Fall in love with me and cherish the time we have,
Tell me funny stories, make me laugh,
Share your pain with me and let me hold you tight,
Come sit beside me and count the stars in the night,
Be angry with me whenever you have the need,
But after please hold me, be sweet,
Caress me tenderly,
And love me.


Watch the sensual glance in my eyes,
Notice the soft caramel skin of my inner thighs,
Watch me eating a slice of lemon that came with my drink,
Look how I lick my lips and wonder what I think,
Try to imagine what I wear under my dress,
Dream of my lovely body,
And want me.


Seduce me by caressing my skin,
Kiss me, awake a fire, deep from within,
Undress me and lay me on your bed,
Let your tongue give me a desire I never had,
Tease me, make me beg, scream your name,
And let me forget every sense of shame,
Tell me your most erotic fantasy,
And take me.