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Samira came loudly, thrashing violently on the bed but Deji held her by the waist and kept his mouth firmly locked on her pussy. Her mind went blank as she screamed out her release, Deji wringing every last surge of pleasure out of her as she jerked, shook and gasped at his mouth’s plundering of her pussy. Pleasure crashed into her in what seemed to be a never ending wave and it seemed an eternity before she could breathe properly again, her need to feel him inside her still there but banked for now. That was when Deji’s mouth finally left her pussy and she could put the leg that was still suspended up in the air down.

Turn over.” He commanded, breathing hard like her. He was on the brink of losing control and plunging himself inside her but he willed himself to wait just a little longer as he picked up a pillow.

Samira was still whimpering as she moved to obey, turning over to lie on her stomach. Deji put his arm around her waist and put the pillow under her hips so her rear end was higher up than the rest of her body. He spread her legs again as he knelt on the mattress between them and Samira rested her head on her folded arms, making a small purring noise. The dripping of the oil on her rear made her spasm and she moaned her enjoyment as he kneaded the oil deep into her soft flesh, going down into the crack of her ass and exploring her with his fingers. She jerked, raising her head and crying out as he held her cheeks open and dripped a small droplet of oil unto her perineum. She remained stiff and gasping as he stroked her there, his finger trailing closer and closer to her cum soaked cunt. She squealed when his finger traced a line over her nether lips and moaned in frustration when he did not push it in.

Deji … please …!” Samita’s hips started moving in time with the circling finger on her pussy as she bit her lip.

Patience.” He growled, shuddering himself and breathing hard as he took his finger away from her. His erection was already getting painful with the need to slide inside her willing sheath. Just a little longer, he counselled himself as he swallowed, the sight of her pussy taking his breath away as it always did. Shaking his head, he directed the nozzle of the bottle of oil to her back and squeezed a large dollop of oil out, making her gasp again at the initial heat before he started to massage it in.

Samira felt him trail kisses and licks on her spine as he caressed and stroked her sides, hips and back. He dripped some more oil on her skin and went to her shoulders and the back of her arms, practically lying on top of her as he simultaeously kissed and licked her neck, his rock like penis pressed against the crack of her ass. He reached forward and cupped her chin, turning her face to the side so he could kiss her. She moaned as she opened her mouth for his tongue as it flickered on her lips. She kissed him back, hungrily licking and sucking on his lips as she felt her pussy burst into even more of an inferno, cum flowing out of her as she pumped her ass up against his cock. His lips left hers to trail along her jawline and up to her ear. Samira groaned as he took her earlobe into his mouth and his hands reached under her to cup her breasts.

Oh … fuck!” Samira whispered weakly “How are you doing this to me?” She undulated and writhed under him, thoroughly, mind-blowingly aroused and completely consumed by the need to feel him inside her as her cum flooded pussy contracted repeatedly against a familiar imagined invader. It was time. If there ever was a time she needed a man inside her, it was now. “Inside me, Deji … please … I need you … oh fuck me!”

Deji obediently lifted himself off her and set himself behind her raised pussy, breathing ragged and harsh. Deji picked up a condom pack from the bed, tore it open, and swiftly rolled it on. Samira hissed, raising her head and stiffening as he slowly sank into her from behind, feeling herself stretching to accommodate him. He took his time, allowing them to savour the filling of Samira’s tight cunt inch by pleasure filled inch before he finally had the whole of his dick settled fully in her pussy. She felt her vagina walls contract around the rock hard member as he lay on top of her and nuzzled her neck, his hands reaching under her to cup her breasts possessively. Samira sobbed with relief, feeling everything else melt away to insignificance.

She reached behind her head and yanked off the blindfold. “Fuck me, Deji.” she said simply, after she put it to the side.

Deji complied, and he started to slide in and out of her, fucking her at a low and steady speed. Samira moaned and whimpered, feeling a complete sense of bliss steal over her as she pumped her ass and fucked him back at the same pace. It was perfect. Deji never varied his slow pace or the depth of his strokes and Samira went through three orgasms in smooth succession as he continued to fuck her from behind, lying on top of her, her breasts in his hands, her nipples continuously stroked and pinched by his talented fingers. Everytime she felt him begin to shake, about to lose control, he would halt and wait, and she would feel his cock pulse inside her as he calmed down and took himself back from the brink. Then he would start up again.

Happy Birthday, Samira Bello.” Mark said in her ear as he started pumping into her again after another calming pause.

Thank you, Deji Adeosun.” Samira giggled despite the cock fucking her pussy, remembering Queen’s story about being ‘ridden’ to her birthday by her boyfriend. She grunted and cooed at another stroke of his cock inside her. “Yesss … that’s it … right there … yesss … fuck me …” She imagined what her friends would say if they could see her now, being ridden so expertly by a guy she supposedly just met in the club. And knowing him, he probably had a lot more planned for her over the next few hours.

Samira came again, crying out, but Deji simply continued fucking her, the condom he had deliberately picked doing its job and cutting off enough feeling for him to last this long. What Samira did not know was that she was so tight she still felt fantastic around him.

It might have been nearly thirty straight minutes since Deji first buried himself inside her when he paused again in her tight sheath, breathing hard and shaking on top of her. She was just coming down from another orgasm, mouth open in a silent scream and shuddering under him. “Samira?” he growled, squeezing her breasts and making her clench her fists.


“Any plans for tomorrow?

She had to fight to clear the cobwebs. “I’ve got an appointment … at one-thirty.” His penis stopped pulsing inside her and he abruptly started fucking her again. Samira struggled to keep her train of thought as the incredible surges of pleasure at his movements inside her began again. “ …yess … what?

He stopped again, already on the brink and needing to calm down. Samira turned her head and their lips met, tongues flickering against each other. When their lips parted, he rested his head against her shoulder, keeping himself still inside her as his body calmed, obviously needing a longer time than usual to get himself ready to start again. His self-control was something Samira thought she would forever find amazing, quite apart from her own recently discovered immense capacity for sex.

“Cancel it. I won’t be done with you yet, Miss Bello.” He said when he was no longer breathing in ragged gasps. “I won’t be done with you all day.

Samira found she enjoyed having him inside her, even when he was still. He felt right. Even if it was just an ‘arrangement’. She smiled, amused. “I’ve got a life apart from fucking you, y’know.”

“So do I.” He fixed his mouth on the flesh of her shoulder and bit slightly, sucking on it. She jerked in response and sighed in pleasured resignation as she realized what he was doing. When he removed his mouth, there would be a nice fresh red mark on her skin. “But you were made to be fucked, Samira Bello. You were made to have your pussy eaten out. You were made to have your titties sucked. You were made to have your lips kissed. You need to be made to cum. Again and again.” He pumped, hard, into her at each statement, making her squeal each time as he withdrew and plunged deep into her pussy. “And again. You need to be fucked. All. The. Time.”

Samira shuddered and cried out in delight at the hard thrusts into her body. And at the back of her mind, through the waves of pleasure coursing through her body as his dick plunged in and out of her pussy, she knew he was telling the truth. She was beginning to crave sex. With him. It was always on her mind. Thoughts and images of him fucking her filled her mind so constantly, at home, at work, with her friends, that she had begun to think there was something wrong with her – just seeing him made the tiny hairs at the back of her neck stand straight up. She still did not know how he could so not be her type but yet make her so wet – so embarassingly wet – just by knowing he was close by.

He was still again, breathing hard, but he was back in control of himself. However, her heart was pounding and she was beside herself with arousal and need. She needed to make him cum. She needed to feel him empty himself inside her. Samira felt her pussy begin to repeatedly contract around him and she trembled. “Deji.” she whispered. “I need to feel you cum inside me … please … Cum inside me.”

In response, he withdrew completely out of her, making her cry out in protest and shake at his exit. In a heartbeat, he yanked off the condom and a second later he was back inside her, sliding easily into her warm and wet and tightness. She grunted and arched her back as he once again grabbed hold of her breasts, cupping them hard. She writhed, moaning deliriously, as he settled in position before he started pistoning into her again, deep, slow and steady. He held her breasts firmly, her hard nipples rubbing against his palms as he slid in and out of her. Samira made a soft “Uhn!” at each stroke and clutched the sheets as he rode her through an orgasm within a few seconds. Minutes later, both of them covered in a fresh sheen of sweat in the air-conditioned air, Samira felt herself approaching the brink again, only for Deji to shudder to a halt to lie still inside her. Samira writhed, arching her back.

Deji … cum inside me … cum inside me! Please! Fuck me! Don’t stop!” Samira was close to screaming as she bucked against him. “Inside me!

Deji lost control then and he started going hard and fast, frenzied, plunging as hard and as deep as he could go.

Yess … uhn! … yeesss! … right there … uhn … fuck me! … uhn … harder … uhn … oh fuck! … please … uhn … yess …!

He did not last long, and neither did she. She felt him spurt inside her and she came too, shrieking at the top of her lungs as he grunted loudly and filled her with his semen. Their ecstacy came in a seemingly never ending crash of waves and by the time it ended, Samira felt as exhausted as if she had run a marathon. Deji had collapsed, thoroughly spent, on top of her, his penis out of her pussy and rapidly softening after spilling some more of his cum on her ass.

It was many minutes later before Deji gathered the energy, groaned and rolled off her. Samira could barely move but she realized that she had to take care of them both; Deji was too far gone. She turned around and slowly sat up, barely able to lift her eyelids. So it took at lot more energy than she could believe for her to take out her disposable contacts and place them on the bedside table, done with them for good. Somehow, summoning some extra energy from somewhere, she moved and felt around for the covers. She found them, thankfully, where she expected them to be, and she pulled them over them both, curling her body up against him, resting her head on his shoulder and sighing contentedly. Her inner thighs were still wet with his and her cum as she faded off to sleep.

Samira’s eyes fluttered open and she groaned as she woke up, finding herself splayed naked and alone in the bed. Her eyes went to the bedside clock; 12:26 – she had slept for a little more than the standard eight hours despite the rigorous … activity of the early morning. Fitfully, she stretched on the mattress, yawning widely. She lay under the covers afterwards, a small smile on her face as she remembered the day before; her night in the club with her friends, Deji in the club with his ‘toy’ – still in her handbag along with her clothes in the living room, she remembered – and Deji once again showing her what sex could only be like in fantasy when she arrived at his door, skirtless and horny out of her mind.

As she took a deep breath, she realized she could smell something cooking. Something very nice.

Deji, she thought, quivering at the thought of him burying his face into her pussy like earlier that morning. She remembered mounting him almost as soon as she came in through the door and then his slow banging of her on the bed for what was like an eternity of bliss. Samira felt her cunt begin to warm as she relived their half-hour in the bath tub in her mind; Deji washing her breasts, spreading her open and washing her vagina out, making her cum with his fingers and then playing with her body like a favourite toy …

One of her hands trailed down between her legs and her fingers began to stroke and caress her pussy. She was wet already and she let out a tiny moan as she pushed a finger into herself.

Her entire body felt relaxed and comfortable, which would have surprised her less than a month prior. After their first weekend more than two months earlier, she had needed at least two days to let the soreness subside before she could let him inside her again. With a condom on, Deji had demonstrated that he could easily screw her until she came and withdraw from her without cumming himself, and then wait patiently – or spend his time kissing, eating, touching and fondling her – until she was ready to go again before sliding into her once more. Multiple times. In fact, he had shown her that he could do it without a condom, though for a much less number of times – though he did seem to be getting better at it – before he lost all semblance of control and he was frantically pistoning away and pumping his cum deep inside her, more often than not, carrying her along with him in his orgasm.

He had used up nearly one and a half of a six-pack of condoms on her on that first Saturday in his apartment – her first time inside his home – and then finished the second pack off the next day in her apartment. But that was only in the morning and day time. He fucked her before they went to sleep and then woke her sometime in the early hours of the morning to mount her again. Samira had been an enthusiatic participant through out but it had been exhausting and she had been uncomfortable and sleepy for much of Monday and still somewhat uncomfortable on Tuesday after her spectacularly active weekend. But she had gotten as horny as she could stand it on Tuesday and had knocked on his door after work. All attempts to enter her elicited a gasp of obvious pain from her and Deji had adamantly refused to try again after the third time. By Wednesday evening, Samira was too aroused to care; so she simply bit her lip as she bent over her couch and suffered through that first initial burst of pain, wondering if Deji had somehow given her her virginity back during the weekend, before she gave herself up to the bountiful rewards of pleasure for her endurance. The sex had been frantic and quick to end, but Samira, easily orgasmic, still came twice before Deji had spurted his seed inside her with a guttural roar.

The next day, Deji had bought some KY jelly and after she layered it on his cock, happily giving him a handjob in the process, he sank into her quite easily even if she stiffened in pain for a heartbeat at his entry, and they enjoyed a good long and hard evening on his couch, the floor and his bed before she left for her own apartment so she could be in on time for work in the morning. The KY jelly helped her get through the following next few days, including another hot weekend, until that first tube of jelly finished. By that time, even if there may be some general soreness in her pubic region from the intensity of activity – which she did not really mind – there was no longer any pain when Ddji entered her pussy.

Now even the soreness was fading. Even after an epic night of fucking, Samira felt practically no tell-tale twinges of pain as she shuddered and wriggled under her own ministrations to her pussy. Her body was simply adapting and already getting used to her new greatly intensified sexual calendar and it was becoming more and more obvious that she was coming to a point where she could have sex for hours in the daytime and still be ready and able to accomodate a man for a long, hot and heavy fuck later on in the evening and in the night. She circled her finger around her clit for a while, fondling her breasts with the other hand before she pressed hard against the swollen pinkish brown nub. She came silently, clutching a pillow and gritting her teeth as she crossed her legs around her hand, panting and shuddering under the covers.

It was fifteen relaxing minutes later, her stomach rumbling as well as her bladder full, that she unwrapped herself from around the pillow and sat up on the bed. She yawned again before she got off the bed and padded into the bathroom. Unlike the way it was in her bathroom, his sink was to the right of the door and not directly across from it, so the first thing she saw was the bath tub, drained of the water she had been ‘washed’ in. She saw herself in the large mirror over the sink and stopped. She looked … dishevelled; lips swollen, hair scattered wildly and dark red patches on her belly and breasts she could only guess Deji left on her when he was massaging her with that strange hot and cold oil as she lay blindfolded on the bed.

What would her friends think, she wondered again. Feeling a little wicked, and smiling at the thought, she went to sit on the toilet and emptied herself. It was as she sat there, sighing with relief that her eyes alighted on a small transparent pack on top of the folded towels on the towel rack. As she examined it, she smiled. Deji, nerd that he was, had obviously paid no small attention to what she had in her bathroom. She got up from the toilet and picked up the pack to look at it. It had a miniature bottle of her very feminine shower gel that she had in her own bathroom, as well as small bottles of her favourite types of body and face lotion, shampoo and roll-on women’s deodorant. There was even a small toothbrush inside the pack.

Wow.” Samira said quietly to herself, feeling a strange rush of affection toward him, and not sure how to feel about it. He may be outwardly calm and calculating, but he must have been nervous about her first time spending so long after a night of sex in his apartment. It would be the first time she would not leave his apartment before nine o’clock in the morning while he, on the other hand, had spent a night up until 4pm the next day. It was only right if she reciprocated, she thought. It certainly did not change the nature of their relationship; it was still only an ‘arrangement.’ Resolutely, she opened the pack, picked out the toothbrush and went to the sink to brush her teeth and gargle some mouthwash. Then she went into the shower stall, instantly realizing from the perspiration on the glass wall that Deji had already been there before she had woken up.

Ten minutes later, Samira had finished drying off her body in front of the bedroom mirror and was stroking the lotion into her skin, hair wrapped in a towel on top of her head. Typically male, Samira had thought, amused; Deji had of course missed out on something – a hair dryer. She felt silly for washing her hair, it was going to look wild but she didn’t care. Samira took her time and spent the next five minutes caressing the thick creamy body oil into her legs, rear end, arms, stomach and breasts. She did her face with the contents of the small bottle of face lotion before she unwound the towel around her hair and did her best to scrub it dry. Her hair still fell in dark damp ringlets around her face and back as she applied the deodorant to her armpits, and grinning at herself in the mirror, her naughty side encouraging her, she stroked the roll-on between and under her boobs and traced it down her stomach to the junctures where her thighs met the rest of her.



****To Be Continued****