Hey guys, it’s been so long and I missed y’all but I have to take some time off the blog sometimes to concentrate on my M.A project, since that’s what they sent me to do. I was returning from Tesco yesterday when I saw a young man and a question popped into my head. Was he a virgin? Right now, half of you think I’m nuts or probably drunk(I’m not…yet) but my fellow crazies would follow my path to insanity. Which ever side you’re on, bear with me you’ll understand my longing at the end of this piece.

Last week I was at a house party, before the place became crowded and noisy we decided to play truth or dare, there is this really cute boy( I call him my halls’s crush) who picked truth. The question( more like an essay topic though) was to talk about the first time he had sex. He got so red in the face, and proceeded to recount the glorious tale of the woman who took his virginity. He was 14, she was 26 and according to my halls’s crush, it was the most enlightening event of his entire life. At this point, I would like to add that this guy is now 29 and he still spoke about this woman like it happened yesterday. I got very jealous.

Yes! I really was, and I’m normally not even the jealous type. And we all know about my older guy fetish.The reason I was so envious was that, I don’t have anyone who would ever talk about me like that. I haven’t been anyone’s first and I’m 26(in October). I haven’t carved my name in anyone. I haven’t signed my autograph on any boy. I haven’t planted my seed. And I feel like such a waste. Instead of me, trying to teach grown ass men what they are supposed to do, isn’t it logical to find a young boy and lead him to the path of righteousness, huh?

So, now I’m searching for a candidate. I want to be someone’s first. Like a real first, not just those guys who claim to be virgins so they can score a quick lay, I mean a real pure boy. I want him to see me 10 years later in public and still blush, I want that so bad. Does that make me insane? No. I think it makes me a charitable person. Someone who is willing to teach. You know teachers shape the people we become right? So yes, I want to shape someone.

Have you been anyone’s guiding light? Please share the experience with me below, if you haven’t, let’s form a group and start hunting…XO

Oh, btw…Enjoy the world cup madness😎