Hey guys,
I have got a lot emails from my you all, my lovely loyal readers, asking why I haven’t posted anything. I do have a reason, two actually.

At first, I was really busy with school work and I wanted to reduce the distractions and when my work eased down, problems in my dear country, Nigeria made everything I wanted to write about a little bit trivial. There were two bomb blasts in Abuja, over 200 young girls were kidnapped in Borno state, and so many more killings all over the country(well, not all over,please google it) all these attacks are from terrorist group Boho Haram.

It doesn’t feel like the right time to write about the kind of things I like to write about, I feel a deep sadness when I wake up and think about what those girls are going through right now and when they are rescued, I really hope my government or some organisation has enough therapists to help them.

Social media has helped to bring the world to our aid, and I’m waiting patiently. A lot of people keep saying they are ashamed to be Nigerians, I’m not ashamed at all, mostly embarrassed but not ashamed. The people make up the country and I like my people, I like my Nigerians, we have elected a lot of shitheads in positions of power and they have taken advantage of that, greed has made a lot of people represent Nigeria in a very negative light, but I never generalise, I still love my Nigerian people. And I really do believe there is still hope for us as a nation.

Meanwhile, I’m just not going to be able to blog anything useful until something positive happens in Nigeria.

I hope y’all bear with me.