Monthly Wrap-Up / May

It’s the Monthly Wrap-Up on Something Bookish! Whoop Whoop!

Welcome to my May wrap-up. Did you have a good reading month? I think I did. Mine was filled with a lot of twists and turns.

For the first time, I realised that the words I write actually have an effect in real life. Someone didn’t like a review of one the books I read this month and they pulled their account from a literary publicist. Boo hoo! It’s not my fault their book was dull and uninteresting.

Monthly Wrap-up / may

Something else I noticed is anger. Some people get really upset when someone they like doesn’t like a book/writer that they love. Look, we’re different people, this world is beautiful because of our diversity. Diversity also in thoughts, experiences, backgrounds and mindsets. There is no way we can react to books in the same way. But here is what we can do; we can appreciate the beauty of our differences.

Monthly Wrap-up / may

I feel like I might need to do a proper piece on appreciating our bookish differences. There is a lot more to be said on this issue. Anyway, here is my monthly wrap-up with the ratings besides them.

  1. Where The Waters Recede – Rotimi Olaniyan 2/5
    I really wanted to love this book but it fell way below any expectations I might have had that I can’t even with a sound mind recommend it to anybody. Read the full review HERE.
  2. The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty 4/5
    I’m in love with Liane Moriarty. She has the amazing ability to write dark themes in a very light way. Highly recommended.
  3. Pachinko – Min Jin Lee 5/5
    I can’t rave enough about this book. Pachinko is a multigenerational story about a Korean family. I learned so much and I can’t wait to make all my friends read it. You can get a copy from The Something Bookish Store on Instagram.
  4. Impostor Alert – Uduak Akpabio 3/5
    I didn’t particularly enjoy this book, it was average in my opinion. The characters were too bland for my taste, I prefer well-rounded characters. You should read a full review of it HERE.
  5. From Scratch – Tembi Locke 5/5
    This is the best memoir I have ever read in my life. If you follow me on Instagram( @Lipglossmaffia ), you might have caught my review. But I highly recommend this book, it deals with the subject of grief so beautifully.
  6. An Orchestra of Minorities – Chigozie Obioma 3/5
    So, I’m happy with what he attempted with this book but I’m not too excited about his execution. I’ll be putting up a full review soon.
  7. Tomorrow Died Yesterday – Chimeka Garricks 4/5
    This might be one of the most underrated books written by a Nigerian. You need to read this book. Get an autographed copy from The Something Bookish Store on Instagram.
  8. On Writing – Stephen King 5/5
    This book sells itself. Enough said.
  9. Like A Mule Bringing Ice Cream To The Sun – Sarah Ladipo Manyika 5/5
    It’s my fourth time re-reading this book. I picked it up because I wanted to be reminded what a 5 star read from a Nigerian author felt like.
Monthly Wrap-up / may

Did you have a favourite read in May? What’s on your June TBR? Share with me in the comment section.

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