With so many problems to talk and rant about as a Nigerian geh, I should probably make this title a series, or else I’m going to run out of creative ones to use. I’m currently battling the flu so my bed has become my best friend, and there is only so much usefulness you can achieve when you are on your back. Bored out of my mind and lacking inspiration, I decided to check for my daily dose of  “local news” and I saw that BlackMagic, (for my non-Nigerian friends/readers: he is a Nigerian musician or something) he said something weird when he was on The Spot(that’s a show on Ebonylife TV) yesterday.


I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and everything, but I sort of lose respect for people who still think like this in 2014. Is he saying that when you can’t cook, you are not fit to be called a woman? Really? I don’t subscribe to his logic at all and I feel bad for the girls he has dated in the past. Or is dating, that’s if he is dating at all.(it wouldn’t surprise me).

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know how obsessed I am with food and the process of making it, then why am I blogging about what Black Magic said, you might wonder. Well, I like to cook, but just for me, myself and I, cooking for friends or family takes a huge piece out of me and I do it for only those I really really like, and no, boyfriends are not included. that’s why sometimes I wonder why my male friends want to leave the friendzone(there are so many advantages there), as a boyfriend you will so spend your money. But I digress:-)


I dated a guy who once expected me to cook, like he dropped diamonds at my feet every morning, that didn’t last very long as you can already tell. There was a friend of mine in college from a very wealthy home, I knew for a fact that she never went into her kitchen at home, they had two chefs(Gosh, I miss that girl), two freaking chefs and because of “love” she started to pound yam for an idiot guy she was dating, cooked for his friends and everything but what did he do for her? Exactly!


She got nothing in return, if we go back to the beginning, in Genesis( the Bible one), the Creator, (I’m gonna paraphrase here) made a man and put him in the garden, gave him a job and told him all his responsibilities and stuff then he saw that the guy was such an “accomplished” creature and thought he should have company so he gave him a girl, who was supposed to be his companion and keep him company. I think I got the gist of it, now, my friend was being a companion to an “unaccomplished” creature, because he had no job, didn’t even know his place in the world yet. My point here is, as a modern Nigerian girl who still has very traditional values, I don’t see why a girl has to be responsible for catering to a “him” who isn’t “hers” legally. Am I making sense? No?

I see your point, I probably digressed again,hehehe.

Here is my own: why shouldn’t boys and girls be able to succeed in the kitchen? Something as personal as nourishing yourself shouldn’t be left to a girl, should it? Besides, it’s 2014! If she can’t cook, get over it(maybe she has enough money to hire a chef). Cooking isn’t what defines the essence of womanhood, if a guy keeps failing at getting and keeping a job, should I go ahead and label him a failure? What happens to the woman who is a CEO and her husband is an excellent home maker, what happens to that? Its not very “Nigerian” is it, well get over it, its happening, you might as well get with the program.


I’m not against the “traditional” roles of men and women in our society, I’d probably be dead before it changes(I don’t care), but don’t be a hypocrite and accept certain parts of evolution and development(Westernization, as they like to call it) then reject the others as it pleases your mood.

You kinda lose your credibility.

Personally, cooking is a very sentimental thing for me, and you can almost taste how much I care about someone in the food, if I’m not in a good mood or I don’t like you, OR I just feel you’re not worth it, I’m gonna cook, feel free to die. So, dear friends of mine who have had the rare opportunity to eat my food, you know where you stand:-) And the dudes I dated who didn’t taste it, well…you know.

I am done ranting, heading to the kitchen now to grill me some steak for dinner. Am I the only one who has a problem with what he said, or? Drop a comment, let me know what you think?