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I felt a distant satisfaction – she might have been using me, but at least I could make her cum whether she wanted to or not – and leaned away from her, licking my lips furiously, already trying to turn my mind back to the work that waited back at my desk.

Then I couldn’t move. Not due to any hesitation on my part, but because her hand was gripping my hair, holding me tight. She arched her back, still breathing fast, and pressed her soft folds back to my lips, rubbing them against my tongue as I opened my mouth in reflex.

“Don’t stop,” she gasped out, making me freeze in place. “Please, more…” She shuddered, breaking off as my tongue unconsciously touched her, some part of me still as addicted as ever to her taste, her wonderful flavour, the evidence of the pleasure I gave her.

Her fingers gripped my hair firmly, pulling, and I closed my eyes with something like a whimper as my anger imploded, evaporating into a desperate emptiness, with something warm and heavenly gleaming just out of sight. I hesitated, torn between wanting that anger back – that simple, uncomplicated rage – and that heat, that desperate need to taste her, to please her. My tongue stroked her again – this time, warm, soft, and loving, sliding over her opening, dipping into her, grazing her still-sensitive clit.

It was Cleo that shattered my resistance this time. “Oh, god, Zainab, more…” she moaned.

I shuddered deeply. My hands, of their own accord, grabbed those creamy smooth hips, and I licked deeper.

“Yes,” she breathed, arching, her fingers softening in my hair – but they didn’t leave. They rested almost limply on my head, staying gently tangled in my black hair. “Oh, yes,” she shuddered, both of her legs sliding over my shoulders, enclosing me in her satiny skin.

My whimper was lost in her soft, wet flesh and her gripping thighs, and my hands slid under her buttocks, cupping her and lifting her greedily to me. My eyes opened, looking up the length of her body. Her head was back, her eyes closed, that little gap between her lips that I had savoured so many times. Her free hand reached back to grip the back of her chair as she slid down to half lay in her chair, allowing her to arch higher, her pussy sliding over my tongue until we both moaned.

An image flashed into my over-worked mind – Cleo, stretched out naked, on a real bed for once, gripping the headboard and arching helplessly as I drove her to whatever ecstasy I could. Another image flashed in behind it – something else entirely, something I would do if I ever got the opportunity.

“Oh, yes, that’s it…”

The images vanished as I recalled what I was doing, my tongue swirling and spiraling in and out of her wetness, and I feasted on her, greedily slurping and sucking at her soft lips, the moist, slick inner flesh, and her creamy nectar flowing freely into my mouth. My tongue drilled deeper still, thrusting desperately. I wanted all of her – I wanted to drive everything but me out of her mind, once and for all.

“Ah…ahh…oh…oh god, what…what…” She cried out as I pulsed my tongue mercilessly in and out of her, fast and deep. I wasn’t taking my time or being gentle – she was going to scream for me, and I wasn’t going to be used. She was mine, at least for the moment, and I was going to take full advantage.

Her breath turned into short, high-pitched gasps, her hips bucking higher and out of control. She was already close, probably trying to hold back, to prolong this, but I wasn’t letting her. My fingers tightened, digging into the firm, silky skin of her buttocks, and my tongue slid out to pull her clit into my mouth. I sucked it lightly once, twice, feeling her jerk each time, hearing her sharp gasps for breath, and then sucked it deeply, my tongue fluttering.

That did it. She cried out, as loudly as I had ever heard her, her hand clenching almost into a fist in my hair. Her mouth gaped open, her breathing momentarily halted. She held there, tense and quivering as I kept up that methodical sucking, not letting her relax, keeping her orgasm riding high, until I felt that spasm in her stomach that warned me that her pleasure would turn to pain very shortly if I didn’t stop. I let her relax, though my mouth remained against her. I breathed deep of her scent, her wetness still coating my lips and tongue and chin, my eyes drifting closed as I kept my face buried between her thighs, my hands lightly stroking her still-trembling ass.

Her hand was still limply tangled in my hair, twitching faintly. We stayed that way for a long time. I couldn’t bring myself to pull away, and she apparently couldn’t summon the energy to move at all.

After several long moments, I opened my eyes, looking up at her only to meet her brown eyes staring back at me.

She looked steadily down at me, her eyes wide and slightly glazed, obviously still dazed by an orgasm of that magnitude.

Our eyes stayed locked for a long moment, and when my mouth moved, it was to apologize, or yell, or ask her just to move her legs, or something – I’m still not sure. It didn’t end up mattering. The instant my mouth moved against her, she moaned softly, her eyes staring down into mine widening even more.

I felt my own eyes hood as my desire for her returned with a force that actually shocked me – I had never had a chance to pleasure her while looking into those incredible eyes.

“Zainab” she whispered, starting to say something.

No, I thought, that’s not the name I want…not the way I wanted to hear it from her. My lips kissed her pussy with soft, deep warmth, and I breathed her in, not licking, just feeling her, my lips sliding over her slit with the softest of caresses.

She gasped, and her eyes tried to flutter closed, but my fingers suddenly dug into her firm buttocks, causing her eyes to fly open again with surprise. All of my emotion – the remnants of my anger, my lust, my desire, and other feelings I still shied away from – blazed from my eyes into hers, as I mentally begged her to keep her eyes open, to let me look into them. My lips caressed her again, and kept moving, continuously stroking and nibbling and lightly sucking her outer, then inner, lips.

She hissed in a soft breath, her eyes so big. There was a strange light in her eyes as well as we stared each other down. The depth of emotion in her eyes startled me, though they were not emotions I could identify. I did not dare to hope.

I gave her one gentle, curious, tentative lick, a light smooth lick with the flat of my tongue, dragging her outer lips along and wiggling ever so slightly to stimulate her.

She let out a long, sighing moan, and relaxed, her fingers tightening in my hair. “Don’t stop,” she whispered, not looking away.

And so, with our eyes locked together, I began again. My lips stroked and tasted, my tongue slowly, lingeringly explored.

“Baby” she breathed, staring into my eyes, unable to look away now.

My own arousal spiked at her use of that endearement, and my fingers slid higher into the small of her back, warm, smooth and slightly damp from the exertion of her earlier writhing. My fingertips massaged, and she relaxed, sinking even lower in her chair as her legs slid further over my shoulders, tightening to pull me into her. As her shoulders met the seat of her chair her other hand joined the first in my hair, not tugging but just holding on.

I shuddered, slurping softly at her, watching her lovely eyes and wishing that this moment would never end.

“Ah…mm…” She whimpered.

I gave another slow lick, and she whimpered again, those brilliant blue eyes as round as they could go. My hands slid still higher up her back, massaging her spine. She continued to relax, whimpering and sighing now with every movement of my mouth. Her hips began to rock ever so slightly, sliding her wet, slippery pussy against my mouth.

I began to devour her in earnest, my tongue moving constantly, my lips spreading her open for access. The way she was laying back in her chair was resting more and more of her weight on me, and it forced me to sit back on her floor, stretching my legs out as I held her up against my mouth. The rocking was doing something else as well, though – I was being tantalized by the movement of my legs, rocking along with her body, and my panties tugging and pulling at my already well-lubricated pussy. I whimpered in my own pleasure, but held back my instinct to rock my hips more deliberately.

It wasn’t easy – her wet pussy was as delicious as ever, and staring into her eyes while hearing her moans and whimpers of open pleasure, feeling her soft hips pushing against me and her warm thighs trembling on my shoulders – it was all I could do not to start moaning right along with her. I had always been careful about that – I had always known instinctively that there was a line somewhere, and if I crossed it, all this could end.

I managed to put that out of my mind – though the sensations were still there – and concentrated on her, boring my gaze into her while I took my time bringing her to ecstasy. I easily used the rest of the hour, and could have just as easily taken longer. I don’t think she would have objected, either, neither of us seemed to blink the entire time, her eyes locked helplessly on mine as I took her body as high as I could, building her up, tantalizing her, until she simply could not hold back any longer.

“Ah! Zainab…Baby Ahhhahhhhh!” Cleo cried out, long and high as my sucking, licking mouth sent her over the edge, and her head arched back, our gaze finally breaking as she was swept under by an intense orgasm. Her hips quivered throughout, and my mouth was filled by her nectar as I carried her all the way through, until she relaxed with a shuddering moan, and her hands fell from my hair to dangle limply beside her.

I shuddered on my own as she relaxed – it had taken all my effort not to join her in orgasm. I realized belatedly that I couldn’t move – if I let her hips go, she would fall off her chair. I waited until she shook herself, summoning enough energy to pull herself back up onto her chair by the elbows. Eventually, I was able to sit back, my legs still too rubbery to hold me up. She seemed shaky as well, and now, neither of us could meet the other’s eyes.

I glanced up at the clock on her desk, and blinked, flushing slightly. “Um…your meeting’s in just a few minutes. I’ll let them know you’re on your way…I’ll just leave you to, um, straighten up.” I staggered to my feet, not waiting for her response, and half-stumbled back out to my desk.



That evening, I came back from my umpteenth trip to the copier to find Cleo sitting on the edge of my desk. I stopped short in the hallway the moment I saw her, a thousand different things racing through my head, and then I saw the roll of paper she held in one hand. Blueprints.

I heaved a sigh. So she was going to expand her practice, renovate the office…and replace me. I straightened my shoulders, bracing myself, and walked to my desk, joining her.

She smiled at me as I arrived, and I managed a hesitant smile in return. “Zainab,” she began, “you remember how we’ve spoken a few times about expanding our little business here?

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. “Our” business indeed, I thought darkly.

These are the blueprints,” she tapped the roll against my desk, “and I’ll be on my way out shortly to go over some things with the architect – but I wanted to talk to you first.”

I nodded again. “Of course.” My voice was a bit flat.

She glanced at me, a tiny frown appearing between her eyebrows as if she had caught my tone. “Zainab, I…I’ll be taking on at least one partner – maybe two, depending on…well, it doesn’t matter.” She looked away. “Obviously, with two or three lawyers, we’ll need more support.”


She glanced at me again, looking oddly confused. I almost glared at her. Did she expect me to be thrilled at losing my job?

I know, I know – I was being an idiot. Fear does that to all of us.

We’ll be hiring some new assistants,” she went on, “and probably a few of our own paralegals.” She looked away again. “I thought of having you become an office manager, or something, but I just don’t think that would work out. It’s just not the way the office will be set up.”

I was barely holding in that glare now. “I see.”

She didn’t look at me this time. “So, the practice will need dedicated legal assistants.” She cleared her throat. “We’ll be dividing up the clients, probably along thematic lines – different areas of legal practice, and so on. So…” She cleared her throat again, still staring down at my desk.

I idly thought that I had never heard her so inarticulate.

So, if you wanted to switch to be one of the partner’s assistants, you know,” she glanced at me, “to keep up with, um, your own interests, I’d understand. I’ll give you first choice.”

I blinked, my mind trying to follow all that. First choice? First choice of what, now?

She looked at me now, those brown eyes as uncertain as I’d ever seen them. “I mean, I’d like you to stay my assistant – we’re, um, so used to each other and all – but I wouldn’t want to hold back your career. I know you must not want to be an assistant forever.”

For the first time in several minutes – all right, I’ll admit it, in several months – my mind actually grasped what was going on. “You…want me…to stay,” I stammered, sounding like an idiot.

It was her turn to blink. “Of course,” she said, as if it had never been in question. I tried to keep my lower lip from actually hitting the desk. Not only had I realized what was going on, I had realized just how much of an idiot I’d been.

My mind raced. I had three concerns – one, finding a way to say yes that didn’t make me sound like a lovesick fool; two, trying to comprehend my luck; and three, trying to recover something resembling dignity. “I think…we work pretty well together,” I stammered finally. “I’d like to stay.

She smiled a brilliant smile – a smile that, I noticed dimly, didn’t seem like that hard, professional smile I’d seen so many times. “Good. Glad to hear it.” She tapped the blueprints on the desk, getting up and walking toward her office. Then she turned back. “Oh, by the way.”

My head jerked back up from where I had been staring blankly at the desk, having failed totally to pull my thoughts into anything like coherency. “What?” I blurted out.

A client was referred to me from London,” she explained. “He lives there, even though his business is here, and he deals with a lot of different law firms. He’s looking for an advocate to consolidate all of his different legal issues together so that he doesn’t have to monitor it all himself.” She ran a hand through her braids. “I thought it would be an interesting challenge. I’m heading to London next week to meet with him a few times.” Her eyes met mine. “He’s paying, so I figured you might like a bit of a vacation too.”

“That sounds wonderful,” I said immediately, my mind having, for once, not betrayed me. In fact, it was now running in overdrive, having already leapt to an image that I had experienced earlier.

A hotel bed would fit that image just fine.


“All right, I could definitely get used to this,” Cleo murmured from the next table over. I nodded, sighing in relaxation. The masseuses continued their work, kneading the long flight out of our tired muscles. Both of us were covered with towels, while the pleasant, silent women worked on our shoulders and necks.

Eventually, as they finished, folded up their tables, and left, each of us sat up, wrapping the towels around ourselves, stretching out newly relaxed muscles and testing for any trace of the soreness from sitting in one place for far too many hours.

Cleo sighed, looking around the hotel suite – this was mine, since my room had the table and office area around which we would be working while here in London. Cleo’s room was on a different floor, and since I would be the only one doing much paperwork here, this arrangement had seemed logical. It also fit into my plans perfectly. The massages had been my suggestion.

What did you think of him?” Cleo asked. We had met briefly with the new client right after we landed – he had been waiting at our hotel, eager to meet the consultant who had been glowingly recommended to him. Cleo had impressed the man immediately. Personally, I thought he was dull and not quite smart, but I wouldn’t have to deal with him much anyway.

He was…interesting,” I murmured politely, tying my towel off and starting to unpack my things as Diane vanished briefly into the bathroom.

She was chuckling when she came out. “Interesting would be being nice.”

We exchanged a quick grin.

She chuckled again. “He’s dull as a flat beer, but it’s good business for us, and his enterprises back home are complex enough that keeping it all straight should be interesting – even if he’s not.”

I laughed, still unpacking, unable to help a glance or two at her long, firm legs, visible beneath her towel. Several images flashed through my head. “Thank you for the massage, by the way,” I said then.

My pleasure,” she grinned. “He’s picking up the whole tab anyway. We might as well enjoy it.”

I nodded, looking away from her as she crossed the room to retrieve her clothes.

Cleo?” I asked softly.

She looked over questioningly.

I looked at her now. “I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to help you…prepare for meeting him.”

She blinked. “Oh, um, that’s all right, it wasn’t really a meeting, he just wanted to introduce himself.” Her voice was casual, as if I were referring to preparations like note-taking or copying down bullet points for a presentation.

Still,” I pressed slightly, looking away and shrugging. “If the massage wasn’t quite enough, or whatever, you know…” I had decided, through several long, agonizing hours of thought and debate on the plane, to make this attempt. I was deliberately giving her a graceful way out, though.

That’s…a fair point,” I heard her say.

I looked over at her. Our eyes met.

I don’t have another meeting today, though,” she said then.

I nodded, pursing my lips, making my voice intentionally clinical. “Well, no. I’d be making up for earlier, that’s all.”

She nodded slowly. “That’s true…” She leaned down, massaging one leg slightly. “My legs do still feel a little tense,” she admitted.

I tried not to smile at her, keeping that clinical expression. “It’s not as though you’d just be…”

“No, no, of course not,” she said hurriedly.

It would just be making up for earlier,” I said again.

She nodded even more slowly. “That’s right.” She started to walk past me, toward the chair, but I stopped her with a hand on her shoulder, turning to face me. Her eyes widened, and I walked her backwards toward the wide bed.

“I think we’ve been sitting enough today,” I murmured softly.

She nodded, sighing with a little smile, the tension broken slightly. “I’ll say.”

I smiled encouragingly, and she sat on the bed, leaning back onto her elbows.

“That’s not going to be all that comfortable,” I said quietly, gently lifting her legs onto the bed, subtly pressing her backward, and she wriggled until that pressure stopped – and she was laying right in the middle of the bed, her head and shoulders on the pillows.

That’s better,” I sighed, sliding between her legs. I nuzzled my face between her thighs, feeling them part slightly – but the towel prevented them from opening very far.

She seemed to draw away slightly as my fingers found the edge of the towel – but I wasn’t stopping. “I can’t get my head under here,” I murmured reasonably, not looking up at her but just craning my mouth as close to her as I could, breathing warmly on her mound, just out of sight beneath the soft white towel.

Cleo shuddered, her legs pressing open, and now she did not fight as I reached up to untie her towel, opening it gently, keeping my eyes on her legs. Everything in my body screamed to look up at her – this was finally my chance to see her completely bare for me – but I wanted her to surrender first.


**To Be Continued**


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