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He grinned. “Naughty girl. I meant the club. I started fucking you in the morning, remember?”

“Oh?” she started running a finger around the areola of a jutting boob as she turned a playfully wrinkled nose at him. “Oh shut up, you.” She cupped the boob and gave it a squeeze before she let go of it and started with the other one. “And yes, I did have fun last night. Especially after this nasty guy stopped torturing me with some nerdy thing inside my poor … pussy.” She suddenly remembered something. “Hey! Do you have my panties with you?”


Samira sighed in relief – it was one of her favourites. He would probably insist on putting them on her himself when she was leaving. She found that she liked it when he dressed her – it was almost as nice as when he undressed her.

“Do you still have my ‘nerdy thing’?”

“Yours?” she asked playfully.

Deji grinned. “I could get more …”

Samira looked at him for a moment. “Let’s wait and see, huh?” she answered at last, after taking a moment to move her mind away from going any deeper into the territory her thoughts were going into. Her resolve was precarious enough as it was. Her mouth had gone dry again and she picked up her nearly forgotten glass of juice and drained it in one gulp, putting it down beside the laptop.

It was then that Deji brought over the two small pots; one with tea and the other with coffee and placed them on the breakfast tray. Samira’s heartbeat went up at his being so close to her and she licked her lips, aching for him to touch her but afraid that he would stop again and leave her a quivering mass of need crazed woman. He leaned even closer, the predatory gleam in his eyes intensifying as he openly looked at her body. Her lips took on a playful pout as she pushed out her chest so he could get a better look at her titties. “Fuck me.”

He leaned forward to drop a light kiss on her pouting lips. “Later.”

She pouted some more.

His grin only widened in response and he lightly trailed his hand on her thigh, making her quiver, before he started heading back to the fridge. “What’s your friend’s name, the fair one in the leatherpants …?”

Samira looked up again. “Bianca?

Deji brought out a large dish of grapes from the fridge. “I guess so … anyway, where the hell did she learn how to dance like that? I think she had every guy at the club watching her last night.”

“You too?”

“Well,” he grinned. “Yeah.”

Samira looked sharply at him, feeling something a bit too close to jealousy surge through her. “I can dance as well as she can.” Samira protested peevishly, pouting unconsciously. True enough, Bianca was an excellent dancer and she always let herself go wild in a club, effortlessly moving herself in perfect counterpoint to the music, always sexy and always drawing men’s eyes. But Samira had started dance with Bianca when they were younger and they continued to go to the same dance classes for their exercise regimens. They had taken modern dance, salsa, ball room, hip hop, belly dancing and even pole dancing classes together and they had developed a very healthy and strong rivalry. They were always at the top if never the best in those classes, but one was never more than an inch behind the other and that was all that mattered.

But Samira was not quite as free with her dancing as Bianca was – unless Bianca openly challenged her – and she childishly thought it was unfair that Deji had seen Bianca dancing like she could, but he had held her too close and had thoroughly distracted her with the ‘thing’ he had inserted into her to let her show him what she could do.

“Oh?” Deji’s face had a small amused smirk as he added pineapple, peeled tangerine and peach slices to the dish of grapes. “Okay.”

Samira opened her mouth to retort as he turned back to the counter, his back to her, but she shut her mouth again as she realized that it would make no difference. It would be her mouth versus what he saw in the club. But she had an idea though. A deliciously naughty idea; one she that knew she would enjoy and he would as well. It could actually make him lose control at last, enough to make him plunge himself inside her until he came – the thought made her shiver in hope and anticipation. She gracefully got off the kitchen top after selecting an appropriate song on his laptop and clicking on it. Looking at his back and smiling naughtily, she raised the ends of her shirt up and tied it in a knot under her boobs, leaving herself completely bare from her stomach down to her bare feet. She wanted him to see her waist and her butt, and it just seemed more nasty to leave the shirt on rather than take it all off. It was a large shirt – his size, so when one of her breasts felt out through the wide open unbuttoned gap in front, she did not mind or even bother to replace it. In fact, it made it that little bit more wicked.

“Deji?” she started swaying her hips.

Deji dropped the last strawberry on the fruit salad and turned to look at her. He froze.

The music started in earnest – Shakira’s La Tortura. Samira slowly licked her lips and wound her waist, smiling, feeling deliciously powerful.

Watch me, Mr. Adeosun.” she commanded.

And Samira did exactly that for the next four minutes. He watched Samira dance for him.

He stared transfixed as Samira lowered herself to a squat and rose with a deeper sway and grind of her hips. She mixed in a bit of everything as she wound her belly, hips and waist, repeatedly going from a slow dignified and erotic hip sway to a thoroughly raunchy ass shaking, hair gathered high on her head with one hand. She spun around and turned her back to him so he could see her ass as she swivelled her mid-riff around like a belly dancer, then she bent over and pumped it at him, knowing and thrilling to the fact that he could clearly see her pussy each time she lowered herself and went back up to her full height again. She smiled as she added a little bit of the pole dancer in her gyrations, making her breasts bounce around on her chest before she danced up close to him. He stood stock still as she wrapped a leg around him, salsa like, and lowered herself down his body and then went back up again, staring into his eyes, making sure he felt her breasts rubbing against him. Then she spun around and grinded her ass against him, feeling his erection press against her before she went back to the marble topped kitchen platform. Looking into his eyes as she continued to move, she planted her legs and swayed her hips, and then she began to touch herself, grabbing and squeezing her breasts, and running her hands down her belly and lightly stroking her hands between her legs. She spun around so he could see her running her hands down her butt and thighs as she bent over from her waist, slowly raising herself erect as she stroked her hands back up her body. She turned around again to face him and spent a while licking her lips at him as she slowly and very lewdly pumped her pelvic region, hands on the marble top behind her, enjoying the wild hunger in his eyes as he finally took a step towards her.

It was after that that she hopped up unto the kitchen top and spread her legs, one dangled to the floor, the other on the marble top, as she leaned back on one elbow and began to stroke her pussy, still winding her stomach and hips like a belly dancer, eyes locked on him the whole time.

Throughout, she never failed to follow the rhythm of the song playing, and by the end of it Samira found herself staring down at Deji’s dick as it began to push its way into her pussy, perched somewhat precariously on her ass with her hands supporting her from behind at the edge of the kitchen top. She felt triumphant – Deji had finally lost hold of his vaunted self-control. He had been staring at her, mesmerized, when all of a sudden he had just yanked his pyjama bottoms down off his waist and let them fall to his feet. He did not bother removing his T-shirt. She had licked her lips at the sight of his erection as he stepped out of the pyjamas and approached her, his eyes telling her what he was going to do. She had spread her legs wider, the smell of her arousal and the visible wetness of her pussy telling him that she was ready for him. When he reached her he had let out a hungry growl as he covered her lips with his, kissing her avidly as he pulled her forward by the waist. Samira had kissed him back with just as much hunger and thrown one arm around his neck as she scooted forward on her ass. Her dancing had heightened her need to the boiling point as well.

Samira let out her usual soft hiss as her vaginal walls stretched to accomodate the invader making its way into her. The sight of herself being penetrated always fascinated Samira, and her lust glazed eyes were fixed on the scene between her legs of Deji’s rod disappearing into her wet sheath.

“Oh … fuck!” she threw her head back and called out when he was fully inside her. He leaned forward and their lips met again, licking and sucking, savouring the feeling of him being fully in her pussy. “Oh … Deji!” Samira whispered in between kisses and licks of his lips, eyes wide open and hot, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Deji responded by pushing her to lie on her back, and she feverishly untied the shirt and thrust her breasts out, siwftly reaching down to guide his hands to them with her hands and holding them there as he began to piston himself in and out of her pussy. Samira cried out in delight at each hard thrust as he fucked her at a middling but steady pace, kneading her shaking breasts as they lay swollen and heavy to either side on her chest. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she thrust her pelvis back at him, fucking him back. The thought occured to her feverish mind that she was now having sex in the possible full view of the people across the street where she had just a short time before been mortified at the thought that they would see her walking around naked in the kitchen. Now she was being gloriously and thoroughly fucked in the kitchen and she simply did not care.

Samira let go of Deji’s hands on her breasts and threw her arms to her sides, levering herself up on her elbows so she could watch Deji’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy, her legs unwrapping themselves from around his waist and suspended in the air. Deji kept his hands on her breasts, pinching her hard swollen brown nipples as he started to fuck her with harder deeper thrusts. Her eyes travelled constantly from his face to the sight of his fucking cock between her legs, teeth gritted and grunting at each stroke as she pumped her hips back at him. Her lips were parted, her hair scattered and her eyes wild with pleasure and need as she stared at the man fucking her, panting in exertion along with him. The heavy musk of her arousal filled the room and Deji breathed her in deeply as he quickened his pace into her shuddering body. Her grunts turned to sharp squeals of delight and after a moment he leaned forward and captured her lips again. She held the back of his head with one hand as she kissed him back, supporting herself on one elbow as she licked around his mouth.

She went back to her elbows again when the kiss broke and threw her legs even higher around him. “Fuck me! Don’t stop! Oh my God, fuck me!” She turned her head to look out the window, again wondering if the neighbours could see her, abandoning herself to her lust, her naughty side in paroxysms of delight. She turned her head to look back at him and then at the sight of his dick plunging in and out of her. “Fuck me! … yess … like that! … uhn … right there! … fuck … me! … uhn …! … oh … I love that dick! … right … there … uhn!” Samira felt a flush starting from her belly and she began to shake, her easily orgasmic nature asserting itself. And Deji, as usual, read the signs perfectly as her eyes shut and her lips began to curl into a smile; he removed a hand from her breasts and reached down between her legs to rub at her clit.

Samira exploded into a shrieking orgasm, cum gushing out of her full of cock pussy as she collapsed back on the marble top. She shook wildly as she sobbed out her orgasm, legs going slack around her lover as he held her waist and continued fucking her, albeit ever more slowly as he hungrily took in the sight of her as she repeatedly reached the crest of her pleasure. She was smiling widely, breasts heaving and shuddering as she whimpered and moaned in release, and as he watched, fascinated, he slowed down until he was still, buried inside her tight and spasming cunt. It was a long moment before she opened her eyes to find him looking at her face and she smiled in surprised delight to find that he was still hard inside her.

You are amazing.” she breathed as she lifted herself up, with his help, his arm around her lower back, and threw her arms around his neck.

The kiss was long and hot, made more so by the fact that her pussy was wrapped tightly around his still fully engorged member.

So are you.” Deji said after she finally let go off his lower lip which she had captured with her own two full ones. “You are beyond amazing …

Samira giggled. “Thanks. I do aim to please.” She ground herself against his dick, face growing more serious – he was still inside her after all. “I think we need to do something about that.”

He grinned and abruptly pumped hard into her, making her squeal. “Think you can handle it?”

She frowned theatrically and then kissed him again. “Yes.” She held his cheek and looked into his eyes as she deliberately mashed her boobs against his T-shirt covered chest and squeezed her pussy walls around him. “Let me take care of that for you, Mr. Adeosun.” She licked at his lips, hard. “Fuck me, Deji. Let me make you cum.

Deji smiled and kissed her again before he grabbed hold of her waist and pushed her back so her ass was completely on the kitchen top , in the event exiting completely from her. She let out a whine of protest but smiled as he smoothly climbed the platform after her, moving back some more on the marble surface and spreading her legs. She lifted her head to watch again as he entered her cunt, sinking easily into her wetness and groaning at her tightness around his dick. She lifted her knees and wrapped her arms around his back as he lay on top of her and they kissed, his arms hooking around her shoulders to hold her steady.

Fuck me.” she whispered again, stroking his hair and beginning to pump her pelvis. “I need you to cum for me. I need your cum inside me.”

They both kept their eyes open as they began to fuck each other, starting slow and gradually speeding up, harder and faster. Samira’s legs flexed and she repeatedly crossed and uncrossed her ankles around his pistoning waist as they kissed and nibbled, licked and sucked at each other’s lips.

Happy Birthday …” he breathed, somehow managing to smile naughtily at her.

Samira let out a laugh, again remembering Queen’s story of being ‘ridden to her birthday’ “Thank you … oh yess … just like that ..!”

Moments later, covered once again in a sheen of sweat, they were a rapidly moving mass of flesh, moaning, groaning, grunts and squeals of pleasure coming from both as they fucked hard and fast, consumed to mindless abandon by their pleasure. Lips, tongues and hands moved feverishly and they no longer made any effort to keep their eyes open as they approached the precipice. Samira was blabbering whatever came to her mind as she felt herself begin to shudder in another orgasm, already aware of Deji shaking and stiffening, grunting as he felt his balls tighten in preparation to let go of his cum inside her.

… uhn … oh fuck! … uhn … fuck me … right there … uhn … like that … fuck me! … uhn … fuck my pussy! … uhn … uhn …! … oh fuck! … yes … yes … I’m gonna cuuuuuummmm!”

Samira felt Deji’s cock pulse mightily as it released into her and that took her over the edge as she made a noise halfway between a growl and a scream. Deji shouted something unintelligible and withdrew from her, spurting cum on her abdomen, belly and breasts. He shuddered some more before he collapsed on top of her quivering form, covering her lips hungrily with his, swallowing her cries and making her squeal against his mouth as she writhed under him, wrapping her legs tight around his back.

Long moments passed before thought and movement returned and they were both panting as they finally came to, neither able to speak just yet. So they just kissed for a while, their lips and tongues emulating what their bodies had just done. That was, until Samira’s stomach made a loud rumbling noise. She giggled and then laughed as it made another, even louder rumble.

“Okay, okay!” Deji said, an amused grin on his face as he lifted himself off her to a kneeling position between her spread legs. “I’m sorry I’m starving the Birthday Girl. No need to tell the whole world about it!” The front of his T-shirt had absorbed some of the semen he had spilled in strings and pools on Samira’s body as he had lain on top of her and there were tell-tale dark spots and streaks on the cotton across his stomach and chest. He stroked her thigh. “C’mon, let’s have breakfast.” He looked at the kitchen clock. “Or brunch.”

Samira smiled at him, enjoying his touching her. “Whatever you say, Mr. Adeosun.”

Deji stroked her thighs one more time before he climbed off the marble top and stood on shaky feet in front of her, eyes suddenly noting how close their bodies were to the breakfast tray at one end of the kitchen top and the laptop at the other. His kitchen top was large, but even so it was surprising that they had been able to have sex on it without knocking down either the laptop or the breakfast tray.

She sat up and looked down at herself, at the cum splattered all over her belly and breasts and sighed in amused resignation “I think I need to clean up first. You always make such a mess!” She gathered up some of the cum by her belly button with her fingers and looking into his eyes, licked it off with a mischievous grin on her full lips. “Mmmm … but you always taste so nice though.”

She got off the kitchen top, swallowing some more, lewdly licking her lips and smiling at him.

Samira let out a squeal as Deji abruptly crushed her into a breathtaking kiss. But she automatically put her arms around his neck and pressed herself hard against him, in turns melting into his arms and holding him tight against her body. By the time he released her she was more than a little out of breath and panting. Her sex was stirring with heat again, to her surprise, though it was not as big a surprise as it would have been a little more than two months earlier. She was becoming insatiable.

He gave her a light tap on the ass and a playful squeeze. “Well, better go clean up, Miss Bello.” Right then, his own stomach growled and they both laughed before he gave her a light kiss on the lips and let go of her.

Samira sassily swayed her hips, knowing he was watching, as she left the kitchen and made her way back into the bathroom to clean herself up. On her way, she stopped by the living room and took out the tube of lip gloss from her handbag. In the bathroom, she took off the cum stained shirt and popped it into the laundry basket, intending to get another one from his wardrobe. Then she had wiped the semen off the skin of her belly and breasts and in between her legs, needing to rub harder at the streaks of it in her public hair with the warm wet towel. Afterwards she had layered the gloss on her lush lips, kissing and smiling at herself in the mirror as she adjusted her glasses.

She had, of course, had them on the whole time in the kitchen.



****To Be Continued****