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Samira quickly discovered that he was right about his ‘Coronation Pricken’ going great with a bread roll – it also went perfectly well with a little cheese on a bagel. When she had come out of the bathroom, she had found Deji setting up the breakfast tray on the bed, so after stopping to playfully pinch his ass, she went to get another shirt from his wardrobe and making sure she kept it open around her nude body, she had climbed unto the bed, sat beside him, and proceeded to have breakfast. Or brunch.

Samira called her dentist to reschedule her appointment. Dr Essien was in a very understanding mood, even asked why she agreed to an appointment on her birthday when she should be having fun. Samira, biting her lip to keep from loudly moaning out loud in pleasure, actually was having ‘fun.’ But she suspected that Dr. Essien would not be so understanding if he knew exactly what kind of ‘fun’ his patient was having while she was talking to him on the phone.

… yess! .. ooh … uhn … ohhh! …” Samira’s eyes were closed as she moved in time with Deji’s strokes into her pussy, her cum steadily flowing out of her as he repeatedly plunged his dick in and out of her warm and wet depths. It was less then thirty minutes since Deji had cum all over her body on his kitchen top and she had gone into the bathroom to wipe herself clean.

Deji was already cupping her breasts from behind and taking her earlobe into his mouth even before Dr. Essien picked up. He began to kiss at the nape of her neck, caressing her body with one hand as he squeezed at her breast with the other, and it was a desperate struggle for her to keep from crying out as he ruthlessly touched and tormented her for the next three and a half minutes. She tried to get him off her but after a few seconds she knew it was hopeless, so she gave up and concentrated on trying to make it through the phone call without embarassing herself. She made it. But barely just – his fingers were pushing through her parted and wet nether lips by the time she breathlessly hung up and turned her head to berate him, but all thoughts of telling him off fell by the wayside as he hungrily caught her lips with his and she suddenly found herself kissing him back with a hunger that more than matched his own – knowing that a part of her actually felt disappointed that he had not just speared his dick into her pussy and started fucking her before the call ended.

Things rapidly heated up from there and he was on top of her on the bed, her legs spread wide open around him as they kissed hungrily, kissing and licking at each other’s lips, tongues exploring and tasting. Samira’s arms were tight around his neck, feverish and frenzied moans coming out of her at the maddening press of his fully swollen dick against her abdomen. The need to have him inside her was overwhelming – enough that when he suddenly lifted himself off her she almost screamed. But in the next moment, he reached for her, gathering her up in his arms. Samira, trembling with barely banked desire once again put her arms around his shoulders as he picked her up and carried her out of the bedroom and into the living room. He took her lips with his as he laid her on the sofa and Samira wordlessly leaned back on the backrest and spread her legs as he knelt in front of her. She watched him, eyes wide, breasts heaving with anticipation as he brought out and tore open a condom packet – one of his ‘specials’ – and slowly rolled the sheath over his erection.

Samira reached for his member to guide him in as he leaned over her, making a soft cooing noise as she felt the head of his shaft stroke against the wetness of her pussy. She let out a loud moan all thoughts and frustration forgotten as he pushed his way into her pussy, feeling herself closing tightly around him as he entered her completely. Her body shuddered from top to bottom as her pussy stretched to accept the intruder, eyes rolling up into her head before they fluttered closed in pure delight, breasts jiggling, nipples swollen and hard as he possessively took them in his hands. It was almost as good as an orgasm – the way he filled her pussy – and Samira flung her head back as the waves of pleasure ran through her, her lips curled in a smile as she simply enjoyed his cock being inside her body.

Then he started to fuck her and Samira abandoned herself to ecstasy. ” … ooh yess! … yess! … fuck me! … ooh … yess” …”

She found herself being taken in every which way and losing count of her orgasms as Deji mounted her repeatedly all through the day; licking her neck as he repeatedly thrusted into her pussy up against the bedroom door, stroking her hips and holding on to her dangling breasts as he rode her from behind on the living room carpet, engulfed inside her pussy as she bounced, shuddered and quivered on top of him on the sofa, with her legs suspended over his arms as he plunged in and out of her on the bed, and even on the tiles of the kitchen floor with one of her legs high up in the air when getting a snack – his grape, peach, pineapple and strawberry fruit combo – swiftly became something else. He licked and kissed every part of her body and repeatedly ate her pussy out and fucked her with his tongue and fingers, relentlessly making her cum over and over again.

Samira enthusiastically returned the favour as she fucked, touched and kissed him back, determined to give him as much pleasure as he was giving her. She moaned as she ran her tongue and kissed all over his body, removing each spent condom from his penis and stroking him with her hands and taking him into her mouth to get him hard again. Her hands shook feverishly in anticipation each time she unrolled a fresh new sheath on his dick and her mind exploded each and every time he slid his cock into her and fucked her for an eternity of sinful delight, her cries and squeals becoming louder and louder as she completely abandoned herself to her pleasure and all that was left of her remaining inhibitions disappeared.

Samira knew that she was an entirely different woman when she finally knelt in front of him on the kitchen tiles and took him into her mouth, pushing him to lean against the kitchen top as she bent her head to suck him in. It was after he had just bent her over the counter by the sink and fucked her slowly and steadily from behind until she came loudly once again, thrashing violently against the marble top of the kitchen surface as he held her by the waist and her swollen breasts. But he had not cum yet, his member was still hard and buried in her pussy as he waited for her to calm down. Samira felt his hardness inside her as she came to from her orgasm was already bracing herself for another round of fucking when he suddenly withdrew from her, making her jerk and cry out at his abrupt exit from her pussy. But she immediately knew what he wanted, and she turned around and kissed him, hard, licking hungrily at his lips before she sank to her knees and wrapped her lips around his cock, still gleaming wet from so recently being inside her, tasting herself on his shaft.

It was early evening, the sun only beginning to set and the windows facing the other side of the street were wide open, but she took no notice of any of it. She had no more inhibitions, felt no shame, felt no more need for modesty. All that mattered was making him cum, seeing the look of ectasy on his face as she swallowed him. She moaned in genuine delight as she kissed, licked, and sucked him, enjoying his gasps and sharp intakes of breath at her ministrations to his cock, completely unconcerned that people could be watching her on her knees, sucking his dick where anyone could see. She did not care if they did. She instead took her time to make it last, varying the twirls of her tongue, grazing him gently with her teeth, and taking him in as far as she could go. She sniffed at him just like he always did at her pussy before he ate her out, smiling naughtily up at him before she sucked in his scrotum, stroking his shaft gently with her hand as she played with his balls in her mouth. His cock and balls were fully covered in her saliva when he finally gave a cry and came, coating her breasts with his cum before she closed her mouth around his spurting member, his hands clenched in fists on the edge of the kitchen top he had fucked her so frenziedly on just a few hours earlier.

Afterwards, she had simply lain on top of him on the sofa in the living room, exhausted, her lips curled in a contented smile as her eyes slowly closed. Her body was covered in sweat and semen; shiny streaks and strings of cum on her thighs, her breasts, her belly, her ass, her hips and some even in her hair. Her eyes were still alight with vestiges of unsated lust as they closed, her hair completely dishevelled and her full lips swollen to full poutiness from kissing him and pleasuring him with her mouth, lips and tongue over the course of the whole day.

Do you know how beautiful you are …?” He whispered to her as he gently stroked her hair.

Samira’s eyes opened and she raised her head and looked up at him as his fingers began to stroke her cheek. The sudden surge of affection she felt towards him at that moment was dangerous, she knew. He was not her ‘type’ and they were only supposed to be having an ‘arrangement’, but … she felt beautiful. The way he looked at her, touched her, kissed her – when he was inside her she felt perfect, wanton and free, like the sexiest and most desirable woman on Earth. He made her ‘feel’ beautiful. And it made her unable to resist him no matter how often he fucked her. He was not her ‘type’, she told herself … but at the same time, he was the reason she was increasingly finding herself waking up in the mornings with her pussy wet and her body a bundle of craving nerves, her days plagued with sexual fantasies that had her crossing and re-crossing her legs and squirming in her seat in her office.

You make me feel beautiful ...” she told him honestly, voice quiet, needing to say it and angry at herself for it … and hoping he would not take the conversation into more dangerous territory as she laid her head back on his shoulder.

Thankfully, he did not.

His hand began to travel all over her body again, gentle exploring caresses on her soft skin as her eyes drooped once more. “Happy birthday, Miss Bello.” Deji said quietly.

Thank you … Mr. Adeosun.” she murmured, a smile on her lips.

The evening was warm and comfortable, with hardly any breeze, the sky a brilliant mix of purple, red and orange. But Samira was barely aware of it all. Her head was resting on his shoulder, her bare breasts pressed against his chest, one leg wrapped around him as she snuggled up closer to him on the settee, moaning contentedly as he caressed her body. The moment; his touching and caressing of her, her lying on top of him as she slowly fell asleep, naked in front of the big living room windows and the brilliant sunset – it felt dangerously romantic … even intimate. But she decided not to worry about it as her eyes went from half-shut to completely closed.

And then, it happened.

I love you.” Samira’s eyes snapped open at the words. Her shock all the more acute because she had said them. She felt his hand halt its stroking of her back as she raised her head to look at him. “I love you, Mr. Adeosun.” she said again, this time fully conscious of what she was doing, knowing that she needed to say them, – that she could no longer continue lying to herself.

Deji smiled at her, and his hand began to stroke at her face. “And I love you Miss Bello. For quite a while actually. I was kinda wondering when you’d come around to figuring out you kinda liked me too.”

Arrogant bastard.” she said, smiling widely, before hungrily covering his lips with hers. His cock started growing against her thigh as she kissed him and her pussy began to pulse with warmth again.

It was not long before he was leaning over her as she lay back and spread her legs for him on his bed, all her exhaustion gone, energy coming from a heart pounding with a happiness she had never thought could be possible for one person to feel. She stared up at him with wide eyes, hungrily taking in the sight of him, crying out and clutching the sheets as she accepted his gentle entry into her vagina.

I’m going to make love to you, Samira.” he said after kissing her parted lips.

The thrill that went through her body was unlike any she had ever felt before. And as he started to slide in and out of her, gently and slowly, she sought his lips with hers again, knowing she had a lifetime of hearing those words said over and over again.

****The End****