Something Bookish PR


I’m Amyn Bawa-Allah. A Lagos-based publicist with a background in content strategy, brand & community management, and a specialty in book publicity. I can offer full publicity campaigns on social media including event planning, book tour scheduling, author branding, and consultancy.

Whatever the size of the project, I am able to design a tailor-made campaign that will help you reach the audience you want, within your budget and in the time frame you desire.

​Let’s work together! Send an email to and we can start planning.


Something Bookish PR

I plan each campaign on a case-by-case basis and can completely tailor it to your requirements. I can work on stand-alone book campaigns as well as long-term brand and author strategy.


​I offer all or a selection of the following:

  • Pre-publication planning, author and publisher meetings, pitching, creating press releases, and drawing up mailing lists.
  • Creating an activity timeline that will create buzz in the build-up to and on publication.
  • Online influencer outreach, including Instagrammers, YouTubers, Tiktokers, and bloggers.
  • Events including author tours, launch parties, panels, and festival appearances.
  • Trade and consumer media coverage in national newspapers, regional newspapers, online, long lead magazines, and on TV and radio -including reviews, interviews, features, blog tours.
  • Post-campaign analysis.


I offer consultancy advice on other related projects including PR strategy, author branding, author media and events, and literary festivals.


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