Lying high above the city’s traffic noise, the hustle and bustle drifting up, lost to them, for they were lost to each other.

Open window, the harmattan sun steaming in on her bare skin, dancing and playing on every curve.

She was blindfolded and bound, she ached for this, to know he still wanted her, needed her. She almost hurt to please him, showing him that with her submission she would no longer ask the questions he couldn’t answer.

Kisses starting at the underside of her feet, and working his way over her outstretched legs, kisses on one side, and his caressing touch on the other side. Her breathing quickening as he reached her inner thigh, gentle feather like touch stroking her warmth, she gasped.

He felt the smallest of movements, she raised towards his touch and he stopped. Reminding her who was in control, she felt the tears welling up behind the darkness of her blindfold. A reminder of her actions, of the hurt in those 3 weeks, the torment of his absence. She relaxed back into the bed, composed herself and calmed her breathing.

His skilful, exploring touch found her aroused and wanton, heightening his own need. Freeing himself from clothing he lent over her, using his knees to widen her position, he sat between her legs admiring her bound hands and how they rested in the small of her back. He lent down and took a single finger in his mouth, teasing it with his tongue, sucking a little harder each time, while using his own touch to slip within her.

She moaned, he knew how much she needed this, and yet he didn’t think she knew how much he needed her, how heart breaking those three weeks had been for him. His addiction ran as deep as hers, so why did he hold back?

A sudden carnal urgency over took him, and his arousal found her warmth, fulfilling her suddenly and brutally compared to the teasing touch he had only a moment ago been trailing over her.

She hissed at feeling him within her so completely, pushing back into him as his hips met her, allowing him to seek a deeper force, she felt a rush, a wave building so quickly. She felt herself being driven into the mattress, but cared not for the discomfort, she felt how he wanted to consume her, claim her, she felt his darkness.

She knew how bruised she would be later, the discomfort at sitting down, the ache with every step and longed for that, needing to feel him, reminders of him and how much he wanted to possess her.

Realising he was close, he quickened, as she too started to let go, spiralling down into heady depths of breathless intoxication together they cried out, trying to purge themselves of the aching insecurity from the last three weeks.

He collapsed over her, two scent filled and glistening bodies, ragged breathing and alive from the pleasures stolen from each other.

He lowered his mouth to her ear and whispered…

“That’s how much I need you”.