillment.

“Go on,” Sarah urged.

Looking away a little embarrassed, Falida hesitated.

Sarah leaned a little closer and touched Falida’s hand, “It’s OK…you don’t need to say anything else…after all, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? I mean, we all feel that way sometimes.” Smiling at Falida, Sarah could see that Falida wanted to share her thoughts, and at the same time, wanted to maintain that level of privacy. “You look like you’re dressed to kill though, babe,” Sarah whispered as she leaned closer, letting her hand fall onto Falida’s knee.

“Thank you,” Falida said shyly. Suddenly her confidence was gone and she felt shy and ashamed. Her desire to be with another woman seemed to be diminishing. Was it because another woman was touching her knee and the reality of it was too overwhelming? She couldn’t quite explain it to herself.

“So tell me…which of the guys here has caught your eye?” Sarah asked, “Which one did you plan on teasing and toying with this evening?”

Looking into Sarah’s eyes, she smiled, “Well, actually…none of them.” She quickly decided this was her chance to see how Sarah would react to her forthrightness, “I didn’t come here looking for a guy at all.”

Sarah’s face broadened into a beaming smile, and she leaned closer to Falida, “I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that,” she whispered slowly sliding her hand along Falida’s inner thigh. “C’mon, let’s go and make the boys crazy,” Sarah laughed. Taking Falida by the hand, she led her to the dance floor. Immediately heads turned. Two tall girls dressed in much the same way, holding hands as they stepped onto the dance floor. “This is gonna be great, just follow my lead,” Sarah said loudly over the music so Falida could hear.

Moving behind her, Sarah placed her hands on Falida’s hips and motioned her, swaying from side to side. She stepped closer so her breasts were touching Falida’s back, her crotch pressed up to her ass. Falida closed her eyes as she felt Sarah interlocking their fingers, making both sets of hands move up and down Falida’s sides. With their hips still rocking from side to side in perfect unison, Sarah gently kissed her partner’s shoulder. Responding to the softness of Sarah’s lips and the heat of her mouth, Falida tilted her head to one side, exposing her neck. Without hesitation, Sarah kissed Falida tenderly on her neck. Little did Sarah know that this was without a doubt the easiest and quickest way to excite and arouse Falida. Falida suddenly felt a strange yet familiar stirring within her. Moaning quietly, she brought both sets of hands around, moving them up and down her stomach. Meanwhile, murmurs could be heard from the onlookers, watching Sarah and Falida moving seductively together.

Releasing Falida’s fingers, Sarah slowly moved one hand in between their bodies and rubbed Falida’s ass, feeling the curves fitting into the palm of her hand, all the while, holding onto Falida’s stomach and lower abdomen pulling her back. Falida angled her arm slightly and bending her knees, began to caress Sarah’s outer thigh. The softness of Sarah’s skin paralleled her own. Quiet moans began to escape both women as their touches and caresses became more intense. Falida felt her pussy moisten as she allowed for the first time in her life, another woman to touch and caress her. Pushing her ass back into Sarah’s hand, Falida slid Sarah’s other hand downwards, moving it over her mound, rubbing her firmly. Falida gasped as she heard Sarah whisper in her ear, “babe, I can’t wait to have a taste of your sweet pussy. I bet you taste delicious. I am going to make you cum so many times. Is that what you want tonight?”

To be continued…