The 2023 Something Bookish reading challenge is here! Did you know that this is the fifth annual edition of the challenge since I started the blog? I’m so proud of how you’ve been sticking with me through the years.

This year’s reading challenge has been modified thanks to numerous feedback from participants, I believe we’re going to ace 2023 and it will be our best reading year yet.

Once again, I have curated 24 prompts designed to help you break out of your reading comfort zone and travel the world through books. My goal is that the challenge will (hopefully) help you discover amazing books you wouldn’t have otherwise picked up. It will push your reading limits, and I hope you love them.

Following the norm, there are 24 prompts, averaging two per month over the course of the next 12 months. You may count one book for multiple prompts or read one book per prompt or read multiple books per prompt. I don’t want you to limit yourself, okay?

If you want to join a community of fellow challenge-doers, and get suggestions for prompts, check out the Something Bookish Challenge on Storygraph. Another addition to the challenge this year is a Whatsapp group for interested members who would like a more intimate approach to getting RECs and talking about their finds, you can join here.

To share your challenge progress, you can use the hashtag #SomethingBookishReadingChallenge on your social media.

You can also follow and subscribe to Something Bookish on Instagram and the podcast where I’ll offer suggestions and discuss new prompts every other episode.

The 2023 Something Bookish Reading Challenge

  1. A Book By A North African Author
  2. A Book With A Long Title
  3. A Book With An Ensemble Cast Of Characters
  4. A Book Inspired By Mythology, Folklore, or Legend
  5. A Book By A West African Author
  6. An Audiobook Narrated By Its Author
  7. A Romance Novel By A Non-Caucasian Author
  8. A Book Set In Central Africa/By A Central African Author
  9. A Book Written By Two Authors
  10. A Book With Non-Human Character(s) or Narrators
  11. Translated Fiction By A Female Author And Female Translator
  12. A Book Set In East Africa/By An East African Author
  13. A Book That Has Been Adapted To Film/TV
  14. Any Of The Monthly Picks From The Indulgent Bibliophile Bookclub
  15. Historical Fiction Set In South Asia/East Asia/Southeast Asia
  16. A Book With A Character Name in the Title
  17. A Book Under 200 Pages
  18. A Book About Siblings
  19. A Book Set In The Caribbean/By Caribbean Author
  20. A Book With Blue In Its Cover Design
  21. A Book By A Southern African Author
  22. A Book About Grief/Loss/Death
  23. A Young Adult(YA) Novel By A Non-Caucasian Author
  24. A Multigenerational Family Saga

something bookish reading challenge
2023 Something Bookish Reading Challenge

Happy Reading! xoxo

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