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Welcome to a super yummy episode of #Spotlight. I am so excited for you to read about today’s guest. I started following him on Instagram because I loved how he plated his meals and the really amazing recipes.
I mean, look at this!

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Chicken Sauce with peppers and Carrots. Recipe: There are many ways to make this but I will now write the easiest way for all of you currently reading this while your crush waits in the living room waiting for the "delicacy" you promised because you could not stop your prostitutional ways from causing lies to spout from your filthy mouth!!!!! Be damned!!!… Now that you are forgiven, you will follow my lead, as such: Get about 5 pieces chicken. Wash Chicken. Finish Cleaning Chicken. Cook Chicken with 1/2 sliced onions, 2 bouillon cubes, 1/2 Tbsp Curry Powder, 4 sliced garlic bulbs, 1/2 Tsp grated ginger, Salt, half chilli powdee/chilli flakes, 1/2 Tbsp dried Thyme. Cook Chicken till done. Slice Carrots, cut and dice bell peppers. Put oil in pot. Fry Carrots and Peppers for 3 minutes. Add cooked chicken and chicken stock. Add extra water if stock is not to desired amount. Season with any combination of seasonings mentioned above. Cook for 8 minutes. Mix flour and water till smooth and no lumps. Add into cooking sauce bit by bit. Thicken Sauce. Sauce now ready. Dice green onions and tomatoes. Sprinkle on top. Serve Crush. Sit on Crush's lap. Spoon-feed Crush. Watch Crush eat till full. Crush is in Euphoria and not thinking right. convince crush to get you Pregnant, or Convince Crush to get pregnant. Congratulations, Crush is now yours. Thank me later. . . . #truecooks #foodstagram #eats #igfood #goodeats #foodie #foodphotography #buzzfeedfood #foodbloggers #instafood #homecooking #foodblogger #foodpics #foodgram #foodstyling #foodism #london #londonlife #londonliving #nigerianfood #africanfood #naija #naijafood #food #supperclub

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So, naturally as a foodie, I had to interview him. I think it’s always interesting to go into the minds of creatives, I’m fascinated by their thought process.
I would be putting up pictures of his meals within this post but make sure you follow him on Instagram too. It might arouse your taste buds and motivate you to get into the kitchen. Here is Akudo Agokei, a.k.a @Rad_Economist
#Spotlight with @rad_economist
What did you have for dinner last night?
Pounded Yam and Egusi, with plenty meat. More meat than I should have had, as a matter of fact, enough meat to make a “OMG You’re eating dead animals” vegan hate me, my family, and my 2 year old son’s side chick, and I won’t blame ’em.
If you could be born into history as any famous person who would it be and why?
Mohammed Ali. I have been watching a lot of videos, and documentaries about him lately, and he was unapologetically black, he understood his place in the struggle for black justice and did not let his status as a celebrity and famous boxer change his attitude towards it, that immense courage and strong will; I ENVY IT! I STRIVE FOR IT!
Person you would most like to cook for, asides your gorgeous family?
This was a tough one, had to think long and hard, and I eventually decided on my friends in Canada. We went to uni together and suffered under the same roof, they didn’t get a chance to try me as I am now, although my skills were not as sharp as they are now, they knew I could cook and had the potential to be better, but we couldn’t afford ingredients other than Ragu, mince meat and frozen veg.
Favourite ingredient to work with?
Seeing as you said ‘ingredient’ without the ‘S’, I assume you mean just one, and without me intentionally trying to be a wise-ass, I would have to go with salt.
Most embarrassing cooking moment.
Put Prawns in a bowl, made fried rice, added raw prawns to it thinking I had fried it, and stirred it without realising still and served it. This was after my housemates had told their friend, “His fried rice is superb!”
What is your earliest cooking memory?
My mom was running late and I was alone at home with my younger sister, I was 8, she was 6, she got hungry and started crying, I had NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER about cooking at this point, but I just had to go in the kitchen and make something happen, so I did, I cooked yam, pounded it, warmed up the soup, and served for myself and my sister to eat. My mom was amazed I did that, and that we were still alive cause I cooked the yam with the skin on and pounded it same way.
What is your favourite dish to make and what is your favourite food to have someone else make for you?
I do not have a favourite dish, simply because I always want to make something new, but my favourite dish to have someone else make for me is ‘Okra Soup’. I love Okra soup, if it’s on the menu, I am having it, no questions.
When did you realize you that this was your passion? And do you have any passions outside of cooking?
I realised at an early age (I would say when I was 10? If I recall correctly) that I liked cooking, my cousin made a dried seafood rice dish and i liked it so much, he showed me how to recreate it, I did it perfectly on my first try and my life in the kitchen was just never the same, but it was not until 2008 that it became a passion, and then I fully started acting on it in 2011.
Do you have any pet peeves? 
I hate closemindedness with a passion. I really hate that trait, and I really do not like when people stand on the left side of the escalators, and block those trying to walk up.
Would you rather be buried alive OR stabbed to death? 
Stabbed. I hate really tight trap-like spaces. One of my fears.
What is your biggest culinary guilty pleasure, something that other cooks would maybe frown upon?
I don’t sous vide in a tightly sealed bag because I can’t bother to buy a proper sous vide machine and equipments, I still get my results using a zip freezer bag so…ha!!
If you could choose just one thing to change about the world, what would it be?
Bland food. we don’t need those.
Five things you’ve learned about life since becoming a father.
– Life will always move on, no matter what happens to anyone, the world will not stop for you, or anything.
– The importance of communicating with words.
– A lot around us is a lie, knowledge is crucial.
– confidence is good, a contingency plan is even better
– How easy it is to get fat
What do you want your tombstone to say?
I don’t want one, sorry to burst your bubble, I want to be cremated and buried with a tree seed. Giving back to the earth. but if I was going to have a tombstone, it would say “If you owe me money, please pay up, or choose what time you want your haunting to start, I am free between 3pm – 9pm on weekdays, all day weekends”
It’s your last weekend on earth – what city are you eating in? And what would you binge on?
Beijing. 3 roast rice.


What’s the easiest recipe that anyone can make no matter how kitchen challenged they are?
Any type of roast.
Would you rather sweat mayonnaise or have cheese for saliva? 
This question is the devil’s work. I would go for cheese saliva, easier to hide, and saves you having to ask fro extra cheese when you go out to eat.
If you take only three ingredients to a desert island, what would you take?
Salt, garlic, and ginger.
If you were known as a strain of cannabis, what would your name be?
‘Left at Read’
At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?
Right. I don’t care who is sitting to my right, that arm rest is mine or I am calling on my ancestors to roast your ancestors in the afterlife.
Any final words?
My 2 year old is still up for sale, bidding starts at 2 sneakers and a plate of jollof.


And that’s it, folks! Don’t forget to follow this genius for more updates.


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