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“Terabyte SSD?!”
“Yeah,” he nodded, smiling with one side of his mouth, pleased at her amazement. “And it’s got all sorts of in-built wireless connections; 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 5, WiMAX and heck, there’s even a slot for a SIM Card so you can pretty much make a phone call with it if you call the program up. Two batteries; one internal, one removable and it’s even got a solar panel.” He tapped the glassy cross-hatched surface on the cover. “Lightweight titanium – pretty tough.”

“Wow …” Samira said, very impressed. “I could get my work done in half the time with this.” She turned to look at him, “What’s the operating system?

Right now, Windows,” he said, making her eyebrows go up in surprise, “with a few theme and other add-in modifications by our guys, of course. But I’ve got Linux installed as well on a different partition.”

Why don’t you guys sell this on a larger scale?” Samira actually had an idea why and he confirmed it.

“It would cost about $8,000 for one. Think anybody would spend that much for something that won’t do much more than something going for $800?”

“So why did you guys make it?”

He grinned. “Because we can. It’s like advertising; they make it very easy for us to impress clients – everybody asks about them.”


“Once you get to a certain level, you get one made for you. It’s one of the perks. You can even order a few extra accessories so you can be a little unique.”

“Like what?”

He reached across her bare lap and pressed a panel beside the touchpad. “Like this.” It popped up, revealing a small rounded cylinder with a lens on one side, attached to the flat surface on top. At the corner of the screen a window opened and she saw an extremely clear moving picture of her abdomen, stomach and the underside of her boobs. Any minor movement upward by her or downward by the camera and the rest of her bush, not just the top of her public region would be on screen.

She stared on at the laptop for a moment, admiring, before she turned to him again, and giggled, “You are such a nerd!

He frowned theatrically, then he grinned. “Guilty as charged.” He suddenly plucked out the miniature camera and pulled it out, a thin metallic cord unwinding and trailing from it to the space left on the laptop by the popped out panel. The line was six feet long when he abruptly turned the lens to her. Samira opened her mouth to object when she saw herself on the screen, the shirt open around her nude form, breasts proud and jutting as she sat with legs folded and one hand supporting her on the marble surface. But he pressed something before she could utter a word and a loud clicking noise came from the laptop, over the music playing from the same loudspeaker. A window opened on the screen and there she was, in an open man’s shirt but otherwise naked with her rimless glasses perched on her nose, her mouth open in protest.

“Hey!” Samira tried to cover herself.

Deji took another picture and another window popped up.

Stop it!” she crossed an arm over her boobs and covered her pubic hair with her other hand.

Deji simply smiled and took another picture.

Stop!” she tried to turn away but he just moved with her and pressed his thumb against the button of the snapper.

Another window popped up on the screen.

Stop it jor!” Samira frantically gathered the shirt around her and covered herself, holding it closed with both hands over her breasts.

Deji paused and looked at her, then he deliberately took another picture before he moved over to her so swiftly her breath caught in her throat. He put down the mini-camera on the keyboard and then placed both his hands on top of hers.

Samira, let go” he all but commanded as he pried them away from the shirt. Samira was confused at herself as she found her hands falling away to allow him to once again open the shirt around her breasts and the rest of her body. She was still confused when she sighed in pleasure, eyes closing as he deliberately caressed her again with his hands, stroking her breasts and belly down to her hips and thighs and then trailing his hands back up again. Moaning in weak protest, Samira felt as if she was mesmerized as he pulled her forward on the kitchen top and carefully spread her legs until her wet pussy was right in front of him. Her mouth went dry as he picked up the camera and aimed the lens at her.

His other hand went up to cup her breast as he stared into her shocked eyes. “Trust me.”

Samira’s shock was at herself. She was not embarrassed or even outraged. She was excited. Totally, completely excited. Not even Bianca at her wildest would do something like this. What if it ended up being seen all over the Internet? What if his friends at work come across pictures of her like that while looking at his laptop? What if …?

But she trusted him. Even if she ended their ‘arrangement’ with him tomorrow, he would never let that happen … She realized even as the thoughts ran through her head that most of the mortified women who woke up to find their nude bodies displayed for all the world to see on the world wide web never thought the men they had trusted to take pictures of them at their most wanton would betray them so cruelly.

But at the moment, her naughty side was winning over her more rational, more sensible side; she would do it because she wanted to, she realized, and damn the consequences.

Samira wet her lips, and nodded. Deji smiled at her, and took the picture.

She turned her head to look at the screen as the ‘click’ sounded on the loudspeaker, and the new picture window opened up – a clear and perfect picture of her pussy; labia swollen with arousal, her nether lips gleaming wetly with her cum, clit swelling just that little bit out of its hood. Samira heard Deji’s sharp intake of breath and she glanced down at the tent of his penis in his pyjamas and something within her snapped.


His eyes left the screen and looked at her.

She smiled and slowly raised one leg high up in the air, giving him another view of her pussy. “Take another one.

Deji licked his lips and wordlessly raised the mini-camera, and snapped the picture.

Samira’s smile widened and then she changed positions, drawing up both legs to her ass. “Another one.”

She moved again after the ‘click’ and crossed on leg over the other, leaving herself still open as she leaned back on her hands, breasts thrust out. She smiled invitingly at him to press the snapper again. He did and she lowered the shirt slightly over her shoulder as she looked at the picture come up on the screen; he had focused on her pussy to much the exclusion of all else. Her nose wrinkled, lips twisting in amusement; typical.

Get all of me.” she ordered as she looked at him again, keeping the same pose. Deji adjusted the lens and took another picture. Samira did not bother to look at the screen again as she shifted to another position, cupping one of her breasts and holding it up with one hand as she leaned forward. Deji took her picture, and she shifted gracefully into another position, her smile raunchy and inviting.

They carried on like that for while, Samira posing to show off her charms, adopting poses she had seen and half-remembered from glancing through magazines. She took position after position that displayed her large breasts, her voluptuous ass, her flat belly, her caramel thighs, her curvy legs and her soaking wet pussy to their best advantage, relishing the increasingly harsh note of Deji’s breathing and the growing tent in his pants as he snapped picture after picture of her, thoroughly enjoying herself. Finally she went on her hands and knees and faced away from him, giving him an excellent look at her pussy from behind. After the ‘click’, she widened her legs and threw her head back. He took another picture and then she heard his breath catch as she balanced on one hand and reached a finger beneath her and between her legs, and then slide it into herself, crying out softly in delight.

“Take it.” she moaned.

Deji took the picture she wanted but she spent another few seconds stroking her finger into herself before she turned a mischievous face toward him over her shoulder. He took a picture and she turned some more, her breasts coming into view. He took a picture of that and she smoothly turned on her back, her finger still inside her as she rested on one elbow and spread her legs wider, bare heels on the marble. She continued to stroke into her pussy, adding another finger, smiling at him, and he took a final picture, taking a deep breath as he gave a sharp tug of the the mini-camera’s metallic cord. The cord started to retract itself into the hole in the laptop by the touchpad left there by the removed panel. Deji barely noticed the camera fix itself into place, his eyes riveted on the woman masturbating in front of him on the high platform in the middle of his kitchen.

You want to fuck me, don’t you, Mr. Adeosun?” Samira cooed. “You want to bury that dick deep inside my pussy?” She extracted her fingers from herself and began to rub at her clit. “You want me to cum all over your dick and then you’d probably want me to suck and lick you until you’re hard enough to fuck me again, huh?” She plunged her fingers back into herself and threw her head back again “Uhn! … You’d feel so good inside me, Deji Adeosun … I always love it when you’re fucking me …” She stared straight into his eyes as she removed her fingers once again, wet cum-covered fingers. “Come and taste me.”

She abruptly sat up and leaned forward to place her fingers on his lips. Deji licked it all off, making her giggle as he sniffed deeply at her hand and took both fingers into his mouth. She could smell herself too, she realized, very strongly. “Do I taste good?” she whispered.

Yes, you do …” Deji answered.

“You want to eat my pussy and fuck me, don’t you, Mr. Adeosun?”

“Yes.” Deji ran his hands up her thighs to her waist, hunger burning in his eyes. “I want to eat your pussy and fuck you, Samira Bello.”

Samira could not believe how thrilled she was to hear those words from his mouth, but she had a role to play. “Oh, I ‘am’ going to fuck you, Mr. Bello. I’m planning on fucking you all day.” Samira’s smile was wicked and she almost laughed to see the look on Deji’s face before he swiftly regained control of himself.

In response he reached forward and grabbed hold of her soft breasts and their hard swollen nipples with both hands. Samira made a little noise, something between a squeal and a grunt as he pulled firmly at them and drew her forward. Helpless and finding herself unwilling to stop him, she went to her knees in front of him on the kitchen top. Her head may have been quite far away from his lips for kissing but her breasts were perfectly positioned for his mouth and he took in both nipples one at a time, giving them each a quick lavishing of the tongue and a good hard suck, making her shudder and squeal both times, her arms draped around his neck.

He leaned back away from her, hands on her waist, and smiled wickedly, triumphant. “The clock is ticking, lady.”

She grinned down at him, breasts heaving, her nipples wet, at attention, and pointing at his face. “Good.”

Her ass was also in the perfect position for a little exploration into her pussy from behind while he focused again on her boobs with his mouth. Samira’s resolve was crashing and burning spectacularly and she was wondering if she had bitten off more than she could chew – teasing Deji when he could so easily have her weak and defenseless against him. The woman in her, the part of her that exhilarated when a man took control in bed, loved that he seemed to have so much more control than she did. She was still writhing on her knees against him, her arms around his neck, her head thrown back and her mouth open in moans and whimpers when the electronic water kettle on the counter whistled out loudly that the water had come to a boil. A second later, the coffee maker also made a slight beep to show that it was done.

She expected it but she moaned at the sense of loss as Deji took his fingers out of her and her right nipple popped out of his mouth. Her cunt felt empty in that all too consuming and familiar way, desperately needing to be filled. She shook a little as he dropped another kiss on the valley between her breasts, and then let go of her. Samira slowly sat back on her heels as he walked over to the counter, struggling to wall off her desire like she did before. She could not do it, she realized, not to go anywhere near the success of the last time. She could keep herself from leaping on top of him, just barely, but the heat in between her legs and the way visions of him penetrating her ran through her mind told her that the next time he touched her his penis would have to be sliding into her depths in the next moment or she just might go mad.

Samira saw him smile at her from the counter with his familiar predatory gleam and she could not stop herself from glancing down at the bulge in his pyjamas. The sudden surge of hunger nearly made her leap off the kitchen top and run at him but she took a calming breath and playfully stuck her tongue out at him before she deliberately turned away to look once again at the laptop. She began to browse through his music collection, consciously distracting herself by concentrating on something else other than the man and the erection less than ten feet away from her. It worked. Just barely. She was still naked in a fully open shirt and so aroused she felt light-headed. But she was able to ignore her need a little as she continued to scroll through his playlist, nodding in appreciation at the bulk of his choices and wrinkling her nose at others.

She found a song she really liked, one that had played in the club the night before and clicked on it, interrupting the song that had been playing. Samira smiled happily as it started to play instead and continued to browse through the playlist. She unconsciously began to move herself in time with the beat as she sang along quietly under her breath.

She was not aware of Deji looking at her, at the way her lips curled when she smiled, the utterly sexy way her glasses were perched on her nose, the way her still slightly damp hair framed her face and fell down her back, and the graceful way her body automatically swayed to the music. Her bared breasts jiggled with her movements, brown tips still swollen and hard, still gleaming wetly from so recently being in his mouth. He could smell her arousal still; it seemed to permeate the room, a musk smell that was all woman and yet distinctly her. He knew it came mostly from the gleaming wetness coating her inner thighs, visible even from where he was standing. He loved her smell – it was why he was always sniffing at her pussy whenever he ate her out, something he did frequently and enthusiastically.

He knew there was some reason – a past relationship – for why she did not want anything serious, and he sensed that she did not particularly want to have a series of one-night stands, whether or not she had indulged herself in a few in the past. So their fateful ‘arrangement’ seemed to be something of a perfect half-way solution for her, a no attachment sexual relationship with a man who was something of a sexual match, even though she obviously enjoyed his company outside of sex and obviously had come to trust him to a significant extent. It had had him non-plussed at first, but then he had resolved to simply enjoy their ‘arrangement’ – ironically every man’s fantasy – for as long as it lasted. She obviously had her reasons for wanting it that way, which he would find out about, or not, as the case turned out.

But he had never known a woman so naturally sensual that she had no idea that just how much of an erotic fantasy come to life she was. Her exquisite and remarkably sensitive body, her long and soft curly black hair, her beautifully feminine hips, her soft and voluptuous bottom, her heavy and yet perfectly firm breasts, her full heart shaped lips made for being kissed; all that and coupled with her passion, naughtiness and lust … and he was right when he told her she was meant to be fucked and made to cum. Often, hard and regularly.

Deji was aware of the fact that he probably enjoyed making her cum more than he enjoyed her reciprocating. And he enjoyed the latter beyond his wildest dreams. He loved making her cum, so much so that it was becoming something of an obsession – he could not stop thinking about it, at work, at home, at the most inopportune moments. Her face broke out in a smile that took his breath away when she came even as she was sobbing out her pleasure. He suspected that she did not know she smiled when she orgasmed; her eyes always fluttered closed, high pitched moans coming out of her mouth, and she also probably did not know that she made a soft hissing noise, gritting her teeth and curling her upper lip whenever he entered her for the first time each time they met. And she had a delightfully nasty streak; she liked watching herself being penetrated; she loved seeing his dick disappear into her pussy. Often, immediately after he sank himself inside her, he found her staring at where they were conjoined with a look akin to shock, her eyes glazing with pleasure even before he starts stroking into her. It never ceased to excite him even more that she seemed to find something new every time he came inside her.

She always smiled when that happened. Her smiles when she made him cum were full of delight and what could only be pride – she genuinely enjoyed making him cum. And, even better, she was throwing away more and more of the inhibitions she had outside the bedroom each time he pushed her to so something new; the submissive yet naughty and adventurous part of her was becoming stronger – which was why she had initially resisted his taking pictures of her and then had swiftly become an enthusiastic participant, teasing him and trying to get him to lose control and push himself inside her. It had been an extremely close call and even now his resolve was melting precipitously as he watched her move, completely oblivious of how she was affecting him, even after two and a half months of regular hard sex.

In the end, the unalloyed fact was that Samira Bello loved sex. And she was instinctively good at it; her blowjobs were a work of art – she even knew how to use her teeth in addition to her full lips, her warm mouth and her talented tongue to have a man helpless and thoroughly under her control. And she was so perfectly tight that even after being inside her more times than he could count, pushing his way into her pussy was journey of pleasure all its own. There had been times she had made him cum when he was only half-way inside her, which strangely only seemed to make her more determined to cum again. Her pussy naturally clenched around him so it took more staying power than he ever thought he could muster up to last as long as he was inside her. It was what led him to getting stocked up on the special condoms he used on her when he wanted it to last. He was determinedly working on adapting to her tightness so he would not need to use the condoms as much for that, but for the moment he used them regularly on her just so he could see her reach the crest of her pleasure again and again.

Samira felt his eyes on her and turned to find him staring at her, a small coffee pot in his hand. “What?”

He smiled nonchalantly, swiftly regaining control of himself as he turned to the coffee maker and set the pot under it. “So … did you have fun last night?”

“You were fucking me.” she said casually, peering intently at the laptop, lip curled in a mischievous smile. “What do you think?


****To Be Continued****