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Do you know the kind of reader you are? I joined #Bookstagram just a little over two years ago and what I have learned so far has been wild. I enjoy the bookish conversations with new friends that I meet almost every day, my bank account can’t keep up with the book recommendations and the aesthetics, oh my gosh. #Bookstagram is beautiful.

As with other types of social media, #Bookstagram can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed if you don’t know what kind of books you like to read or your reading style or if you’re comfortable in your skin.

I mean, are you a multi-genre reader, non-fiction reader, YA reader or do you enjoy romance and contemporary fiction? Or maybe you dabble into crime mysteries? Could you be the type to stick to literary fiction or the classics?

What kind of reader are you - Something Bookish

I think we all approach books with our own lens or perspectives which are shaped by background and experiences. That’s why I tell all my friends that you cannot judge books by the people who read them.

For example, a person you really like and respects give a book five stars and when you pick up that book, it’s hard for you to get through, should you feel bad?

Absolutely not my dear friend. There is nothing wrong if everybody loves The Book Of Night Women and you didn’t. We don’t process and experience books the same way, if we did, the world would be pretty boring.

What kind of reader are you - Something Bookish

Reading is something we do to escape our realities, it’s our pleasure place. It’s what we do to stay sane so you should be proud of your book choices.

What kind of reader are you? Fast or slow? Do you read one book or several books at a time? Do you prefer to read in the daytime or can you only focus at night? Do you follow a reading schedule or are your choices influenced by your mood?

It’s good to do a little soul search so that you don’t feel inadequate when you see people posting on their pages about their 2000 books a week. it’s not a competition. Read at your own pace. When you compare yourself to other readers, reading starts to feel like a chore and we don’t want that.

What kind of reader are you - Something Bookish

This piece was influenced by a conversation I had with a friend. He reads a lot of literary fiction but tells me that YA fantasy is his guilty pleasure. When I asked why he had to call it a guilty pleasure, he replied that as an adult, one couldn’t be seen to enjoy YA. I think it’s so sad. I’m a multi-genre reader so I enjoy a little bit of everything. You can’t put me in a box.

So, what do you like to read and how do you like to read? These are six types of readers that I’ve observed in my little time on earth. Do you belong to any of them?

The “I only read serious books” Reader

What kind of reader are you - Something Bookish

Yes, there are people who talk like this. They mostly read literary fiction books considered ‘classic’. I don’t accept the definition of ‘serious book’. Also, no writer sits down to write ‘unseriously’. Every book is a serious matter within its own genre.

The “this book deserves 5 stars” Reader

What kind of reader are you - Something Bookish

Most of my real life friends are like this. They constantly express their disapproval of my low ratings of some very popular books. I wish we could all enjoy like they did, in every book. Literally!

The Constant Re-readers

What kind of reader are you - Something Bookish

These type of readers are constantly reading a book they’ve read in the past. You know the saying, ‘you can never bath twice in the same river’, you’re a different human, the river is a different river. The book is the same book I guess but we humans change so maybe we should all try it once in a while.

The “hoarder with hundreds of unread books” Reader

What kind of reader are you - Something Bookish

Well…I confess. I am in this category. Sometimes people come to my house and ask: What do you do with these many books? I suppress the urge to say: Oh, I use their pages to wrap shawarmas. But honestly- I can’t stop buying books. I know I will read them one day. And I do. It’s just you need to feel like when it’s the right time to read a book, it’s there waiting for you.

The Genre Clinger Reader

What kind of reader are you - Something Bookish

You will recognise these types. This is an addiction – but a pretty good one! These people are generally the experts in their genre and the go-to person for a good book recommendation in that genre.

The Flash Reader

What kind of reader are you - Something Bookish

The name says it all. How do some people read, like 20 books a week? Sometimes I see some people’s annual reading challenges and they say they read more books than the days in a year! What’re your secret, guys? How do you do it? Do you read when you sleep- or no sleep at all? OR do you get paid for reading books? TELL US!!! We all want to know the secret to reading like, 400 books a year!

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