Continued From My Boss And I(Part One)


He turns so slowly I grip the desk in front of me till my knuckles are pale.

“What did you just call me?”

He asked it in a curious way after turning to eye me.

I gulp and lick my lips that now seem absurdly dry. I whisper “Ibukun” and will myself to keep looking at him.

He is still a few feet away from me. Even though the desk is between us I had hoped, just saying this, he would ravage me on the spot. “Why did you call me that, Omowunmi?”

I shrug my shoulders not giving him eye contact. My face burns with embarrassment again. I feel like I’m in the principal’s office and they’re asking why I brought contraband. Maybe I was hungry, maybe I was mad the kitchen wasn’t feeding us enough, maybe I’m  just a teenager and their expectations were too high!

I focused on the disappointed look my principal had in high school so I didn’t get too aroused by Ahmed’s searching eyes. “Omowunmi, is there something you’re not telling me?”

Why does he have to keep saying my name? Why does he start and end every sentence with it. I bend down and grab my phone. Quickly moving to him before my brain can register this is a bad idea. I shove my yellow minion covered phone at him. He takes it looking confused.

It’s at the end of the story. He scrolls to the top and seeing the title he freezes. His eyes leave the phone and he looks at me terrified. “Miss Cole, I am so sorry.” He begins to stammer. “It was just playful fantasy and I promise I would never act on it.”

He’s holding the phone at me like it’s burning him. This isn’t going the way I planned. He’s acting like I’m going after a lawsuit. He looks embarrassed and ashamed. In the movies, I would kiss him and everything would work out. The problem is he’s much taller and if I do that and he doesn’t want it, I’m just going to end up pulling on his neck like an idiot.

“Say Cynthia.”

I don’t know why I asked it. I just wanted to hear him say it.

At first he hesitates. The phone seems to have stopped burning his hand. His eyes search mine. He still looks nervous responding, “Cynthia?”

It did what I thought it would. My toes scrunch in my heels. I take a step forward placing my hand softly on his hand holding my phone. “Yes, Ibukun.”

Luckily he doesn’t hold me in agony long. He grabs my neck slowly and kisses me. The kiss is wonderful. I nibble his bottom lip and he continues to bend down so I can loop my arms around his neck. I let my tongue play with his, enticing it to play with me. I breathe deep through my nose suddenly aware of how wonderful he smells. How have I never noticed how amazing his cologne is?

Ahmed groans and pulls back. “Omowunmi, I can’t. I’m your boss and this is wrong.” I can hear what he is saying but just looking at him I know he wants it as badly as I do. I grab my phone from his hand and put it on my desk.

“We’ve both just left work. Now it’s time for Ibukun and Cynthia.” I sound far more confident then I feel. I am suddenly aware I could be fired at any moment. What am I thinking?!

“Release your hair.” Ahmed urges softly. He had mentioned my hair being up all the time in his stories. I’d realized in the 8 months I’d worked for him I had never been without my hair in a tight bun. He was right I did do it to make myself look more professional.

My hair is wild and has a lot of volume. I unclip  it and shake my head. Hoping my hair coming loose is as sexy as he pictured it. It must have been because he grabbed my face softly and kissed me again. This kiss was hungry and wanting.

I shiver when he pushes me softly back to the desk. I want this more than I’ve ever wanted sex. He isn’t my boss. He’s Ibukun and I’m Cynthia. I break the kiss slowly sitting on the desk. “I’m sorry Ibukun, I wore panties today I know you prefer when I don’t”

Ahmed’s eyes widened, he had no way of knowing I’d read his stories a thousand times. “Let me see them Cynthia.” I pull my dress up slowly. REALLY happy I wore my cute tan lace thong. I pull my dress up just a bit to give a peek of it before pulling it to my waist.

I’m a size 8. Seeing Ahmed’s hands touch my knees and slide slowly up my thighs, I imagined he could wrap his hands around my waist. How have I never noticed how huge his hands were before? I bite my lip as Ahmed gets on his knees. “I need you Cynthia, I have tried to refrain but I have wanted you since the second I saw you.”

He’s quoting his story. That was the first time he came on to Cynthia. I can’t remember the story verbatim but I want to play along. “But Mr. Adeniyi, you’re my boss!” I try and say it with mock concern.

I’m rewarded with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen Ahmed give. “Call me Ibukun.” He softly kisses my thigh. All of this was meant to be. His lips feel so soft. My want for him to take off my panties is almost unbearable. I am trying hard to remember what I’m supposed to say.

I grab his chin softly. “Please got off the floor Ibukun, you’ll ruin your suit!” He grabs my hand softly moving it out of the way.

“I have others. Lean back Cynthia.” I do as I’m asked not remembering this in the story. As his fingers go for my panties I remember that Cynthia never wears panties. I lean on my elbows and raise my hips as Ahmed slowly slides them down my legs.

Once they are off, he touches my knee. I don’t wax like Cynthia does but I do shave. I’m suddenly really embarrassed. I know what he’ll see once he opens them. He gently forces my legs open and he sucks in his breath. “You’re dripping.”

Cynthia had been embarrassed too. She had wanted him as badly as I do right now. I’m completely bare and looking down, I can see even the outside of my lips are wet. They glisten under our terrible office lighting. I feel myself blushing knowing just his writing gets me close to a climax.

I don’t know if he forgot how the story went or if he was eager but Ahmed didn’t do what Ibukun did. Ibukun had teased, kissed and caressed until Cynthia had begged him to lick her. Ahmed has clearly decided to go straight for what he wants.

His mouth wraps around my pussy and his long tongue laps and licks at me. He runs it over each lip of my pussy then drives it deep into me. My elbows give and I’m on my back flat on the desk. My head is almost dangling off. His mouth seems like it’s trying to steal every drop I have. Like he is trying to urge my soul out of my body.


I let my thighs open wider and to my surprise his tongue travels down to my ass. I close my eyes as his tongue worships my asshole then slides back up. Ibukun would never do that. His mouth finds my clit at last and I can’t keep quiet. “Ahmed!”

Ahmed doesn’t stop to correct me. This IS Ahmed. Ibukun was just some fictitious guy. It’s Ahmed that’s sucking hard on my clit. He flicks his tongue hard and fast over it. I jump at how sensitive I am. It hurts and feels good at the same time.

My eyes shut, I can hear his belt being undone. He had to get all his blood work done for the breast cancer marathon so I know he’s clean. I know I’m clean. I’m on the pill and after that story, he’s not leaving without giving me his cum.

I hear him moan probably because my pussy had just tensed around his tongue at the thought of his dick in me. I am stunned. I am so close to a climax I can’t even talk. I want to say dirty things and beg him to not stop. I want to be the love assistant he dreamed about. All I can do is spread my legs and breathe hard.

My fist grip the bottom of my dress that’s now pushed up to my belly button. I grip the soft fabric in both hands. “Please Ahmed I’m going to cum. I almost came reading the story you just wrote.” Just like that he stopped licking me.

I sit up concerned and upset. My thighs tense. I’m feeling distraught his mouth isn’t on me “Oh god please don’t stop now I’m begging you.” He’s still kneeling between my legs but he’s smiling.

His smile seems wicked. “Did you really get that turned on?” I nod my head blushing “Even thinking about me slapping you and calling you a whore?” I did. I like it rough. I like a variation but there are times where I love a good session to put me in my place. I nod very slowly almost ashamed to admit it.

Ahmed grabs my legs and forces them open painfully wide. I gasp just as he goes back to my pussy. He’s licking me with a new vigor. He sucks on my pussy lips. His tongue flicks over and over my clit. I feel myself actually sweating I’m getting so close.

I don’t tell him I’m going to cum for fear he’ll stop again. I make it to my climax almost screaming his name “Ahmed!” He doesn’t release me. His mouth continues and I cry out trying to pull away. His massive hands grip my thighs and squeeze. I feel like they may bruise me.

He’s sucking painfully hard and licking back and forth from my ass to my clit. I wince as he presses his mouth completely around my clit. I’ve already climaxed I’ve never cum back to back. He doesn’t seem to mind.


He keeps at it only stopping for a minute. One of his hands lets me go and he spits into it then back to licking me. I know he’s touching himself. I haven’t seen his cock yet. I pray it’s as big as it was in his story. I want him to fill me.

“Stop!” I gasp it automatically as my pussy gets closer. He clearly gets that a lot because he doesn’t stop, he works harder. It’s been less than a minute. My hips are thrashing trying to get away. I’m too sensitive. I’m a mix of moans and whimpers like the way I am when my vibrator is too strong.

Oh FUCK!” I suck in my breath, my back arching as I cum into his mouth. He shoves his tongue deep in my pussy feeling each tremor as I cum. He stands up quickly as I lay there gasping for air, my body dripping with sweat.

His cock in one hand I can’t help but feel like he seriously underplayed the size of his dick. It’s clearly over 6 inches and thicker than I expected. It’s been months since I had sex and my ex’s looked nowhere near that thick. I didn’t even use dildos I only used a vibe. He really is going to stretch me.

Cynthia had cowed and he had to coax her in to it. I just opened my legs letting my eyes beg him. I was too out of breath to talk. He stood stroking himself. “If I fuck you now Omowunmi, I won’t be able to stop. Every day I come in to work I’ll see you, as you are now, and I’ll have to have you.”

I couldn’t say anything I knew he was right. After his mouth, there was no way anyone else could please me. Even if he couldn’t last while fucking me his dick would be the thickest I’d ever had. I didn’t want to break the spell I didn’t want to say something to change his mind.

“I’m not Ibukun. I’m rarely gentle and there’s no way I’m only having you randomly at my office. I enjoy writing and I write what people like to read.” I wanted him to shut up and fuck me. He brought his dick close then started rubbing it up and down my slit. His hand is huge but it wasn’t making his dick look any smaller. I just whimper as he rubs it side to side on my clit.


“I need you to tell me you’re mine, Omowunmi.” I glance up at him knowing he won’t fuck me till he’s satisfied. “Tell me I can use you when and where I please. That no one can have you but me. That you’ll be my good girl and my good whore.”

I can’t believe he’s saying this. The defiant side of me wants to tell him no. The thing that was stalling me was how different he was. If someone had told me yesterday my boss was a dirty sex fiend I’d have laughed them straight.

I couldn’t hold back any longer feeling him rub some of his precum on my thigh. “I’m yours Sir.” He didn’t need to hear anything more than that. He pushed himself in and it was as tight as I knew it would be.

I can’t believe how slowly he is pushing in to me “Shit you’re tight.”

He winced as if he was the one being stretched. I was so happy he’d made me cum, my pussy is coated and ready to be fucked. I say nothing, just enjoying the small thrusts while he gets his dick wet.

He pulls out and I glare at him. This makes him laugh as he steps back “Bend over the desk. The first time I cum in you I want it while I stare at your ass.” I comply quickly hopping down I bend over the desk. my ass facing him I rest my chest on the top. I feel him slowly slide my skirt up exposing me to him.

He spanks me and I just moan “I love being spanked.” I practically purr as he does it again.

“I knew you would.” Three more hard smacks and he pushes himself in to me again.

He fucks me hard. He pushes me against the desk so I’m unable to escape the assault. His dick stretches me and quickly slams in and out of me. Every time it seems like my pussy is getting loose, and could take more, he spanks me. I tense in response and he groans with pleasure

“I can’t take more!” I say to him. At least it feels that way. He grips my hair and pulls my head back. “Be a good girl.” I feel like a dirty whore. Just like Cynthia I start to cum through the pain. The thought that I am doing this all for him makes me climax.

“I love being your good girl!” I say in between shouts and moans. He fucks me fast and I start trying to climb on the desk to pull away as he swells. I didn’t think he could get bigger. I spread my legs further, his grip on my hair making me unable to pull away.

He isn’t talking dirty to me any more. He’s focused on cumming and his thumb is playing with my asshole threatening to push in as he continues. I press myself completely on the desk my feet off the ground. My weight on my stomach, my heels coming up on either side of him.

My body is jerking with each thrust. “I want to cum again.” I whimper. He responds by bringing his hand around to play with my clit as he fucks me. It does the trick and I start fucking him back. Putting my feet back down so I can use my knees against the desk.


“Fill me up Ahmed I need it!!” Apparently that was all he needed. He’s cumming and I’ve never felt a dick pulse in me so deeply. It’s not stopping, it’s like he’s been saving to fill me. My pussy reacts and I’m able to cum again.

He lets my clit go when he feels me climax. I squeeze him tight with my orgasm milking him for his cum. He slides out of me and instantly I feel his cum run out of my pussy. His dick was too big to close tight right after.

I’m swollen from the rough fucking but some still leaks out. I listen to him moan as his fingers slide up my thigh to catch it. I’m surprised when he brings his hands around. He pushes his fingers into my mouth. I suck and lick his fingers clean tasting our mixture.

“Be a good whore and lick my dick clean.” I don’t hesitate. I turn and before he knows it I’m on my knees worshiping the cock I’d been reading about. He stays limp, too spent to get hard. I lick the whole shaft, the lap at his balls. “I knew you were a freak.” He says tilting his head back with pleasure.


I am, and I’m happy he is too. I look up at him and rub his balls softly as I lick the areas around his cock that I had cum on. He groans and grabs my hair “Stop before I get hard again Omowunmi.”

I nod. “May I get up sir?” There is his wicked smile again. He nods and I stand. He examines me. My hair probably looks horrible. My dress is crinkled and I know my makeup is already gone.

He touches my chin softly and kisses me. “You’re mine, Omowunmi.” And I know he’s right. I stand still locking my knees as Cynthia had, trying to keep his cum in me as he continues. “Fuck the paperwork, you’re coming home with me. After a few more times we’ll figure out where this thing is going.”

I nod and can’t help but smile at the “few more times” part. He watches me squirm one eyebrow raised. I blurt out “Cum dripping.” His laugh is deep and wonderful as I rush off to clean up. Just like Cynthia I’m going home with my boss. Unlike that inexperienced little girl, I am the one who made the first move. There is no way I’m letting him get away.