She was in the middle of washing off the scrub from her face, enjoying the sensation of running her fingers all over her cheeks,her very chubby cheeks. She was thinking about the previous night, eyes closed and smiling, remembering how it had felt to have held him deep inside her, her legs shaking afterwards, their shallow breaths gradually slowing down together. Her thoughts were pleasantly occupied when she heard an “ahem” behind her. Her eyes snapped open at the quiet indication that she was no longer alone. She found herself staring at the object of her daydreaming, apparently standing in the tub with her.

“Wha—how—what are you doing in here?” Shocked at his sudden appearance, she automatically whipped around, facing the showerhead mounted on the wall and turning her back to him. “I thought you’d left for work already,you said you had a meeting.”

“You were taking ages in here, babe, and I’ve got things to do.”

There was a pause.

“Seriously, Tunde?” She looked back at him in disbelief.

“Madam,you can like to move o.” He gently edged around her on the outside, brushing past the shower curtain and shifting her five foot six frame easily along the length of the tub. There was so little space between them that she was essentially hugging the wall at one point, before realizing they had switched places — he was now under the water, and she was where he had been.

She stood there dumbfounded, before managing to ask, “How did you get in here so quietly?”

Tunde, soaping himself, languidly responded, eyes closed, “The door was unlocked, and you were singing “Ghen Ghen Love” too loudly to hear me.”

“Ah. Embarrassing.”

“Not really — you know I love your voice, babe.” Sarah blushed at the compliment, when it dawned on her that she was just watching him shower. And as much as she liked looking at all six foot three inches of him, she only let her eyes wander over his wide chest, and down to his strong legs, for a moment. She needed to finish what she came into the bathroom to do, so she turned around to the shower caddy attached to the wall behind her, and squeezing some body wash onto her sponge, began to wash herself. She had just started in on her arms when she felt hands encircle her waist.

“Let me do that,” murmured Tunde as he came up behind her. Evidently finished with his body, he took the sponge from her.

“I thought you had things to do,” she teased without turning around.

“They can wait.” Her back still to him, he started soaping up her right arm, taking his time, starting at her shoulder and moving gently down towards her hand. He made sure to get each individual finger lathered. He moved onto the other arm, repeating the process. She had started giggling at first, amused at his intense concentration and thoroughness. But as he continued, she became aware of how he was making sure to touch every inch of her, and her laughter died away.

By now he had moved onto her back, making the transition from her shoulders. He was drawing lazy circles with the sponge in a downward spiral, while resting his left hand on her left hip, caressing it lightly.

In the middle of all this, he paused suddenly. “Your body never ceases to fascinate me,” he said, almost contemplatively. He seemed to be talking to himself — Sarah barely heard him over the rushing water. But his words proved unnecessary for her to hear; his hands were the ones to emphasize his thoughts, as he ran them down her body from behind, from the sides of her breasts, inwardly to the curve of her waist, and out again over her wide hips. Then, just as suddenly as he’d started, he stopped, and went back to what he’d been doing before, the abrupt changes leaving Sarah’s body quivering.

After making sure he had gotten the entirety of her back, he stopped at her tailbone, and moved around to her stomach. He came up close behind her so that he could better reach her front, and she could feel him pressing against her ass. She gave a start, surprised at feeling the sudden hardness of him against her after all the soft touches, and began to ask, “Tee, are you—?”

“Shhh. I’m not finished, yet,” he whispered in her ear, his lips brushing the outer rim.

What he had been doing so far had been pleasant. But knowing he was standing behind her, getting hard, pushed her past pleasant and turned her on. Now she was getting wet. His hands paused for a moment on her abdomen, drawing her attention back to them. He began moving up to her breasts. She inhaled sharply as she felt his left arm snake around her waist, making sure there was no space between her back and his chest now. She was only distracted by the movement for a moment before she felt the sponge begin to massage her breasts. She let out a small moan as the sensation of the material on her now sensitive skin shot through her. He focused on the taut peaks of her breasts, letting the semi-rough sponge brush against her in torturous ways.

“God I love your breasts,” he whispered, his eyes lowered to the ministrations of his hands. She sighed at the sound of his voice, his low words heating her skin. Unable to bear the pleasure, her arms rose over her head and behind his, sliding down his shoulders and gripping his neck and back. She started squirming, the intensity of the sensation climbing, the mere act of focusing becoming too much. She could feel herself getting more and more turned on. Her wetness began to slide down her thighs, and her body didn’t seem to understand why she wasn’t doing something about it. He seemed to sense her restlessness, and slowly decreased his rhythm, eventually sliding his hands down her stomach. She made a small sound of protest.

“Why are you stopping?” she asked, her voice thick with desire.

“You know why,” he said slyly, turning her around. They were finally face-to-face, hers flushed, his calm and smiling.

He pushed her up against the wall, the shower still running to her right, and slid a hand down between her legs. She let out a moan, trying to grind up against him, loving his touch.

He chuckled before saying, “I don’t think so, babe. Not yet. Open your legs for me.” She looked up at him, her brown eyes confused, trying to guess what he had in mind. He simply stared back at her, evidently keeping his ideas to himself. Sarah decided that she didn’t care — whatever he had planned, she knew it would be pleasurable — and, without looking away, inched her legs apart, bracing them against the tub wall behind him.

He smiled back at her, “Good girl.” He leaned forward and kissed her deeply, one hand on her back, another behind her neck. His tongue slipped in her mouth, forcing it open, playfully sliding his with her own. She gripped his waist, her hands slippery, and began to subtly move them downwards.

He broke the kiss almost instantly. “Nice try,” he said, and kissed her smartly on the mouth with a grin. He took her hands and slid them up her body, over her breasts, and above her head. He moved closer to her, and nuzzled her neck, kissing, licking, gently biting, and breathed, “Keep them up there, Sarah, or I’m going to have to take drastic measures.” She gasped at the feel of his teeth grazing her skin and his hot breath floating over her neck, and nodded at his words. He began edging downwards, kissing his way down her body. He paused at her breasts, taking a hard nipple into his mouth, jolting her body in surprise. But he only paused, giving the other nipple a lick before starting his way down again, his hands on either side of her body, accompanying his descent. By now he was crouched between her legs, and she felt his hands leave her.

She held herself perfectly still, waiting impatiently for what she knew was coming. But when she felt his touch again, it was on her legs. Confused, she looked down at him.

He had gone back to washing her.

She let out an unsteady breath, gritting her teeth. There was no way she was going to start begging. At least not yet. She began to think of when the most dignified time would be to start — would immediately be too soon? — when she glanced down again.

Tunde was kneeling now, and the sight of him there between her legs was so arousing that she felt herself immediately react; the muscles from her legs up to her forearms tensed, and her hands clenched, itching to touch herself. But remembering his words, she managed to keep them above her head. His hands were moving up and down her legs, simultaneously lathering and caressing them. Irritatingly, he was once again completely focused on the cleansing process.

She hissed in frustration. She started counting in her head, attempting to distract herself from just how turned on she was. She closed her eyes and tried to breathe meditatively, as he seemed wholly engrossed in his task, and unconcerned that she was about to start strangling him if he didn’t do something soon. What was even more agonizing was that the shower was hitting the lower half of her legs. So all the soap he was putting on her was just getting washed away, anyways. If she let him continue, it was just going to be a pointless, endless, repetitious, waste of—

“Open your eyes,” she heard his voice drift through the haze of lust clouding her mind, and she looked down at him.

His mouth was an inch away from her pink pussy, his hands holding her hips. He exhaled, stirring the lather on her mound, the V shape serving almost as an arrow, pointing towards her exposed clit. She could feel the hot warmth of his breath hitting her slick pussy lips, and the sensation made her even wetter. Without breaking eye contact, he gave her a long, slow lick, all the way from the bottom of her opening to the hood of her clit.

The direct touch that she had been craving made her throw her head back in pleasure, and grab his head with both hands. Too late she remembered his threat from before about keeping her hands up, but he seemed to have forgotten all about it as he lost himself in her. He began to kiss and lick more earnestly, swirling his tongue earnestly around her clit. Her hips began to gyrate slightly against his grip, unable to stop themselves from moving in sync to his rhythm. His tongue slipped lower, sliding around her labia, taking her pussy lips into his mouth and sucking on them gently. Her fingers grabbed his head as her mouth opened in a silent cry, her face turned up towards the ceiling. He lapped at her, licked at her, and finally, pushed inside of her. The wet warmth of his tongue met the wet warmth of her pussy, and she could feel herself quickly climbing towards an orgasm.

“Oh God, Tunde, don’t stop, don’t stop!” She managed to get out, the effort to speak almost being too much. She could feel him smile against her pussy, and he moved back up to her clit. She started grinding herself onto him, helpless against the pleasure flowing through her. Just as she thought it couldn’t get anymore intense, she felt two of his fingers slide into her. She groaned, moving insistently now against his one restraining hand on her hip, as he quickened the pace of his fingers.

“Tee, I’m…I’m so…close…yes, right there…” she gasped.

“I want you to cum,” he said against her clit. She looked down at him, meeting his eyes. “I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste you, feel you shaking from the force of it. Cum for me, babe. Cum…” He paused, his fingers never breaking their stride. “Now.” Then, as he spoke that final word, he slipped another finger inside, stretching her, and filling her. She moaned louder, holding his mouth firmly against her as she felt his tongue continue it’s flicking and sliding around her clit. His fingers went faster, and faster, fucking her harder, making the walls of her pussy tighten, and tighten, until she could feel herself right on the edge, knowing that in just a few more seconds, it was going to be too much.

And then it was.

“Tunde! I’m—I’m cumming! Oh God!” She arched her back and felt herself clamp down around his fingers, and couldn’t stop herself from moving up and down on his hand, her orgasm spreading from her pussy outwards until she felt it all the way from her curling toes to her tingling scalp. She could feel his fingers continue their stroking, gradually slowing, even as she shuddered around them.

Eventually, she stopped jerking, her body still slightly twitching on his fingers as she rode out the aftershocks. He slowly withdrew his fingers, and gave her clit one final kiss, before rising up to stand in front of her. She was breathing heavily, her eyes still squeezed shut, and resting back against the tiled wall. He leaned in close, pushing his right leg between her thighs, offering some support for her shaky legs. The water, still running, coursed down their entangled limbs.

“Did you enjoy that?” He spoke into her shoulder, kissing her lightly. She could feel his erection pressing against her, and the thought made her aching pussy begin to throb again.

“You know I hate it when you ask a question you know the answer to,” she breathed. She felt him smile against her skin.

“Humor me.”

“Yes, I enjoyed it very much,” she sighed. She opened her eyes and he raised his head, meeting her gaze. “I enjoyed it when you kissed my clit, I enjoyed it when you licked inside me, I enjoyed it when you fucked me with your fingers, I enjoyed it when—.”

“Okay, okay! E don do!” He stopped her. She had felt him getting harder when she had spoken. “You don’t play fair, babe,” Tunde said with a smile.

“And you do? “How much time did you spend washing me, exactly?”

“Are you complaining?” He asked, eyebrow raised, his eyes wandering over her flushed body.

“No. Just…it was a really long time, Tee!”

“It really wasn’t.” She opened her mouth to argue, and then slowly closed it.

“What?” He asked, seeming to catch the mischievous glint in her eye. Instead of responding, she smiled, and picked up the sponge where it lay forgotten at the bottom of the tub.

“Your turn.”