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2019… What a year it has been!

At the beginning of 2019, I didn’t know if I’d still be blogging. But look at me! I even have a new domain. When I think about the ratio of high points to low points, it doesn’t matter anymore because I’m still here. My liver has not let me down despite the stress I put it through. I really should drink more water.

The theme of my year-end reflection is; “Nobody said life was fair, only eventful.” And that’s the energy I’ll be taking into the new year. The experiences I’ve had this year all have the same message. And it’s that nobody, absolutely nobody said life was fair, but the more you go through it, you realise that it will always be eventful.

I used to hate doing these year-end reviews but I find that to better enjoy the present it’s wise to be aware of the lessons and experiences of the past. I highly recommend that you try it. It doesn’t have to be in a blog or even posted online, you could put it in a journal. It also helps when you have been journaling through the year. I shared my tips on how to journal HERE.

I divided my reflections into categories and I shared a gratitude list which is a must, it helps you to be more appreciative of the things or people in your life.


I struggled a lot with my career this year. I now know that it needs a makeover or I might lose my sanity or whatever is left of it. I’m currently a Copywriter in an Ad agency. I’m curious to see what the new year will bring to me. I started a business in 2018, The Something Bookish Store. It’s also in need of a grand makeover and I can’t wait to work on all my ideas.


Year after year, I’m grateful that I’m able to love and be loved. That’s practically the only thing in my life that hasn’t gone to shit. This 2019, I’m so grateful for the people who love me and have allowed me to love them. I hate to be cliche but love is a really beautiful thing.


The most social I have been was on social media. Bummer. It’s not what I wanted but that was me making do with what I had. I was able to host my first literary event and I think I’ll be hosting me in 2020. Since 2017, I have started and closed many book clubs and I think I have one that fills a gap but I plan to start an exclusive women-only book club in the new year. I’m going to apply all my lessons and mistakes and make this one truly spectacular. More details about this will be posted here soonest.


My GoodReads challenge was 52 books and I read 113 books in 2019 but I’m more proud of the quality of books I read. I set out to read less white authored books and I’m happy to say my white authored books was 35% of my reads. I hope to reduce it to 5% next year. I’ve enjoyed blogging this year and I have a feeling I’ll still be here at the end of 2020.
P.S I’m glad I was able to inspire more people to read.

Here is a list of people, things that made my year…

*My mummy
*My baby sister, Phattie B
*Habiba & Sarah
*Karachi, my bookish fairy godmother
*Nkem, my pumpkin
*My Phone
*You, my fantastic readers
*Circa Lagos(try the Surf n Turf and thank me later)
*Ake Festival
*Can I just put Candyman up again? He definitely deserves two spots
*Jade(my car for always having my back/butt)
*Hans & Rene
*Google Podcasts
*Coconut Oil & Shea Butter

My best friend, Sarah, inspired the motto for 2020 which is, Bad Girl N Chill. My goal in 2020 is to be bad and if I have to explain what bad means, you’re probably too old to be reading this.
Join me in being bad this 2020 so we can live more instead of just surviving.

Happy New Year, Readers!