My other blog has been getting a reputation as an erotica site, I’m not complaining though because it got a lot of press and I’m writer so that makes me very happy.

writinginwindowThe issue is that, as much as I like to write erotica, I have so much more stories to tell and in various forms too. I can’t do poetry but I have dabbled in some Haikus, and I enjoy the short story form, there is something very intense about short stories. I would like to publish a novel someday but I’m so lazy I think I might have to go to the synagogue and get deliverance or something.

The word “revamp” came to mind this morning while I was reading one of my stories(don’t ask me why) and the theme of the site just looked like I should have all forms of fiction uploaded there. I mean, sometimes I just get a flash of sentences or an emotion and I want to put them down, I always do, on paper but since I’m expanding and all I just think it would be nice to share them with my favourite people in the world. So if I die before I get published in print, I would have still achieved something, right?

In a nutshell, my erotica blog is getting revamped, I know its going to be a good thing which means I can also reblog from some of my best fiction bloggers and I know lots of them.

This is gonna be so much fun.