It was a nice night for a drive. The air was warm and clear, a light breeze kept the scent of the pollution from being overly strong. Ibrahim had been having a difficult time lately and needed some time away from home to help clear his head. He started out just making a drive across town when he received a text message, it was her again. Their meeting had been one coincidence that had been a pleasant surprise.

He had been out drinking at his favorite spot when he encountered her. He could tell from the way she was sitting that she was not looking for company or to be bothered, but he thought perhaps he could make her feel a little better by just being around. So, he struck up a conversation and by the end of the night he was her unofficial “bodyguard”. He helped her fend off the unwanted attentions of several barflys. When the night came to an end, they were saying goodbye and traded phone numbers. This was not something that he ever did. The next morning he found her number in his pants, he laughed at himself and threw the number away. He just figured he would never hear from her again. She surprised him by calling him and again by actually being an interesting person. They had become friends and talked online and texted back and forth at times. He could feel them becoming emotionally closer as well.

There were sometimes when they hugged each other, her body felt so good in his arms. He liked to look into her eyes and see the person she hid from the rest of the world. He told her about the potential to be great that he saw inside of her. He challenged her to be that person, to grow beyond who she was currently. There had been moments when he could feel she wanted for him to reach out and kiss her. He did not want to rush anything and he was a little nervous about where this might lead.

When he received the text asking him what he was doing, he debated his answer before responding. He eventually texted back that he was going for a drive to clear his head. She asked if she could come along and he relented. He pulled up into the parking space of her apartment as she was coming downstairs. He liked the way she moved when she saw him. Her face seemed to light up, it was easy to see she enjoyed his presence. She climbed into the passenger seat and he took a moment to enjoy her smell before driving off.

They drove around for awhile, talking and listening to his music. He listened to her mostly, since he was driving. She just liked talking with him, he could tell that she was comfortable with sharing her most inner self with him. For his part he shared as much of himself as he could. He was a very private person but he let her see a lot of who he was. As the night was coming to an end, he took her back home. He parked in a dark and more secluded area, neither really wanted the night to end. They sat and talked more. When the music turned a little more intimate, he looked over at her and he knew this was the moment. He leaned over, placed his hand against her face and gently kissed her. He enjoyed the feel of her soft warm lips before plunging in for a deeper kiss. He let his tongue play around inside her mouth. He felt her tongue piercing, a first for him. He backed off as the kiss ended and nibbled on her lips one at a time. They each took a breath afterwards, marveling at the feeling from the kiss they each had thought about for awhile. He could tell she was excited from this first kiss, she was really light skinned so, he could see the flush of the blood rushing to her face. He went back for another. This time the kiss was a little more intense, his hands roamed her body as hers did the same. They both became heated as the kissing became more passionate.

He decided to up the ante, he put his chair back as far as it would go and pulled her over a top him to continue. She was not at all shy about moving over. When she had situated herself, he pulled her down into another deep kiss, he held her face on both sides as he kissed her, one lip at a time. He could tell she was unsure of what he was doing at first but she relented to let him continue. He proceeded to gently kiss and bite each lip before covering her mouth fully and kissing her deeply again. He let his hands play across her back and down her sides. He ran them up under her shirt to feel her skin. He pulled up his own shirt to let her feel his skin. He raised her shirt and pressed their bodies together and luxuriated in the feel of their heat. She began to move her hands across his body, across his chest and down to his crotch.

After what seemed like an eternity, he broke off the kiss and reached to release her bra clasp. He helped her remove it while keeping her shirt on. She tossed it into the backseat to be found later. He held her close as he ran his hands across her back and up her sides. Moving them to her chest, he began to stroke and knead her breasts. She moaned with pleasure and bent down to kiss him while he fondled her breasts. She kissed him deeply and let her tongue move in and out of his mouth. He enjoyed the taste of her and the piercing was a new take on kissing for him.

While he let his tongue play in her mouth, his hands played with her nipples. Massaging them and squeezing them until she moaned. He broke off the kiss to raise her shirt and bring his mouth to taste her breast. He pulled her up so that he could reach her easily. He let his tongue play along the areole of her breast, slowly letting his tongue play around her breast, teasing her nipple. Expelling his hot breath, then he lowered his mouth onto her breast and sucked greedily before moving to the other.

Her breathing began to speed up and the windows fogged up inside the vehicle from their passion. She was not letting her hands remain idle while he sucked on her breasts, she reached for his hard penis. She undid his pants to free his hardness. Once she succeeded in getting his pants open, she immediately grasped him and began to run her hands up and down the length. Her breathing quickened because he began rubbing her crotch also. He had a hand on one breast, his mouth on the other and his free hand was stroking her crotch. He could feel the blazing heat emanating from there. She felt herself getting wet. She finally had enough and climbed back into the other seat to remove her pants and underwear before climbing back on top of him. He had pushed his pants and underwear down around his ankles.

She took a moment to kiss him again before grasping his penis and guiding it into her. She wet the tip of his dick with her moistness by rubbing it back and forth along her pussy. Then she guided it into her and slowly moved up and down until she could take the entire length inside of her. She threw back her head and gasped as she enveloped completely. He reached up and grasped both of her breasts as she began to slowly move up and down on his penis.

He could feel her wetness dripping down onto his testicles. He closed his eyes and lay back as she rode him. Her pussy felt like warm wet silk as she slid up and down. He had to concentrate to prevent himself from cumming too quickly. This was the moment they had both imagined and he did not want it to end just yet. Just as he was getting to the point of no return, he sat up and wrapped his arms around her to stop her. They both took a breath before he kissed her again. They sat for a minute like that, joined at the loins. He pulled her down with him and began to move his body back and forth.

Slowly sliding his dick in and out, he kept a slow pace to keep the sensation going for as long as possible. She dug her fingers into his shoulders as the pleasure threatened to overwhelm her. He kept the pace to maintain his erection and get her to orgasm before he did. He could tell she was close by the intensity of her moans and the way she gripped his shoulders. When she tried to increase the pace by moving her hips quickly, he grabbed her hips and continued as before. He kept moving his penis to his own pace. He would slide out til only the head of his penis was inside her then quickly slam it to the root a couple times then slide back out and slowly reinsert himself.

Fast then slow, fast then slow, again and again he would repeat until his lap was soaked with her juices. Finally she demanded he quicken the pace and he knew she was close to orgasm. He speeded up as she demanded and her moaning got more intense and he could feel her pussy gripping him tighter. He hoped she was going to cum soon, ’cause he wouldn’t last long at this rate. Just as he was thinking that he could not take much more, she let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and experienced a massive orgasm. The grip on his penis increased to the point that he could no longer hold back and he came also. This caused her orgasm to increase in intensity and she gripped his shoulders tight enough to bruise. Eventually she lay down upon his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and felt the micro shudders through her thighs. He held her while the music continued playing, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Soon they both knew that they needed to say goodnight. Luckily, he kept tissues in the glove box. They each cleaned up as much as possible in the confined space and got dressed. He returned his chair to its upright position and prepared to say goodbye. He looked over at her, she was keeping her face turned away. She was embarrassed by her actions but he merely looked at her, turned her head and kissed her gently. He let her know it was okay. Then he gave her one more kiss before she exited the car and walked back to her apartment. He waited until she was out of sight to drive off. He drove home and went to bed with thoughts of the sweetest encounter he had experienced in a long time dancing in his head.