Esohe’s hands skimmed over her smooth skin, following the gentle curves and contours of her body. She shivered as she touched her inner thighs, moving them apart under the covers, then sliding one hand up to her shaven pussy. As she began stroking her clit, feeling the sensation of pleasure, she thought, ”Damn, I wasn’t going to do this’‘. Tokunbo, her husband, had left for work and she was alone, to entice herself with vivid sexual fantasies. Not that the sex life she shared with Tokunbo was in any way boring, quite the contrary, they had a great sex life. But Esohe had always secretly wanted a female lover, a desire she repressed, restricting it to sessions of masturbation.

She loved the feeling of stroking her clit, especially since she started shaving the area which she found heightened the sensation. Oral sex had never been better, Tokunbo had always been attentive and patient, but it now seemed easier for his tongue to find all the right places. Esohe’s mind wandered, blurring reality into fantasy, where her deepest desire could be fulfilled.
Esohe moaned softly as she felt the warmth of an imaginary woman’s soft tongue lap over her clit. Her dream lover knew the right pressure, the right intensity. She shook her head, giving in to that feeling, so wonderful, being driven by the attention of her skillful companion. Lifting her head slightly she saw piercing eyes staring at her, the long slender tongue probing and flicking relentlessly. She arched her back and cried out as an intense climax engulfed her. Her pussy contracted, one massive spasm, driving a stream of hot juices onto the sheets beneath her. She withdrew her hand, her clit becoming too sensitive to the stimulation.

As her eyes began to focus, her level of consciousness returning, Esohe lay motionless, the quiet and stillness of the June morning only then apparent to her. ”Would she ever act upon her fantasy if given a chance?” She dismissed the thought, yet smiled as she pulled the covers over her and drifted off to sleep.


Esohe was an attractive woman, physically fit. She loved sports, playing competitive tennis, as well as being an accomplished volleyball player. Her friends considered her both competitive and tenacious yet with a thoroughly engaging personality which made her fun to be with. She and Tokunbo had joined Ikoyi club, and they both used the facilities regularly. Tokunbo had recently hired a personal trainer, and they had spoken about it over Sunday lunch at home.

So you REALLY think those sessions with the trainer will give you the edge on the golf course?” Esohe asked jokingly.

Sure, not to mention around the pool…buns of steel.” Tokunbo replied, grinning.

Hmmmm…just so long as they remain my buns of steel,” Esohe chided. “Who is the trainer?”

“New woman…Ini, quite sharp, knows her stuff.”


“Well yes, very. She’s confident, somewhat aggressively flirtatious, and physically fit. Hard to beat that combination.” Tokunbo laughed.

Uh huh.”

“You should consider meeting with her, for a consultation…not that you will need any help with the way YOU will look around the pool!” Tokunbo smiled at her.

“I’ll think about it,” Esohe replied as she stood up from the table and moved closer to him. She lightly tugged on the tie of her robe. With a subtle shrug, the robe fell to the floor. Tokunbo’s eyes luxuriated in the beauty before them. “Flattery…will get you everywhere,” she whispered in his ear as she guided his lips to her breast.


Where would I find the training office?” Esohe inquired of the young woman at the front desk of the club.

For Ini or Segun?” The young woman replied.

Ini.” Esohe took note of the directions and headed along the hall to the gym area. She had taken Tokunbo up on his suggestion to get a consultation. Ini had her calendar available on her website and Esohe had requested a morning time, and received confirmation via E-mail for a 10:30 a.m. appointment.

Esohe was slightly early in arriving, and found the office empty. A note posted on the door invited her to take a seat inside while waiting. She had barely sat down when she suddenly became aware of voices, or more correctly, one voice. Though muffled, it was unmistakably a woman’s, and she was in a heightened state of sexual arousal. Esohe held her breath as she listened, the sound was emanating from the wall via a cooling vent. Looking around furtively, she moved closer to it, listening intently. She could make out the words.

Yes, oh yes…like that…oh yes…do it…I’m almost there…” the voice was urgent and chopped. Esohe took a quick breath. There was a short silence, then a scream of extreme and exquisite pleasure. Esohe’s pussy tingled as she heard it. A series of low sensuous moans followed, punctuated by higher pitched whimpers. Esohe’s heart pounded and her pussy grew wet with arousal. The sounds began to fade.

After a few minutes Esohe could hear rustling, then water running. There was talking in the background, but too faint for her to hear. Finally, a door opened and a voice saying, “I’m late…” and the door closed. The cooling fan fell silent. Esohe settled back in her seat and breathed deeply, she realized she had been holding her breath. ‘What a horny bitch’ she thought laughing in deprecation.

Ini arrived a few moments later, apologizing profusely for being late. Tall, fit, and fine featured she was indeed very confident and poised. Esohe couldn’t match the voice to the one she heard, but she thought, ‘if Ini had just had sex, there was certainly no evidence of it’.

Tokunbo mentioned you might come in for a consultation, I’m pleased to meet you,” Ini said in a businesslike but friendly manner. “I have prepared some examples of cardiovascular and strength training programs I think you will find interesting.”

Esohe was impressed with Ini’s preparation. ”She really does know her stuff,” Esohe thought and soon found herself agreeing to work with Ini twice a week.


At first Esohe found Ini’s workouts strenuous and tiring. Ini emphasized the importance of completing every session, urging her to pace herself. Esohe had a habit of wanting to compete with herself in her training, and was dissatisfied with her effort if she didn’t continuously accomplish more with each session. Ini prevailed on her to abandon this notion. Esohe successfully altered her mental outlook, and as her fitness level improved, she looked forward to the training and moved through the routines with greater energy and enthusiasm.

Ini also recommended Esohe end each workout with a rub down. At first she was reluctant to take the extra time, but as she grew more relaxed around Ini, she finally agreed. The result was very pleasing. As well as being an expert masseuse, Ini seemed to know exactly how and where to touch her, without being sexual, yet clearly piquing her arousal. By the time their sessions ended Esohe’s pussy ached for release.

She would go home after the workout and although she initially tried to resist, engaged more frequently in intense masturbation sessions, fingering herself to a massive climax. While she typically engaged an ‘anonymous’ partner in her fantasy, thoughts of Ini had been irresistible. Over time Ini became her exclusive fantasy lover with vivid instances of seductive and increasingly aggressive foreplay. While secure in her fantasy she began to wonder whether she would actually ”go through with it” should Ini ever make a move…or, as her pussy tingled at the thought, should SHE ever make the first move.

Some weeks later she was stepping out of the shower when she caught Tokunbo staring at her. “What is it?” she demanded.

Look in the mirror, babe,” he motioned to the full-length mirror in their bathroom. She turned around and peered at herself, a look of bewilderment on her face. Tokunbo moved close behind her unhitching the towel she had wrapped around herself. “This…is what I mean,” as he opened the towel wide to reveal her naked torso. “You look incredible, the sessions with Ini are paying off. Now, this what I call, money well spent

Yeah, she seems to have a gift…seems to know my limits, when to challenge, when to praise… makes the hard work fun,” Esohe replied.

She does,” he agreed, “and I get hard doing the fun work,” he said softly as his hands caressed up her sides resting delicately underneath her firm breasts.

Is that so?” Esohe watched him in the mirror then slipped her hand behind her back over his bulging crotch.

Only with you, sweet cheeks,” Tokunbo added quickly, grinning. “Although from what I am hearing, Ini prefers pussy over cock any day.”

Oh really…and you know this…

From gossip around the club. Seems one of the member’s wives announced to him she was leaving him. Rumour has it that she claimed Ini had helped her ‘discover her sexual personality’,” Tokunbo explained.

She has a lot of female clients,” Esohe stated skeptically, then paused as she remembered the sounds emanating from the room near Ini’s office, the day she had first met her.

Yes, she does. Many more than male…maybe it’s true women eat pussy better than men,” Tokunbo laughed.

Do you want me to let you know if I find out?” Esohe teased.

Only if I get to fuck you after you tell me,” Tokunbo retorted.

Men, always, always, always thinking about sex…and as much as I’d like to, I’m running late.”

Tokunbo kissed her up and down the neck, squeezed her breasts lightly, and elicited a soft moan before whispering. “I know, and if I stay here I’m going to have to fuck you…so I’m leaving now.”

She smiled as Tokunbo disappeared through the bathroom doorway. Admiring the naked body in the mirror she thought, ”Yeah, the work definitely is paying off”.

Later on the same week Tokunbo called Esohe. “Sweetheart, I am entertaining an important client next Saturday. He is an avid tennis player so I’ve booked court time at the club for 3 o’clock. I would like to invite him over to the house for dinner afterward, do you any plans?”

“Nope…none,” she replied.

And if you don’t mind, I’d like to invite Ini to join us. She has been good to us, Wale is a single guy, could be fun?”

“Are you matchmaking again?” Esohe groaned sarcastically.

“Moi? Mais non mon cheri,” Tokunbo feigned hurt. They both laughed.

Never mind…forget I even asked, I should know better,” Esohe replied. “I’ll set it up, just let me know the time.” As she put her phone back in her purse her thoughts turned to Ini. ”Could be an interesting evening”.
Ini accepted Tokunbo’s invitation and had called Esohe to suggest she accompany him to the club and workout while the guys played their tennis match. Tokunbo came in to say hello to Ini before heading off to the tennis complex. He had the court booked for an hour but indicated they would likely play on if the court was free. “Why don’t you both go back to the house after you are done? I’ll call and let you know when we’re finished.”

Ini indicated this would be a lighter workout than usual and true to her word planned mainly stretching, light weight training, and a brief time on the stationary bike. After a half hour Esohe had fully warmed up and was breaking a slight sweat. “That’s enough for today,” Ini announced. Esohe looked at her in surprise but happily complied.

Ini proceeded to give her a very sensual rub down. Her soft hands provided a delicate yet firm touch. Strong fingers kneaded between her shoulder blades. Ini swept Esohe’s braids aside and reached along her jaw line lightly tracing along it then massaging the side and back of her neck. Following the length of the spine, Ini’s palms rubbed firmly and deliberately until reaching the base of the pelvis.

Her fingers lightly clawed over Esohe’s ass cheeks, streaking them with her nails. She used her full hand to cup under each cheek at the top of the thigh. Her thumbs brushed ever so slightly on Esohe’s pussy lips causing a slight quiver. Ini worked further down her legs massaging the firm thigh muscles. She then lightly brushed her fingers behind Esohe’s knees. Esohe’s sigh was audible or was it a light moan?

Ini massaged down her calves to her feet then asked her to turn over. She then worked on the bottom of her feet and up between each of her toes. Letting her fingers slide up Esohe’s legs she let them dance over the pelvis and torso until sliding her hands underneath the breasts. Esohe could feel her juices flowing and pleaded silently that Ini would squeeze her breasts, pinch her nipples, take each of them into her warm mouth and tease them until flushed and taut. But Ini traced around her breasts to the shoulders then massaged down each arm.

Esohe felt a soft towel being spread lightly over her torso, a signal the rub down was over, and to simply relax for a few moments. Ini had borrowed this from yoga classes, insisting time for some meditation at the end of each workout. It was precisely at this time that Esohe simply wanted to spread her legs and feel a soft tongue lap along her pussy to her clit. She resisted the temptation to touch herself and was in a dilemma. ”No running home to masturbate this time…maybe I’ll get a moment in the shower,’‘ she thought.

Esohe,” Ini called to her. “I think we’re a little late, why don’t you just get dressed and clean up back at your house?

The drive home was uneventful, although it seemed to Esohe that Ini believed speed limits were only a suggestion. Esohe could not recollect getting home faster, although she certainly had had plenty incentive in the past. Once the fire was lit within her, the only release was a toy or finger session away and that meant getting home in a hurry.

The guys will be here soon,” Esohe remarked as she noticed the time. “I need to prepare some starters, can I offer you a glass of wine while I’m in the kitchen?”

Ini smiled and accepted the wine, following her into the kitchen where they talked. The conversation was light at first, but as the wine disappeared it became more suggestive.

Esohe, you and Tokunbo are one of the most attractive couples at the club. I know when I started working with Tokunbo, I thought of how lucky a woman you must be. Then, of course, I met you and realize he is the lucky one.” Ini stated. Esohe got flustered slightly and smiled.

What a nice thing to say, Ini.”

Ini got up from her seat in front of the kitchen counter and grasping the wine bottle moved to fill Esohe’s glass. Esohe held up her hand.

No…I have to get cleaned up…the guys should be on their way soon.”

Ini walked around the counter then put the wine down. She placed an arm around Esohe’s shoulder then deftly manoeuvered them both until Esohe had her back to the kitchen counter with Ini in front of her. Esohe’s first impulse was to move, but her feet didn’t respond. The tension of the moment was perceptible, Ini looking into her eyes, searching…Esohe simply not knowing what to do next.

Esohe could feel the warm breath on her face and neck as Ini moved closer to her. Slowly Ini closed the distance between them until their bodies touched. Esohe shivered. Ini stopped. “Perhaps…when you are ready“, she whispered to her. Ini broke the moment off as she moved away. Esohe stared at her in silence. Her heart pounded. “Shower time,” Ini reminded her.

Yes,” she said finally and left the room. The phone rang as Esohe was about to step in the shower. It was Tokunbo.

Hi sweetheart, sorry for the delay. Wale has had to cancel our dinner date, in fact I’m taking him to the airport. It’s a family emergency.”

“I…I’m sorry to hear that,” Esohe stammered slightly. “When will you get home?”

I’m not entirely sure. I told Wale I would wait at the airport to make sure he gets a flight. Go ahead and eat without me, I’ll grab leftovers when I get home.” Tokunbo instructed.

All right…I’ll see you later then.” Esohe put the phone down and slipped into the shower.

The warm water streaming against her body seemed soothing. Esohe’s mind raced, ‘Tokunbo was delayed, Ini was coming on to her. How should she react?’ Her pussy throbbed and she sighed audibly when she touched herself. ‘Maybe she could get some relief…won’t take much,’ she thought. She positioned her clit directly in a stream of water and felt it beat on the hood as she rubbed gently above it. The sensation of great pleasure and impending release began to take over. She closed her eyes as spray danced around her engorged clit.

A cool breeze of air gave away that she was no longer alone. Ini had stepped into the shower and very quickly moved up behind her.

Perhaps…you are ready,” she said seductively. Ini removed her hands and took hold of her, pulling her out of the stream of water. Esohe gasped as she stood quivering in Ini’s arms. Ini gently turned her around. “You do want this, don’t you?

Esohe was silent. Ini stared at her questioningly. Finally, Esohe slowly nodded and murmured, “Yes”. Ini smiled, then kissed her softly on the lips. Her hands moved under Esohe’s firm breasts pushing them up so she could dip her mouth to each nipple, flicking her tongue over them before she took each taut bud in her mouth and sucked on it. Esohe’s pussy throbbed as Ini worked each nipple, drawing them deep into her mouth, then nibbling as the flesh retreated. She reached down to her pussy, only to have Ini intercept her hand.

Not yet,” Ini said as she continued to suck on Esohe’s increasingly swollen and sensitive nipples. Esohe agonized as each flick of the tongue sent bolts of pleasure to her pussy. She cried out when Ini took one of her plump nipples in her teeth and lightly shook her head. Esohe’s supple breasts moved side to side while her nipple was stretched and teased. There was a twinge of pain, but it felt so good.

Ini stopped, looked admiringly at Esohe’s breasts, her nipples fully erect. She raised her hands to each and took them between her thumb and forefinger. She massaged them slowly then pinched each of them, lightly shaking Esohe’s breasts. Esohe’s body quivered and shook with the action. She thought she was going to cum, but Ini slowed then stopped altogether. After lightly kissing and flicking each nipple with her tongue Ini said, “Let’s get dried off.

They left the shower, patting each other dry with towels while embracing and kissing. Ini slipped her hand over Esohe’s pussy and rubbed over the top of her mound. Esohe gasped when she did it and her knees nearly buckled. But Ini withdrew, knowing Esohe was close to the edge, and wanted to keep her there.

Ini took Esohe by the hand and led the way to the bedroom. Esohe was literally drunk with passion, wanting so badly for release. Her initial surprise had begun to subside, she was living out her fantasy, and with Ini. Both women collapsed on the bed playfully kissing and caressing. Ini eventually took control, burying her head in Esohe’s pussy, her tongue tracing along her swollen slit, tasting the salt sweet nectar.

Ini worked masterfully as her tongue laved carefully around Esohe’s engorged clit. Gasping and moaning, Esohe clung to the bed sheets as her body quivered and shook at every stroke of Ini’s unrelenting tongue. She came quickly in a wrenching spasm of emotional energy. Ini looked up at her, her chin glistened with the warm cum she had so skillfully induced. Esohe could see her smiling at her, then closed her eyes, revelling in a sensation she wished would never pass. She twitched as aftershocks coursed through her. It was a moment of heaven for Esohe as she lay there, an incredible feeling of fulfillment, release, and immense satisfaction.

Esohe wasn’t sure how long she had lain there, or where Ini had gone. She knew she had been alone for awhile, but hadn’t moved. However, as she slowly recovered from one of the most incredible orgasms she could remember, she felt her pussy tingling. ‘Damn I’m a horny bitch’ she thought. She became aware of a rustling sound and raised her head. Ini was standing by the bed. Her tall, lean, muscular body loomed over her. Esohe’s eyes widened as she noticed Ini had slipped on a harness with a life like phallus dangling from it. She stroked it, spreading lube over its full length. Meeting Esohe’s gaze, she smiled and said, “I’m going to fuck you now, I know you like dick.”

Ohhhh,” was Esohe’s only reply, words having fled her lips as Ini spread her thighs wide and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Ini positioned herself carefully, then slowly ran the bulbous head of the dildo along the length of Esohe’s slippery slit. Esohe’s body quivered at the touch.

Ahhh, you like that…” Ini said as she worked the head of the dildo into Esohe’s slick pussy. As it disappeared past the swollen outer lips, Ini flexed powerfully, the thrust forward driving its full length into Esohe’s hot core. Esohe gasped as she felt it deep inside her, then Ini’s tongue quickly invaded her mouth stifling the sound.

Leaving the phallus buried deep, Ini paused, taking time to suck on Esohe’s full nipples, red and swollen from the start of their foreplay. Then she slowly began grinding her hips as she sucked, the lifelike cock working slowly up and down Esohe’s contracting pussy. Esohe lay back, staring up at Ini as she whispered, “You do me so good, make me cum so hard…”

Ini smiled at her and toyed with Esohe, teasing and taunting, fucking her hard for a brief moment then slowing, bringing her to the brink then backing off. She turned her over, tongued Esohe’s sensitive asshole, then slid a finger in, as she worked Esohe’s clit with her other hand. Esohe writhed and shivered, her body was covered with sweat, her breasts swayed beneath her. She could feel the air on her sensitive nipples, easily twice their normal size from Ini sucking, pulling, and pinching.

Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?” Ini asked. Esohe barely nodded. Ini grabbed her hair and pulled her head back gently. “Tell me you want it,” she commanded.

Oh yes, in the ass, yes,” Esohe blurted. Ini slid her finger out, then carefully poured lube in the crack of Esohe’s ass. Soon she had fingers from both hands deep inside Esohe’s hole, stretching it open, getting her ready.

Good…now I want you to work on your clit while I fuck you,” Ini instructed as she pushed the head of the dildo against the soft tissue of Esohe’s anus. Esohe lifted her hand to her pussy and began stroking herself, knowing she couldn’t take much more stimulation, yet wanting that incredible feeling of her ass being stretched and invaded as an orgasm overtook her. Ini pushed the cock in then began thrusting, driving the long shaft of the phallus deep into Esohe’s willing ass.

Ini began increasing the intensity, the cock moving in and out, while she took the back of Esohe’s hair and began pulling her back toward her. Esohe was immersed in the moment, her own stroking, her nearing the edge, and the pounding she was taking in her ass. Ini pulled Esohe up to her knees, her back arched, her aching tits and sensitive nipples thrust forward. With one hand, Ini took each nipple in turn, rolling, twisting, and tugging as Esohe’s moans became louder and more frantic.

Ini hissed in Esohe’s ear, “Look forward…that’s it…in the mirror…what do you see? Yes, that’s you, getting fucked in the ass…and loving it.” Esohe raised her eyes and as she did, she succumbed to the sensation, her body giving in to an incredible spasm of pleasure. Her juices spurted from her as she cried out. Ini thrust deeper and harder, as if holding Esohe in a state of perpetual orgasm.

Esohe’s body tensed and shook until finally she collapsed forward, totally drained. Ini moved in behind her, holding her as they spooned together, lightly kissing the back of her neck. Completely exhausted, yet incredibly satisfied, Esohe drifted off to sleep in Ini’s arms.

Voices awakened Esohe. They were faint at first but then she realized it was Tokunbo, talking to Ini. Her heart jumped to her throat, ‘Oh no, no, no’ she thought. A sense of panic, of guilt, went through her mind. She rolled over to face them. “Tokunbo,” she said weakly.

Tokunbo and Ini looked over to her. “Sleeping beauty awakes,” Tokunbo said cheerfully. Esohe gave him a weak smile.

I’m sorry,” she said.

Tokunbo looked at her. “No need for sorry. Ini said you enjoyed being with her, as I knew you would.”

But how?” Esohe was perplexed.

Ini sat on the edge of the bed. “Esohe, you are a very lucky woman. You have a husband that looks after you, knows what you want…what you need.

Esohe looked at Tokunbo. “You arranged this?” she asked. Tokunbo smiled at her.

“I love you,” he said softly.


****The End****