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I recently discovered the healing power of bookish podcasts. Podcasts make an excellent and super-fun supplement to reading: They allow readers to delve into aspects of books and authors that they otherwise might not have the time or ability to explore.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new sounds to plug into your ears on the way to work or while you do chores.

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 Podcasts about books can be a great way to stay on top of things, and you can listen while multitasking. And in the spirit of being a cheerful giver, I want to share some of my favourites.

Books & Rhymes – The Podcast

Books & Rhymes - Bookish Podcasts - Something Bookish

The best part of bookish podcasts is when the host’s personality comes through. Sarah has a genuine love for books and music which comes through. Also, I love her. Follow @BooksAndRhymes on Instagram and Twitter.

What Should I Read Next With Anne Bogel

What To Read Next-Bookish Podcast-Something Bookish

This was the first bookish podcast I discovered on my own and loved. The conversations Anne has with guests are always so intimate and engaging. I also love the recommendations.

Bookworm – The Podcast

Bookish Podcasts-Somrthing Bookish

I love their theme song, has a way of putting you in the mood. The conversations on this podcast are so intellectual. It’s fun to hear a writer talk about their work.

Books Of Your Life With Elizabeth

books of your life-Bookish podcasts-something bookish

This is a GoodReads podcast and if you’re a book lover, you know that this space will be a lot of fun.

Have You Read… ?

Have You read-Bookish podcast-something bookish

This bookish podcast is moderated by my girl, Charlott. A lover of books in every sense of the world. Please follow @half_book_and_co on Instagram

Black Chick Lit

Bookish Podcasts - Something Bookish

Black Chick Lit podcast is like a virtual book club hangout with your best girls. It’s fun and lively. I always have a good time when I listen to it.

The Guardian Books Podcast

Bookish Podcasts- Something Bookish

If you read The Guardian book category regularly, you’d have an idea of what to expect in this podcast. It’s a weekly look at the world of books, peppered with author interviews.

Reading Women

Bookish Podcasts-Something Bookish

I love Reading Women podcast because of the very stimulating author interviews. They release new episodes every Wednesday.

You can find all of these bookish podcasts on Google Podcasts, Castbox, Spotify and iTunes. So, book lovers if you need something to listen to in the car or at the gym or even just when you’re bored at home you now have plenty of podcasts to play.

If you have other favourites, do share with me in the comments. Also, don’t forget to subscribe below!