To be honest, I have had a lot of proud moments.
I think  one of my proudest moments was in 2012. Earlier that year, I served in Enugu state as a Youth Corps Member. My job was to teach secondary school students, literature in English. These kids hated to read their texts or study(duh). But i really love books, so reading wasn’t my problem, i just had to make them understand the beauty of reading and how it would eventually help them. It took months of cajoling and scolding and pampering but i finally got through to half of my students. On Christmas day, 2012 one of my students called to thank me for teaching her how to enjoy reading books. She said she had read 15 books in three months and won best English student, best literature in english student, she was also chosen as the head girl. I felt so proud of her and me.
That was the proudest day of my life. Sigh…