“Yes,” is all Falida could manage to say, but it was all she needed to say.

Turning around, she placed her hands on Sarah’s hips and pulled her close. With their tits barely touching, both of them gently brushed their crotches against each other. They grinned at each other as they looked down at the same time to see 4 nipples hard and straining against their confines, occasionally rubbing together. The intensity of having another woman’s nipples moving back and forth over hers increased the moisture Falida was feeling, to the point where she felt like she was dripping her juices onto the floor. Sarah pulled Falida closer to her, their lips only inches apart, their tits pressing hard to one another, their entire torsos seemingly joined as one. Without a word needing to be spoken, she leaned to Sarah, kissing her gently. The softness of her lips was incredible. Much more than she expected them to be. Feeling the tip of Sarah’s tongue on her own lips, she parted hers, inviting her partner’s tongue into her mouth.

The sensation of having another woman kissing her was beyond marvelous. Sarah pressed harder against Falida’s body, sliding her hands down and squeezing her ass. In response, Falida did the same. Sliding Falida’s skirt up just enough, Sarah’s hand was on her bare ass. Leaning back, she broke their kiss, but did not want to let go of this wonderfully round ass she had a hold of. Taking a hold of Sarah’s breast, Falida squeezed it gently, her thumb rubbing over her partner’s nipple. Looking into each other’s eyes, their desire and lust was quickly overtaking them. This is exactly what Falida had hoped for, and she was finally experiencing and fulfilling her most secret fantasy.

Sarah leaned closer to Falida, “I think we’ve done enough teasing…what do you say to getting out of here?”

Falida couldn’t believe her ears. Did she hear Sarah correctly? Before she had a chance to reply, Sarah pulled her forward, their lips again locked in a passionate kiss. Their tongues flicked and teased back and forth. Falida folded her arms around Sarah’s neck and pressed her body firmly against Sarah. Their hips began to push back and forth, again swaying to and fro in rhythm with the music.

Sarah moved from deeply French kissing Falida to her neck. Instinctively, Falida closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Moaning loudly, Falida leaned harder into Sarah’s mouth. The heat of Sarah’s mouth excited and at the same time soothed her. “I want you,” Falida moaned, “Oh my God, I want you.”

Hearing Falida’s words, Sarah unwrapped her arms, taking her by the hand and leading her towards their seats at the bar. In unison, they picked up their drinks, downing them in a couple of gulps, almost as if they were in a race to see who could finish their drink the fastest. Banging their glasses down on the bar at the same time, they looked at each other and giggled.

“Let’s go,” Sarah said as she again took Falida’s hand and led her towards the door. Knowing her fantasy was now a definite reality Falida could feel her heart pounding in her chest, and her breathing rapid. Exiting the club, the cool night time air felt refreshing on the sweat covered bodies. Both Falida and Sarah tugged on the others hand as they turned in opposite directions. At the same time, they both spoke, “I’m parked over there.” They laughed at themselves, their laughter attracting the attention of a group of men entering the club.

“I guess we need to decide…whose car? Whose house?” Falida said, a little nervous about the situation. “I mean…” she stammered.

“It’s OK…I know what you mean,” Sarah replied. “I can’t wait to get to either of our houses. I want you now,” she whispered, running her hand down Falida’s ass. Not waiting for a reply, Sarah pulled Falida’s hand, walking between two very large pickup trucks. Pushing Falida against one of them, Sarah reached down with one hand, lifting Falida’s skirt up. Pulling the lace fabric to one side, Sarah slipped two fingers in between Falida’s swollen and wet silky smooth folds. Falida’s eyes closed when she felt the firm yet gentle touch of Sarah, stroking and caressing her. “Oooh, you’re so wet,” Sarah cooed, “I have to taste you.”

Falida let out a frustrated moan as Sarah’s hand moved away from her pussy, but was soon replaced with a hot moist tongue. Falida widened her stance, lifting one foot and resting it on the tire of the truck. “Ohhh, such a beautiful pussy,” Sarah whispered. Sliding one hand up Falida’s thigh she cupped her ass, pulling her pussy closer. Falida’s legs trembled as she held onto the truck door handles to steady herself. Extending her tongue, Sarah touched it to Falida’s soaked pussy. She gasped loudly, mesmerized by the astonishing warmth of Sarah’s tongue. Pushing her hips towards Sarah’s face, she closed her eyes and felt Sarah’s thumb slide into her pussy and a tongue pushing up her clitoral hood. The sensation was exquisite and she moaned loudly.

Sarah masterfully swirled her tongue around Falida’s clit, gently flicking and nipping at it with her teeth. Falida could hardly contain her enthusiasm and moaned even louder, rocking her hips back and forth moving opposite to Sarah’s tongue. As Sarah sucked her swollen clit into her mouth she withdrew her thumb from Falida’s pussy and replaced it with two fingers, slowly and methodically fingering her.

She moaned as she felt Falida’s juices flowing over her hand, sending vibrations all through Falida’s clit. She lowered her head and slid her tongue along the length of Falida’s pussy, finding her finger-filled pussy. Pushing her tongue into Falida’s pussy along side her fingers, she felt the surrounding walls easily accommodating her. Probing deeper with her tongue only brought forth more of Falida’s sweet nectar and Sarah eagerly devoured every drop. “Aaahhhhhhhhh,” Falida cried out as waves of orgasm swept through her. “Oooohhhhhhhhhh, I’m cuming!”

“Mmmmmmmm, let it go Baby,” Sarah encouraged. “Oh yea, let it all cum to me.”

Falida’s legs trembled and shook as her orgasm took total control, her knees practically giving way beneath her. Sarah moaned satisfactorily, tasting and savoring every drop of Falida’s precious cum. Gently kissing her swollen clit, Sarah wiggled her fingers around inside Falida’s soaking pussy one last time before slowly sliding them out of her. Slowly standing, Sarah took a hold of her cheeks, pulling her close for a deep passionate kiss. Falida’s body melted against Sarah as their tongues entwined, their quiet moans letting each other know of their mutual pleasure.

Falida finally managed to stop trembling from her intense orgasm and the reality of the situation suddenly hit her. Startled when she saw a couple of men standing several vehicles away, she stepped back from Sarah, looking down in shame. “Oh my God,” Falida whispered, “this is crazy…I mean…ummmm…” her words trailed off to a mumble as she looked around nervously.

“It’s ok,” Sarah reassured her. “It’s not like this hasn’t been done here before.” Lifting Falida’s chin with her forefinger, Sarah smiled, “Don’t worry. What do you say,do we get out of here? We can go to my place or yours.”

“Uhhh, ummmm….I don’t know,” Falida replied, still a little shocked at the situation she had put herself in.

Sarah gently kissed Falida’s lips, her tongue tracing the outline of them, eventually gently pushing between them. The incredible sensuality of Sarah’s kiss once again took her inhibitions away. Their arms folded around one another, Sarah and Falida pressed their bodies together, their hips pushing back and forth, their hands roaming, caressing, touching.

“I want to be with you,” Sarah whispered in Falida’s ear. “I want to feel you…all of you…I want to taste you…I want to cum with you.”

Falida shuddered at Sarah’s words, desperate to feel more of this entrancing woman, to enjoy her so completely, to taste her sweetness. “Yes…” is the only response she could muster. Hearing Falida’s response, Sarah kissed her again, the tenderness of the kiss beyond anything Falida had ever experienced before.

“I’ll follow you,” Sarah said as she stepped back, turned and walked away leaving Falida still a little mesmerized. Taking several seconds to gather herself together, she located her keys in her purse and turned towards her vehicle. Climbing into her CRV, she saw Sarah pull up in her sporty little convertible. “Whenever you’re ready!” Sarah shouted over her revving engine.

Driving home, Falida couldn’t stop herself from sliding her skirt up her thighs and gently caressing her puffy pussy lips. The slightest touch made her jump slightly in her seat. Feeling further between her legs, she was surprised to feel how incredibly wet she was. Slipping her fingers into her pussy, she coated them with her juices, stealing a moment for herself to enjoy her exquisite taste. Turning into the parking space, Sarah pulled in behind her. Falida waited by the side of her car, her heart pounding in her chest with anticipation and excitement.

Sarah smiled as she walked towards her, taking her hand, “Shall we?” Not answering, Falida headed for the front door, her hand shaking slightly as she slid the key into the lock. Entering her home, Falida nervously looked around as if she was expecting someone else to be there. Dropping her purse and keys on a large chair in the living room, she sat on the end of the couch. Sitting upright and with correct posture, she watched as Sarah slowly strolled around the living room, taking in the pictures and artwork.

“Very nice,” Sarah complimented. “You have such a lovely home. I can tell you did the decorating,” she said smiling at Falida.

“Thank you. I try,” she replied nervously.

Taking a seat next to Falida on the couch, Sarah gently rested her hand on her knee. “I can tell you’re nervous, and it’s ok. I know how you feel. I just want you to relax and be comfortable with this. I know you want this so very much, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

She looked into Sarah’s eyes, listening, knowing what she was hearing was the truth. Smiling shyly and nodding, she didn’t speak. She just sat quietly, staring into Sarah’s eyes. Sarah leaned closer to Falida, her hand sliding up her thigh as she rubbed her breast against Falida’s arm, their lips meeting in a gentle kiss. It took only seconds. Sarah and Falida’s kiss becoming a tongue flicking contest. Hands roaming, breasts being caressed, nipples pinched, their bodies pressed together. Reaching down, Sarah took a hold of Falida’s tank top, lifting up and over her head, then repeating her actions, removing her own top. Each staring at the others full breasts, they reached out for them at the same time. Giggling when their hands touched, Falida felt her tension immediately subside. Hooking her fingers under the shoulder straps of Sarah’s bra, she slid them down her arms. Slowly cupping the underside of Sarah’s breasts, she peeled the lace downwards with her thumb, exposing a pair of dark brown areolas and hard nipples, the skin already taut. Not waiting another second, she leaned down, gently lifting Sarah’s awaiting breasts up, and started sucking the bullet-like nub. Sarah moaned softly as Falida suckled her, her tongue curling around the aching nipple, her teeth gently biting into her.

Moving from one nipple to the other, Falida leaned against her, pushing her back onto the couch. Climbing on top of Sarah, Falida began to push her hips against Sarah’s, slowly and methodically. Reaching around Falida, Sarah unhooked her bra, letting the sides fall away, Falida’s round tits, partially freed from their confinement. Her inhibitions were now a distant memory as she continue to suck Sarah’s nipples, alternating back and forth, and slowly sliding one hand downwards. Feeling the hem of Sarah’s skirt, she slid her hand underneath, touching the soft skin of Sarah’s thigh. Moving to one side, she, reached upwards, pushing her hand between Sarah’s opening legs. Slipping her fingers underneath the fabric of what felt like thong underwear, that familiar thin strand of fabric. She grinned as she felt how wet Sarah’s thong was, literally saturated.

Lifting herself off Sarah, she smiled as she moved down Sarah’s body, planting soft kisses over her stomach and her skirt covered thighs. Taking a hold of her skirt and sliding it up, Falida leaned down and inhaled deeply, exposing Sarah’s neatly trimmed and partially shaved pussy. She could so very easily detect the aroma of Sarah’s pussy, so wet and so aroused. As Falida pulled the soaked thin fabric to one side, she giggled, “Your pussy is shaved just like mine.”

“I know,” Sarah replied with a deep lusting tone of voice.

Resting one hand just above Sarah’s mound, she pushed upwards, forcing the clitoral hood to expose Sarah’s swelling clit. Falida looked at it for a moment, mentally comparing it to her own, then lowered her head. Sarah responded by lifting her hips up slightly and taking a hold of Falida’s hair and moving it to one side. Falida extended her tongue and touched just the tip of it to Sarah’s clit. Hearing her gasp, Falida touched her teasingly over and over again using only the tip of her tongue. Falida was delighting in hearing this woman whimper and moan at the slightest touch of her tongue and was eager to try more. Pushing Sarah’s legs wider apart, she lowered her head further, slowly sliding her tongue down the inner folds of Sarah’s soft lips.

Sarah gyrated and pushed against Falida’s face, wanting so much more. Little did Falida know, but her light and gentle touch and tongue action were quickly bringing Sarah closer to climaxing. Falida’s anticipation and desire to taste another woman was finally a reality. She spread Sarah’s soaked pussy lips with her fingers and plunged her tongue into her pussy. Sarah’s moans took on a frantic tone, “Yes! Oh God Yes! Oh fuck! Yes!”

She immediately felt Sarah’s hands grip her hair tighter and pull her head in closer to her pussy, Sarah’s hips grinding against her face, her entire body moving up and down in sheer ecstasy. Falida licked and slurped trying to keep her tongue inside Sarah’s pussy. “Ohhhhh!” Sarah exclaimed. “I’m gonna cum already! Uuuuugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Sarah’s body tensed and she moaned loudly, writhing and squirming. Falida slowly withdrew her tongue, but as soon as she did, she felt and tasted a renewed wetness from Sarah’s dripping pussy. Sucking her small slit, Falida could taste more and more of Sarah’s cum as it slowly seeped from her. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned as she continued to lick and suck her. Falida continued to lick and suck until Sarah’s hips slowly lowered down towards the cushions of the couch.

Somewhat surprised at how quickly Sarah had cum, Falida sat up, not really knowing what to say or do next. Sarah opened her eyes and looked at her, as she continued to sit bewildered. “Oh my God, Falida. I have never cum that quickly before. Are you sure you’ve never done this with a woman before? I mean, you are incredible at eating pussy…”

Falida blushed at Sarah’s compliment, “Ummm, no, never. But it was amazing.” A smile crept over Falida’s lips as she licked them, tasting Sarah’s cum again. “I am glad you liked it,” Falida said, sliding her hand down between her legs. “Will you eat me again please? I want you to make me cum some more…Will you Sarah? Please?”

“Absolutely, my love….absolutely!”