My period was approaching. How could I tell? Bitchy, hungry, crazy dreams, and horny. Horny like a goddamned bitch in heat and all I could think of was sex. The problem? Being single without a reliable friend. This time seemed particularly nasty, and I wondered if it were at least partially due to my new food supplement that I got from a friend who had recommended it for my terrible eating habit. Apparently she forgot to tell me that one of its side effects was an increase in sexual urges. I decided to text the only person that was even a small possibility and a “no go”. He had a terribly low sex drive, and I knew it, but I was in dire need here. Unfortunately,he seems at home reminding me how incredibly embarrassing it is to be turned down for sex.

I was desperate to burn off some energy. It was Saturday, and I called several different friends to go clubbing, but everyone either had plans or just didn’t want to go. “Screw it,” I told myself, “I’ll go alone.” It wouldn’t be the first time, I just didn’t make a habit of it.

I pulled on a simple black dress that sparkles a bit, with a loose skirt part that stops above my knees and twirls nicely when spinning. I did my makeup subtly, donned earrings and black booties, and I was out the door. The club I like to go to is about thirty minutes away, so I cranked up the music and tried not to think about sex. This included not thinking about the man I liked who said I was too young for him nor the married man I wanted to jump, but couldn’t for obvious reasons.

I finally made it to the club, and I could hear the muted beat as I approached the doors. I paid the cover charge and took a deep breath before going to the bar and ordering a shot of tequila. I stood watching the dancers for a bit. Thank goodness the night was in full swing; the floor was nearly packed with warm bodies. I ordered another shot, and then joined in the throng; moving my arms, legs, feet, and hips to start the rhythm and loosen up.

I closed my eyes, letting the music build in me until I felt like I was becoming part of the beat, that I was fluid, moving in a perfect interpretation of the music. My hands moved over and around me, head thrown back as I dipped backward slightly, and then grinding against the empty space in front of me. After a while I opened my eyes, and could tell the alcohol was taking effect. I needed fresh air.

I walked through the club out to the courtyard in front and sat by the fancy wooden bench hidden by the flowerbed. It was a warm evening, but still cooler outside after having been dancing. I pulled my hair back and away from my neck and let my body cool off. There was lots of chatter outside, and I smiled at a memory of the night I was spanked by a perfectly nice stranger over on the bench. Not hard, it was all playful, but so out of the ordinary. I felt a tightening in me, low. Ok, thoughts like that were not helping. I got back up and walked back into the club.

On my way through the crowd, I started to let my hands trail over different men, meeting surprised looks with an impish grin, and grabbed some backsides. Yay tequila! This was naughty, but fun. On the dance floor, I bumped into someone behind me in order to not run into someone else, and realized they were male. Without turning around, I scooted my ass into his crotch, grinding against him. I figured he would probably move away, but instead his hands came down to my hips as he thrust back at me, bending knees to take us both down a little bit. I bent over at the waist, letting it appear as if he were fucking me from behind, and I could certainly feel that he wouldn’t mind. We danced together for a while, him behind me and never seeing his face, before I disengaged and simply walked off. I smiled to myself. That had been fun, but I needed to not be doing this with the guys here, as it was not helping my situation.

I went to a less crowded section of the floor, and just did my own thing again for a while, letting the music take me away. I was getting sweaty and panting from the exertion, and it felt amazing. The night was melting my stress away as I lost myself in the dance. Someone came up behind me, leaned in and spoke in my ear “Wanna dance?” I pushed back against him, wrapping my hands behind me to pull us tighter, and we were swaying and grinding together. I leaned my head back on to his shoulder, and his arm was around my midsection. He leaned down to kiss my neck, going from my ear down to my shoulder, nipping along the way. Aw hell. My eyes were closed, lips parted, and I was beginning to get lost.

He turned me around, putting one leg between mine, and brought his face down to kiss my mouth. I let him, and we were locked in the dance our bodies were doing in time to the music, as well as the dance of tongues that was building my heat back up. My hands had a firm hold of his ass, as his were on my upper back with thumbs curved around to brush the sides of my breasts. I was starting to burn up. We danced like this, his lips and hands taking liberties with me, rubbing against me, and I couldn’t do it anymore. I stood on tiptoe to reach his ear.

“Fuck me. Now.” Before I change my mind, I thought. He pulled back to look at me. He was good looking. A bit younger than I usually like, but with dark hair and dark eyes. He smirked at me, looking around. He finally grabbed my hand and walked through the crowd. We were heading towards the courtyard, but he swung around into the small hallway that held the restrooms. Ahh.

There were four other guys in the restroom when we burst in, but none in the stalls, thank goodness. A couple of the guys were startled, quickly putting their junk back and re-zipping, watching as my guy got a condom from his wallet, and then pulled me into one of the empty stalls. I heard a low whistle as he turned me around and flipped my skirt up. I braced my hands against the wall, already panting, as he fumbled with his zipper and pulled my panties down at the same time. I stepped out of them and heard the packet rip. A moment later, I felt something was wrong, I was in a full haze of lust, and could barely think of anything more than the need to come.That was when I vaguely realized that the stall door was open and the guys were watching. Shit! I pushed him,turned my back,he stayed behind me hoping I’d change my mind, I was just trying to catch my breath and calm down when I heard the quiet question of whether I was this guy’s girlfriend or not. Then he stepped back, and I felt another body behind me. He leaned in to whisper in my ear “My turn.” I heard the stall door close and lock. “We don’t need an audience.” His voice was deep and seductive, his breath hot against my ear.

And then, his fingers pushed into me — first just one, and then two, slowly. I pushed back against him and gave a strangled “Please.” He crooked his fingers until he found the right spot, and I immediately came hard. His other hand came up to stifle my screams as I gushed over his hand. He chuckled, not slowing his movements. “That’s it, good girl. Now come for me again.” And I did. Twice.

My legs were ready to give out. He pulled me up and turned me around, just as the bouncers were coming in to kick me out. He put one arm around me so that I could stand without falling, and then told the bouncers we were leaving. He took me outside and looked me up and down. I was still a bit wobbly, and he took in my glazed eyes and slack mouth.

“You’re coming home with me,” he stated matter-of-factly. I simply nodded my head. I didn’t even know his name. He guided me to his car, helped me in and got me buckled, and we left in silence. I took the opportunity to look him over; somewhat concerned I was going to end up dead by the end of the night. I felt incredibly stupid to have just gotten into the car of someone I didn’t know, who had just fingered me in the men’s restroom of a club.

He appeared to be in his early to mid-40’s. He had dark hair that was graying and a goatee. He had laugh lines at his eyes, and his face was dark. His arms appeared subtly muscled, and he drove in a relaxed manner with one hand on the wheel. He glanced over at me a few times without smiling, more of an appraisal. His quietness was making me nervous, and I was coming off my lust high. I was afraid to say anything. What the hell had I done?

After around 20 minutes, he pulled into a driveway, pressed his horn, a suited security guard opened the gate, and he drove in. He got out of the car and came over to open my door before I had time to reach for the handle. He held out a hand and I took it, letting him pull me up and out of his car. He closed the door and led me into the house, then let go of my hand and walked into the kitchen. We were in the dining room. He opened a cupboard and got a glass, filled it with water, and came back to me.

“Drink.” He held out the glass for me to take, and I was thirsty. My mouth was dry from tequila and the earlier foreplay as well as from nervousness. I drank the whole glass and handed it back. “How do you feel?” he asked me.

“Ah…” What could I say? Nervous, embarrassed, still turned on but not frenzied like I had been?

“I think you were drugged. You can stay here tonight, I can take the couch. I won’t touch you again.” My jaw dropped a little bit. He thought I’d been drugged and had allowed him touch me because of that. My cheeks started burning in real embarrassment. I cleared my throat.

“Um, no. I wasn’t drugged. Maybe a bit tipsy, mostly just, um, horny.” He frowned at me, waiting a moment to see if I would go on.

“You were just out for fun? And I interrupted.” He ran his hands over his hair, looking embarrassed himself. My saviour. Who had also made me come three times.

“No, I don’t go to clubs to get my fun like that,” I said, slightly testily. “I’ve never done that before, things just got out of control. I’ve been in heat for the last 4 days and I got… carried away. I only went dancing so that I could get rid of all my energy. I thought it would help.” I frowned at him. “And what kind of gentleman takes advantage of the supposed lady he’s trying to save, exactly?” His face flushed.

“Oh. Yeah, I ah, I’m sorry about that. I was going to just take you out of there, but I know that twit didn’t get you off, and it’s been a while for me too… I couldn’t stop myself.” He paused and eyed me up and down slowly. “Are you all better now, then?” His eyes came up to meet mine, and I swallowed. No, no I was not all better. I felt my desire rise up again and land firmly in my abdomen. I shook my head no. He slowly walked over to me and held out his hand.

“Hi, I’m Biodun.” He gave me a soft smile, and a small giggle rose out of me. I took his hand. “Rachael.” He led me into the living room, motioning towards his couch. We both sat down.

“So what brought you to the club tonight, Rachael, did you say?” And I told him. I mean, what the hell, right? I told him of my frustration, and how it happened, and his fingers started trailing along my arm and legs, then back up, along my side, and lightly over the side of my breast. I was having troubles concentrating on what I was saying, so I just trailed off. My body was strung tight, and I couldn’t help but wriggle and strain towards him.

“This time I’ll ask… can I help you with that?” I just nodded, and both of his hands went to my breasts, fingers brushing over my nipples through the cloth so that I groaned and closed my eyes. His hands went down to my legs, then slid up under my short dress. I had left my panties at the club and could feel my wetness on my thighs, cooling as he parted my legs. He slid down to the floor and scooted me to the edge of the couch. I laid back, inhaling sharply when I felt his tongue touch my clit, then start working it hard.

He’d play with my clit for a little while, then lick all along my slit, tongue fucking me shallowly, and back to my clit again. I could feel my orgasm building, it kept going to the edge, and then recede or hold fast. I was whimpering with the need to come, and my hands were everywhere; on his head urging him on, grasping the edge of the couch, on his shoulders…

Biodun pulled back a moment to look at me, and pulled me gently down to lay on the floor with him. He slid two fingers inside of me, searching for the spot to trigger my orgasm. I arched at the feeling, knowing he was watching my reaction, but couldn’t think much past the feeling that was building as he rubbed inside me. I came, but Biodun hadn’t stopped fingering me, and my release just kept rolling, turning into multiple orgasms as I cried out, shaking on his living room floor. My upper body half rose off the floor with another orgasm as I came so hard, I squirted.

“Jesus!” I cried out. I laid back and bumped my head on the floor, trying to drag air into my lungs.

Biodun stopped. He leaned over me, and asked if I was ok. I could barely just nod. “Want some water?” I nodded again. He got up, and after a minute came back with a glass of water and a towel. I had made a bit of a mess, but it didn’t seem to bother him one bit. He cleaned me up and lay down next to me, head propped on his hand, watching me catch my breath and come back to myself.

“You ok?” he asked. I nodded and smiled. I opened my eyes to look at him. His eyes seemed to be sparkling, and I do believe he had enjoyed that. Maybe not as much as I had, but he had enjoyed it nonetheless. “How many times did you come?” he asked. I shook my head.

“No clue. I lost track after the first one.” I laughed. “You can do that all night, if you want to.”

“Hmm, I just might…” He leaned down to kiss me, and my arms went around his neck automatically, pulling him closer and deeper into the kiss, and then down to get under his shirt to feel skin. He had a firm, smooth back, and I was delighted to move my fingers down the indentation made by his spine. I started pulling his shirt up, and he broke the kiss to sit up, pulling it off in one fluid movement. I ran my hands over his chest, twirling fingers in his dark chest hair. He was beautiful. I undid his pants, and he pulled them the rest of the way off. He was a boxers man. His cock was straining at the fabric, and I had a peak as he was moving around.

I pulled the waistband down low enough to free him; he was hard and already dripping pre-cum. He stood on his knees, boxers pulled part way down, letting me look. I touched him, rubbing the pre-cum around the head, and he twitched. I ran my fingers down the soft skin, grasped him, and firmly stroked him a few times, then rubbed the palm of my hand over his head. His hips seemed to involuntarily buck out, pushing his cock against my hand again.

I sat up and moved to lick him. I licked from the base, all the way up, then took just the head into my mouth to suck gently. Biodun moaned, and sat back on his heels. I rubbed my tongue over the top, back and forth, and then started taking the rest of him into my mouth slowly. I got almost to the base of his cock, and he hit the back of my throat. I pulled back most of the way, licked the head again, and took him back into my mouth a little faster. I sucked him in and out faster and faster, and felt him starting to fuck my mouth. He was back up on his knees, and I held still, letting him set his own pace, taking as much of him as I could, and moving my tongue over him almost constantly.

Biodun pulled back suddenly, with a gasp. There was fire in his eyes, and he looked as if he were trying to gain control. I wanted to watch him come, plus there was something empowering about me jerking him off to completion while he was naked and I was still wearing my dress. I reached out and grabbed his cock, rubbed my thumb over the tip, and then pumped him with a steady pace. His eyes closed, his mouth was open, and he was enthralled completely. It took only a few strokes, and his cum shot out, covering my hand and dripping onto the floor. I thumbed the head of his penis again, and he jerked at the sensitivity. He opened his eyes and then sat back against the couch.

“I didn’t want to come yet.” His breathing was hard, but the fire wasn’t out. I shrugged, and grabbed the towel to clean off my hand.

“I wanted to watch you come, though. It was beautiful.” I smiled. This time I got up to get some water for him. He drank part of it and offered the rest to me. I shook my head and set it aside. “Where’s the bathroom?” I asked. He pointed towards the corridor.

“Second door on the left.” I took his directions and relieved myself, washed my hands, combed fingers through my hair, and opened the door to go back to the living room. He was standing at the door waiting for me. He took my hand and led me into the room at the end of the hall, which was his bedroom. He reached down to the hem of my dress, and pulled it up over my head as soon as I held my arms up. Biodun pulled me to him and bent down to take a nipple into his mouth. My head fell back and I moaned. Lips, and teeth, and tongue, all playing havoc on my nipples as he went back and forth between them. I could feel he was getting hard again, and my legs were ready to buckle.

“Please,” I whispered. He backed me up to the bed and I sat, his mouth still latched on to my breasts. He nipped me, and I gasped loudly. He looked up, but I wasn’t complaining. He scooted me back onto the bed, and entered me with his fingers again, maintaining the assault on my breasts, and I came immediately. I cried out as I pushed against him, embedding his fingers deeper inside of me. He pulled out and rubbed a finger along my wet pussy, up to rub at my clit, and then back down to press against my anal ring. I inhaled sharply but didn’t pull away, and he took it for what it was: ascent.

He dipped his finger back into my wetness, and then pressed against me until I opened for him. He pressed in slowly as I clutched at him… it had been so long since anyone had been inside me this way. He started up a rhythm, using his other fingers on my clit, and he watched me as he made me come yet again. He kissed me, then got up from the bed. Still pulling in much needed air, I started to sit up to see where he was going, but he returned almost instantly.

His hands pushed me back down, then he was opening a packet and rolling a condom on. I watched him with desire curling almost painfully in the deepest parts of me, wishing he would hurry up… and then he was there. He pushed into me slowly, making me take him inch by precious inch. I was sopping wet. He pushed all the way back in, and stopped. “You feel so damn good.” He murmured. I whispered back the same.

He pulled out, and then back in again, just as painfully slowly. I was trying to push back at him, but he placed one hand on my hip and one on my shoulder to keep me down. He was torturing me. Slowly, slowly, he let it build up in me, in us both, and his mouth came down to find my breasts again, increasing the torture ten-fold. I was getting desperate, I wanted to be fucked. I was close to begging him when he finally picked up the pace. I had my hands on his ass, urging him on, and we finally settled into a fast pace. I was coming repeatedly, barely able to get my gasps out because I was breathing so hard. He was long enough that he bumped my cervix, just a little, and the harder he fucked me, the harder he hit it. Little pleasure spots pains, and I was beside myself.

All of a sudden, he pulled out. “Turn over,” he demanded, already tugging at me to get on my knees. I spread my legs, and opened for him to take me from behind. He entered me quickly, beginning to fuck me hard. Deeper in this position, I was practically screaming at the combination of sensations. He pushed a finger into my ass again, and I was coming and coming, and couldn’t seem to stop. Nothing existed except the pleasure he was inflicting on me.

With a final cry from his own lips, he was coming as well, pressing into me to the final depths of this round, and then laying his body on top of mine, still in the position I was. He allowed himself to fall to the side and pulled me with him; his cock falling out as he draped an arm over me, both of us trying to catch our breath. I started laughing.

“What?” he asked.

“My saviour of the night. Saving me from idiots and sending my fire out of control, long through the night.” I shook my head. “Sorry, that was a ridiculous thing to say.” He chuckled.

“Through the night, eh?” My eyes were closed and I couldn’t see his expression, but he sounded amused.

“Well, if you’re up to it.” I opened my eyes and turned to look at him with my eyebrow raised. “When I’m in heat, it can last for days. But if you’re not, I understand…” my voice trailed off as I felt his fingers finding their way into me, and I started writhing again.

“Oh, I think I can help take care of that for as long as you need.” And it seemed he was right.