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The moment her soft, trimmed mound came into view, I ran my mouth over it, and she whimpered loudly. I was surprised at how wet she already was – her slit glistened openly, her hips lifting slightly even at that gentle touch. I couldn’t help looking up at her with my mouth poised over her. She was watching me. There was open desire in her eyes now, and her nipples were visibly hard.

Then my mind re-focused on that detail, as my eyes wandered downward, drinking in the sight of Cleo’s beautiful naked body for the first time. Beautiful shoulders, high, firm, smooth breasts with tight, dark brown nipples, the tips of her breasts just slightly crinkled around those hard points. Her stomach was almost flat and very smooth. I trailed my gaze down to her bare mound, and trailed my mouth over it again. Her fingers slid into my hair, and I was lost.

I ate Cleo slowly, lingeringly, my greedy eyes all over her nakedness as it began to writhe before me. My hands slid up that stomach, feeling the quiver and rhythmic tensing of the muscles beneath her skin, and then filled my hands with her breasts, feeling her arch up to my hands with a gasp. My palms grazed her tight nipples, making her shudder, and then my hands explored them fully, caressing and grazing every curve, my thumbs teasing and toying with those nipples, my hands delighting in finally having complete access to her.

I touched her everywhere – her back, her stomach, her legs. She writhed through one gentle, slow orgasm, and was building to a second when I lightly stroked a fingertip over her slit, lightly teasing the opening as my tongue traced lazy circles around her clit. My eyes watched hers now, testing her reaction.

Her eyes flew open at the first touch, and she looked down at me, her eyes going wide and staying that way. I slurped at her clit slightly, the finger dipping into her, and she bit her lip, whimpering loudly. This time, the whimper was different – lower, more throaty. I loved the sound, and sank my finger in to the second knuckle, hoping to coax it out of her again.

She gasped. “Oh, god.” Her involuntary moan was that same throaty sound, and I almost purred. Her hips twisted subtly, and I slid my finger out, letting her watch as I slowly sucked it into my mouth, tasting her, then eased my slippery finger back inside her, exploring a pussy that so far, I had only tasted. My finger gently probed and teased at her inner walls, feeling their slick, spongy softness, pressing and wiggling to find the sensitive spots.

She groaned softly, wriggling as my finger teased her, finally breaking my gaze to throw her head back.

I sighed in pleasure as I slid my finger back out, sucking it clean once again, and eased it back inside her, loving the way she gripped the finger inside herself, her head lolling back and forth on the pillow as she shuddered, moaning with each stroke of the digit.

Those moans grew louder when I slipped a second finger into her, and began massaging the fingers along the inside her body, twisting and spreading them, then swirling them about, stirring her wet, slick pussy, giving her new pleasures, purring outright at her throaty growls of pleasure.

“God, Zainab…” She shuddered, and did what I had hoped she would do – she released my hair and raised her hands over her head to grip the headboard, opening herself to me. I ran my free hand over her breasts, my tongue still gently sliding her clit up and down until she cried out, her legs kicking slightly, her pussy fluttering and gripping the fingers still buried inside her, coating my hand with her sweetness.

She relaxed with a deep sigh, and I slid off the bed, slipping on bare feet over to my suitcase. I could feel my own wetness trickling down my leg, and my breathing was quick and light and excited, my mind blank of everything but the other thing I had planned. I knew this might be one step too far – and I had never actually done this myself, but with the opportunity in hand, I could not combat the desire.

Digging quickly into my suitcase for something tucked in amongst some nightshirts, I eased out the harness, slipping into it and turning back toward the bed, my towel now bulging out slightly with the attached toy.

Cleo still lay, splayed and breathing fast, in the middle of the bed, her eyes closed, her nakedness glistening with a faint sheen of sweat, her hands still limply against the headboard. I crept back over to the bed, and dropped my towel, crawling back between her legs, but this time moving up over her. Meanwhile, my slippery hand, coated with Cleo’s sweet nectar, was gently stroking the toy, getting it slick and warm.

I was hurrying somewhat, knowing that I would die a little inside if Cleo didn’t allow this, but also knowing that, once I got this toy inside her, it was unlikely that she would complain. The first time an ex-lover had used it on me, I had nearly passed out. It was curved and ridged in all the right places, a deep lavender color, both beautiful and sensual.

I mounted her, trying not to shiver at the feeling of her thighs brushing my hips, and felt the warm slippery toy brush against her.

That opened her eyes, and she looked up at me in surprise, her eyes meeting mine. She didn’t seem to notice yet that I was otherwise naked like her, or notice what I was wearing.

She sighed as I paused, her eyes searching mine as she smiled weakly. “That was…” She murmured, but she broke off, biting her lip, as the head of the toy grazed her slit, and I gently rocked my hips, letting the head rub up and down very lightly.

She shivered, finally glancing down – and her eyes went as wide as they could go, her  body tensing.

“It’s okay,” I whispered to her, “I could tell you loved it – you’ll love this even more.” I eased forward, the head parting her slick lips, pushing down toward her opening. I held myself up with one hand as I used the other to tilt her face back up, staring down into her eyes, wanting her to keep focused on that rather than having another woman naked on top of her.

Zainab,” she murmured uncertainly.

I didn’t give her the chance to over-think. My hips eased forward, and the head slid inside her.

She gasped loudly, arching up and grabbing my supporting arm with one hand in reflex. I resisted the urge to push deep, knowing that I could pleasure her with this.  Instead, I swirled my hips, letting the soft, ridged toy stretch and rub her opening, even letting it pop out once or twice and re-penetrating her, remembering how that used to drive me wild.

She tried to speak several times, little broken bits of my name or wordless little cries, her breathing accelerating as I rocked the toy back and forth just inside her.

Just say yes, Cleo,” I whispered, leaning down closer to her, bringing her eyes back to mine. “Just let me help,” I said, reminding her, bringing her mind back to our “arrangement”, a safe place for her thoughts to avoid the confusion that I knew was otherwise plaguing them. My own confusion was largely gone. I had realized how I felt when I had seen her eyes watching me pleasure her again.

She bit her lip, her back arching in little waves as her brain fought her body. “Zainab...”

I slid the toy out of her and filled my free hand with one soft, round breast, squeezing just enough to get her to arch higher, my thumb swirling on the nipple, and then slid back in, letting the head of the toy glide in and out with little pumping motions of my hips.

She whimpered at the touch on her breast, and then cried out softly at my entry. “Oh, god, Zainab…yes, god, please…”

That was all I was waiting for. I reached down, gripped her hip, and pulsed my way deep inside her, moving slowly and gently, little thrusts matched by longer outward movements. Every ounce of self-control went into not burying it all at once, but even as I nudged my way deeper into Cleo’s body, I heard a soft, slick noise as the friction with her wetness increased. She cried out, arching up higher than ever, throwing her head back.

Oh my god,” she gasped breathlessly, and then slumped back into the bed, relaxing and reaching back up to grip the headboard, opening her legs wide. The tightness of her pussy eased slightly, and I pushed deep into her body, finally melding my hips with hers, shuddering at the stimulation of the nub of the toy teasing my own slit as I savoured her long, throaty cry of pleasure.

I began long, slow, smooth strokes in and out, not really used to the hip movements but rapidly learning as I saw what made her moan, what made her gasp, and what kind of thrusts drew soft, breathy cries from Cleo’s throat. Her eyes were tightly closed, her head rolling around freely, her body rocking with my thrusting.

Yes, yes,” she moaned.

“Yes,” I moaned back involuntarily, shuddering again at the friction against my own slick pussy. I realized too late my error – I had not gotten myself off in days, anticipating this trip, and now it was going to be all I could do to hold back. Not that it mattered. At this point, I couldn’t have stopped if she had pulled out a gun and shot me.

The bed was rocking beneath us, my hips grazing the silk of her thighs. One of her hands was gripping the headboard as I worked atop her, and the other gripped the sheets of the bed in a fist, twisting and tugging at the fine linens.

I could feel sweat trickling down my back. I was gasping for breath as I pumped into Cleo beneath me, my eyes drinking in the sight of her heaving, writhing form beneath me. I could feel her starting to shake, knowing she was close, and accelerated, whimpering with the effort of not coming, but I couldn’t look away or distract myself – she was just too beautiful, and I had to see her.

Oh god!” She cried. “Oh god, Zainab, don’t stop, it’s so good…”

I whimpered again – her using my name was not helping me hold back.

“Oh…oh…oh yes…yes deeper...” Her voice kept getting higher.

I gasped as she actually started to urge me on, thrusting deeper in response. I could feel her hips jerk against mine with every impact.

Oh! Oh, Zainab…” She writhed, crying out, obviously close, but oddly, I noticed her clench her teeth slightly. What was she doing? “My god, my darling, please…

I moaned, high-pitched and desperate at that new endearment, my feelings crashing in on me, and my thrusts started to become unsteady. “Cleo, don’t…” I gasped. My heart was racing so fast I thought it was going to explode.

Then all of my previous efforts became insufficient as I felt silky warm skin on my ass – and sank deeper into her. I missed a breath and slammed deep, writhing as I realized she had wrapped her legs around me.

“Uhhnnn!” She squealed, her hips grinding up into mine, causing bolts of electricity to shimmer up and down my spine from my clit to my brain.

Oh, god, I thought desperately, Cleo has her legs around me. I can’t take it…if she does that I won’t be able to hold out…

My thrusts were becoming jerky as my hips twisted, trying to avoid the sweet friction that was driving me insane. I gasped as Cleo’s legs tightened. “God!” I whimpered. “Cleo, I can’t…I can’t hold it if you…”

“Oh god, Zainab, please, please don’t stop!” Cleo cried out even louder, and her hands came up to grip my shoulders, and then my back, her body arching up like a drawn bow.

I cried out helplessly, feeling my orgasm rushing unstoppably toward me, all my long months of wanting to come with her, to cum because of her, blazing in my thoughts. My hips went into overdrive, my eyes staring down at her wide brown stare, drunk on her pleasure and her beauty, her taste still on my lips, filling my brain, and the vision of her nakedness under me propelling me irrecoverably toward an orgasm that might be more than I could bear.

Then she seemed to choke up, growling low in her throat. Her hands gripped my back, and her legs tightened around me as her muscles locked, the bed frantically squeaking under us as our bodies bucked together, the wet slick sounds of the toy squirming inside her filling our ears. We moaned again and again, as if in harmony, answering each other’s ecstasy – until Cleo’s body arched up higher still, and her body went rigid as her breathing stopped. As she did, her soft breasts brushed mine.

That was enough for me. I screamed her name, lunging against her to maximize the contact, and going into spasms that seemed to fire every nerve in my body and ever neuron in my brain, my body jerking and thrashing, my skin lit up with the heat of her under me. I could dimly hear her screaming as well, her nails digging painfully into my shoulder blades, our bodies plastered together as her legs, still tightly wrapped around my hips, jerked wildly out of control. I could even feel her pussy pulsating and quivering right up the length of the toy buried inside her. Her spasms were so strong that she carried my orgasm along with hers. I buried my face in her neck, actually sobbing with pleasure, the smell of her skin, the feel of it against my face, her own sounds in my ear elongating my orgasm far beyond my normal limits.

After several more hard spasms and short cries from her combined with gasping squeals from me, Cleo finally went limp, allowing me to collapse on top of her, out of breath and with my mind totally blank.

I didn’t have a clock, but I’m sure it was literally an eternity before I raised my head. Every inch of my body felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. I had never cum like that. That was all I could think. Never. It wasn’t me, either – it was because of her.

My arms rested on the bed on either side of her, her ribs brushing them with each deep, slow breath. Her hands were in the small of my back, soft and smooth, while her legs had slid down around my thighs.

I looked down at her face. Cleo looked peaceful and dazed. Her eyes were closed, her mouth soft and just slightly open in that way of hers. Her hair was a mess around her head, fanned over the pillow and stuck to her neck and shoulders, all dewed with the sweat that glistened on us both.

Those eyes opened very slowly, dreamily, and we stared at each other from only a few inches apart. I marveled that I had ever thought those brilliant brown eyes were cold – they were so warm, so bright as she looked up at me.

I raised one lead-weight arm to brush the hair very gently back from her face, and after a moment, she did the same for me.

Hi there,” I murmured, lost in the blue of her eyes, my thoughts drifting.

Hi,” she murmured back, somewhat hoarsely.

I waited then for her to unwind her legs and arms from around me, and for things to go back the way they had before – but they didn’t. Finally, thinking she must be getting uncomfortable, I started to pull away. Instantly, her legs tightened again, and her hands clutched me.

Don’t go,” she whispered.

My eyes widened, staring down into hers, which I now realized were also wide and round, and surprisingly vulnerable. Suddenly, I knew what had to happen now. Taking an infinitely long minute to move, I slowly brought my lips to hers. Her lips parted immediately beneath mine, warm and soft, and for the very first time, incredibly enough, Cleo and I kissed.

When our mouths finally parted – we were still short on breath, so it probably wasn’t all that long a kiss – Cleo sighed, still holding me close.

Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked, almost plaintively.

I stared down at her, a thousand different responses running from my head, from “well, you might have killed me” to “I wanted to, but I was afraid” and even “how the hell should I know, boss”. Then I caught the sparkle in her eyes. Her loving eyes.

I couldn’t help but grin. “Why didn’t you tell me?

My calm, powerful, intimidating, cold-eyed lawyer boss burst out in giggles. I followed suit, burying my face in her neck again as we laughed together, before I raised my head again to look into her eyes.

Then I felt very warm, soft lips trailing down my neck, and her hands sliding up my back, and I shuddered deeply. “Ohh,” I moaned into her neck. “Be careful; I’m not sure I can control myself if you do that.”

“Your point being?” She murmured, her hands sliding into my hair to pull my head up. Those gorgeous brown eyes were wide and warm.

Well, I just thought I should mention it,” I murmured back, nibbling her lower lip.

Her legs tightened. “Shut up and make love to me, Zainab,” she whispered in my ear.

I drew in my breath sharply. “Only if you promise to do the same,” I replied into her ear, nibbling it.

She raised my head again by the hair. “Agreed,” she said, biting her lip. Her brown eyes glistened.

I could feel mine burning too. “It’s a deal, then.

For only the second time, I kissed my lover.