Hi, my name is Amyn Bawa-Allah,I am not your typical average female,I have weird ideas and crazy notions about life…we will get to know me more as I continue with this blog(hopefully)
I can’t start writing from the beginning because I don’t remember most of it,so I’m just going to start here….I just completed my year long compulsory service to my fatherland in Enugu state,I taught in Command Secondary School and I lived in the barracks,82 Division. It was the best learning experience of my life (yet),I made so many friends,my mind was opened to so many things(which you would get to know as I continue with this blog) But the biggest realization was this: I,Amyn can fall in love with someone.
You might wonder how this is such a big deal,well I have been in a number of relationships and I always liked and cared for my partners,but that “I would do ABSOLUTELY anything to make you happy” feeling was never there. In Enugu,I met someone who brought that out of me,he wasn’t even my “type”,normally I go for the “Santa Claus” type cuz I’m skinny and I just need a little cushion love. He was really tall and slim too! I finally understood what a friend of mine used to say,”when you love someone,you cant pick one thing about them that you love,you just know that you do”. He wasn’t big on talking about feelings and stuff but I know he cares about me…I was sad when I had to leave,but I was so glad it happened because,I have had a lot of “first” experiences,I never imagined that I was gonna meet my first love in Enugu state.
Okay,enough of the mushy stuff,we are good friends now,just in case I need to refer to him in other posts,I call him Mio Amante(that’s Italian for My Love).In other news,I want to further my education in the UK and I need my transcripts from university of Abuja,but that school lives to frustrate people,I was in Abuja but I couldn’t get it,now the school has been shut down cuz of some protest,I will be back there in january(hopefully they would have opened again) so that I can apply against the September admission*fingers crossed*.
This blog is going to be like my little place to vent,brag,celebrate,gossip or just say rubbish:-) this should be fun……..xoxo