Lipglossmaffia 2020 Reading Challenge

Hi Readers,

Happy holidays! If you’re reading this, I hope you have been able to take a break from work or school. This year has been wild, hasn’t it? I’m just grateful to still be here.

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I want to try something new with my reading goals, going forward. Two years ago, I created a proper reading challenge, and it worked, kinda. I ticked all the boxes but I still felt empty. This year, I decided to freestyle and I think I have an idea of what I would like to achieve in my reading life.

When you’re putting your reading challenges/goals out there, I want you to think hard about what you learned in 2019 and what you want to learn more of. Which area do you want to improve on? What interests would you like to dabble into? Have you read up in your area of interests or work? Just think a little about that when planning.

The only thing I told myself at the beginning of 2019 is to reduce the number of white authors that I usually, I wanted to be more diverse in my reading, I kinda achieved that but now, I want to be a little bit more intentional about it. And since I’m a huge fan of lists, I thought it would be best to itemize my reading goals for 2020.

1 African Fiction

I really want to read more books by African writers. It sucks that I haven’t been doing this already but it’s a world I want to dive deeper into. We have such good stories and amazing storytellers that I can’t imagine ignoring them again. So’ll be on the hunt for more African fiction. Remember KINTU?

2 Memoirs

I’ve read just a few memoirs in my life and I remember always coming off it with a high. I want more of that high in 2020. So, if you have recommendations, please share with me.

3 Poetry

This might be the most challenging thing I try in 2020 because I really don’t like poetry but I’m sure there is poetry for me out there and I hope to find at least 3 collections.

4 Graphic Novels

I read a total of 1 graphic novel this year and I really enjoyed it. I admit I’ve been a snob when it comes to this genre but I’m ready to give it a go.

5 Nigerian Mythology

This is something that is very dear to my heart. I love, love, love Nigerian mythology. We have fantastic stories and I can’t wait for more writers to play with their imaginations and give me wonderful books. I mean, have you read David Mogo Godhunter? It was my standout book of 2019.

6 Essays And Academic-ish Writings

At the moment, I want to read more about sex and sexuality, so I plan to find books on this topic and read up.

7 Reading Around The World

I’m going to get me a mini-book that I will use as a passport so that I can see how many countries, I’ve visited at the end of 2020. We all know how expensive it is to travel so I’ll do it through books. I want to visit South America, the Middle East and Asia, so if you have recommendations, please share with me in the comments.

Other Reading Goals/Practices I’m Taking Into 2020

  • More buddy reads
  • Shorter reviews on IG and Goodreads
  • Finish some fantasy series
  • Supplement my reading with some real-life experience( kinda like practice what you read, lol)

Those are my reading goals for 2020. What’s on your TBR for 2020? What is your book reading goal for the year? If you want to learn how to read more, I’ve shared some tips you can use HERE.

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