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Queen stood up too and said she had to leave, which meant that Lola, who lived in the same part of town, stood up to go too so they could share a cab. Lola went up to the dark-skinned man she had spent most of the night dancing with, and exchanged numbers and a chaste kiss on the mouth with him before she came back and hugged and kissed Samira on the cheek, wishing her a happy birthday and promising to call her later in the afternoon. Queen and Samira exchanged hugs as well before she left, waving and blowing a kiss at Samira and Bianca.

Samira stood up a few minutes later after squirming in her seat at the memory of Deji pleasuring her with his mouth in the dark street. Images of Deji fucking her were flashing through her mind without any let-up try as she might to suppress them, and she was becoming so consumed with need she could barely think straight.

“I think I should go too, Bianca. I’m kinda tired.”

“Oh?” Bianca looked disappointed. She lived just a few streets away from Samira, which meant they should share a taxi. She darted a look at the man she had met while they were waiting on line when they first got in – he was standing at the bar having a drink and openly eyeing her. Bianca had spent most of her time in the club dancing wildly with him and much of the last hour kissing him.

“You can stay.” Samira said, suggestively raising her eyebrows to gesture at Bianca’s new beau. “I’ll be alright.”

Bianca grinned “Are you calling that guy?”

Samira shrugged and smiled mysteriously “Maybe.”

Bianca gave her an odd look. “But he’s really not your type, though, right?”

“Maybe I’m broadening my horizons a little.” Samira said, trying her best to sound flippant and keenly wishing Bianca would drop the subject.

Bianca shrugged her shoulders in a way that said ‘whatever floats your boat’ and directed a naughty smile at her friend “So you ‘are’ gonna call him? Tonight?”

“I said,” Samira smiled back, relieved that the subject of her ‘type’ had fallen by the wayside. “ … maybe.”

“C’mon! It’s your birthday!”

Samira laughed and hugged and kissed her friend good night before she went up the stairs. She went outside and waved good bye at the bouncers as she set off and headed for the street where she had had her last encounter with Deji.

She got there quickly and disappeared into it, going to the end. Looking around and up the block of flats to make sure nobody was around to see her, she lifted up her skirt and undid the lycra straps of Deji’s contraption. She moaned a little as she withdrew the bulbous rubbery thing from inside her. She let her skirt drop as she looked at it. It’s ribbed and knobbly striations gleamed wetly with her cum in the faint light and it smelled strongly of… her. Samira felt her pussy begin to contract again around a much larger imaginary intruder and she trembled as she carefully wrapped it in tissue paper and put it in her purse. Still trembling, she walked out of the street and headed back to the front of the club, hoping Deji had her panties with him – she had completely forgotten them once he had slid them off her and continued eating her out in the street.

Samira felt the cum flowing out of her as she walked, her nipples pebble hard on her boobs. The ‘thing’ had not just made her want him more as she had thought it would – it had her on the edge of madness with desire. She reached for her phone in her handbag and automatically dialled a number as she put the phone to her ear – realizing that she had effectively made herself not a liar to Bianca about getting the guy she was dancing with’s number and giving him a call.

“Hi.” she heard him say – she thought she could actually ‘hear’ him smile.

“You’d better be ready for me, Mr. Adeosun.” she snarled.

“Get here and see.”

“Just be ready for me, you naughty …!”

He just laughed.

She hung up and immediately raised a hand to hail a passing taxi. It screeched to a halt and she ran to it and slid into the backseat, calling out Deji’s address. She squirmed in her seat throughout, the warmth between her legs growing hotter and hotter as she gave her imagination free rein. The image of her last 69 with Deji came unbidden to her mind. It had been on the floor of her sitting room and she had been on top, struggling to swallow the whole length of him as he repeatedly tongue-kissed her wet slit. What she could remember most clearly was that she had had to repeatedly push her hair out of the way and move it behind her ears as it continued to fall over what she was doing. Frustrated, she had raised up, inadvertently pressing down her pussy on top of his mouth and swiftly tied her hair in a quick ponytail before she bent down to her task again. To her delight, he came less than five minutes later all over her breasts and chest. Feeling naughty, Samira had insisted on remaining in that position and sucking, licking and playing with his cock and balls until it was hard enough for him to fuck her. That he had already given her a series of orgasms with his mouth on her pussy had been an added bonus as he finally took her from behind ten minutes later as she leaned over the coffee table and then pounded into her as she wrapped her legs around his pistoning hips as she lay on her back on her hardwood floor.

Her breaths were making her breasts heave when the cab finally pulled up in front of the familiar apartment building. It was 1:41am – she was more than a quarter of an hour ahead of schedule. She wordlessly paid the driver and ran out of the car, leaving him grateful for not asking for her change, as she went to hit the buzzer at the front door for Deji’s apartment. She hated these fancy Island apartments. No answer. She hit it twice again, cursing, when the door issued out its own buzzing noise and swung open by itself. Samira went through and went swiftly to the bank of elevators. It was less than twenty minutes to two o’clock in the morning so the elevators were all mostly on the ground floor. She ran into one and hit the button for Deji’s floor repeatedly until the doors slid shut. All that was running through her mind was Deji’s cock, sliding its way inside her wet sheath in any and all possible directions; from the front, from behind, from the side, from under her, from over her, so long as he ended up inside her.

Samira licked her lips, anticipation making her quiver as she watched the indicator flashing floor numbers closer and closer to Deji’s own. She found herself fondling her own breast, squeezing her nipple before she realized what she was doing. She was two floors away when she simply took off her skirt, leaving herself in only her shrug top tied under her breasts and bare all the way down to her shoes. She saw herself in the mirrored walls of the elevator, her bush stark black against her caramel skin. The doors chimed open and she stepped out of the elevator, kimono and skirt folded over her arm, and walked swiftly across the hallway and through a branching corridor to her destination, a door with the number #34 on it, totally uncaring if anybody peeked out their doors and saw her padding through their building naked from her breasts and belly down to her feet.

She hit Apartment #34’s doorbell, hard and three times in a row, desire and need making her shake. The door opened, and letting out a loud moan she rushed at the man who opened it, letting her skirt and handbag land in a pile by the door as it swung shut. Deji was wearing what he had been wearing when she had left him in his apartment, still recovering from her expertly administered blowjob. She barely noticed though as she leaped on top of him and somehow they ended up on the floor as Deji stumbled backwards, suddenly finding his arms loaded full of a lust-crazed woman. He fell and landed on his rear end, Samira straddling him by his thighs and pushing him to lie completely on his back.

Samira immediately grabbed hold on his sweat pants by the waistband and began to yank them off him, growling deep and low in her throat as she single-mindedly pulled them down his legs and then threw them to the side. His cock sprang loose, fully engorged, erect and pointing upwards. Samira let out a sob of need and swiftly crawled over his body to get to it, straddled over him, desperation and anticipation making her lose sight of everything else but the thick shaft she needed inside her. She was over it in a heartbeat and she held it beneath her in her hand, smoothly guiding it into her opening. Even after weeks of hard and constant sex, her pussy was a marvel of tightness as she sank unto his pole, feeling her pussy contract around the familiar intruder inside her, cum flowing out of her as she cried out in delight.

“Oh Deji …oh fuck!” she started to shudder violently even before he was fully inside her. She felt a flush starting from her belly and spreading up to her chest. The last inch of Deji’s cock entered her as he grabbed hold of her waist, gasping his pleasure, and she cried out as the first wave of an orgasm flooded through her “I’m cummmming!”

She had been so close, penetration had simply pushed her over the edge. Samira threw her head back, her mouth open in a silent scream that ended in a choked high pitched gasp. She collapsed on top of Deji, her cotton enclosed breasts crushed against his T-shirt covered chest, gasping and moaning in ecstasy. Deji stroked her hair and the bare small of her back, holding her as if to contain the violence of her passion as she recovered from her orgasm. Her shudders and shaking reduced gradually and she was able to lift her head up and press her lips against his. She stared into his eyes as she began to buck her hips.

“I’m going to fuck you Deji Adeosun.” she whispered to him, smiling at his amusement at her repeating his words back at him.

She lifted up and sat so all of him was inside her at each down stroke as she rode him, squealing in delight at every movement of his cock inside her cunt. His hands reached up to caress her breasts and pinch at her poking nipples through her top, stroking her belly and hips with his fingers. She smiled at him as he teased the skin around the perfect slit of her belly button and she bent over to lick his lips, no let-up in her sliding up and down his dick. He grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and stroked her back with the other hand, making her moan with delight against his mouth. She lifted up again, and she began to go faster, head thrown back as she lifted higher up on him and slammed down. Her ass made a slapping noise each time her butt made contact with his hips. She felt him thrusting back up at her, matching her stroke for stroke. It was not long before her squeals became louder and louder and he was letting out grunts that complemented her cries at each slap of skin against skin.

Samira felt him start to shake in the way that made her know he was on the edge of cumming, and she looked down at him, smiling happily. She slid down to bury him deep inside her and started winding her hips like a belly dancer. “Cum for me baby …!” she said encouragingly “Uhn … Cum inside me …!

In response Deji’s eyes opened, looking wild but calculating, and his hands moved swiftly; one went to hold her waist and the other went to where they were joined as one to press and to stroke his thumb at the pink nub of her clitoris, to bring her closer to the edge along with him. Samira went rigid, crying out at this new sensation, and Deji stiffened, both hands now at her waist as he thrusted one last time into her sheath. His dick exploded inside her, and just like he wanted, Samira threw her head back and screamed as the new sensation of his pulsing member showering cum inside her, in addition to his quick and rough stimulation of her clit, pushed her over the edge. Deji cried out in counterpoint to her wails until he silenced them both by pulling her down on top of him, his mouth seeking hers. She kissed him just as hungrily, making mewling noises against his mouth even as he groaned against hers, their bodies a shuddering mass of confused entangled flesh.

It seemed like an eternity before Samira was able to breathe again. She opened her eyes, aware of Deji’s substantially less turgid member inside her and enjoying it like she always did before he left her. His eyes were already open and he was stroking her hair. They smiled at each other for a moment and Samira bent her head to kiss him softly, light and wet two-second long kisses repeated again and again as she held his head with her hands. She felt his hands start travelling and stroking all over body, her sides, her back, cupping her ass and her legs curled on either side of him. She purred even as she dropped another kiss on his lips.

It continued for another a few blissful minutes, Samira now repeatedly kissing a different part of his face, before going back to his lips, thoroughly enjoying herself as he stroked her body and she lay on top of him, still engulfed inside her. Her eyes suddenly widened. His cock was moving, slowly expanding and lengthening inside her. Her breath caught as her pussy smoothly adjusted to him, her vaginal walls expanding and closing around the swelling visitor.

She stared at him, stunned. “How …?!”

He only smiled “We are not finished yet, Miss Bello.”

Samira was at a loss for words, unable to recall ever feeling quite so exquisitely sexy in all her life, so she bent down and kissed him, hard, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. She was still into the kiss when he heaved and turned them over so he was lying on top, still inside her. The kiss broke and Samira automatically spread her legs wide in expectation. He was not completely hard but he certainly felt firm enough.

“Fuck me, Deji.” she said, lips parted. “I want you to fuck me again.”

To her surprise, he shook his head and smoothly slid out of her, making her gasp and shudder at his exit. He stood up on what she noticed were slightly shaky legs and looked down at her. Samira eyed his not-quite-fully-erect penis and sat up, a questioning look in her eyes as she looked up at him and licked her lips – she liked ‘cleaning him up’ with her mouth.

He stared hotly at her for a moment before he reached a hand out to her. “Come here.”

Samira placed her hand in his and he pulled her up to enter his arms, and she threw her arms around his neck, enjoying the feeling of his dick pressing against her belly as she pressed herself against him. They kissed for a while and his hands explored her body again as she purred against his mouth. His cock firmed up even more against her and it was all Samira could do to stop herself from grabbing a hold of it and stuffing it into one of her orifices. But since she had cum twice already she decided she could stand to wait and see what he had planned. Nonetheless she lifted one leg and wrapped it around his, pumping her hips against him lewdly, telling him what she wanted.

“Naughty girl.” he said, grinning.

“It’s all your fault.” she answered with a mischievous grin.

He silenced her by kissing her again and as she kissed him back, she pumped her hips even more lewdly against him. When he pulled away from her she was breathless, and her eyes fixed themselves on his now fully erect dick. She reached for it but he swatted her hand away.

“Be still.” he commanded and Samira obeyed, his forceful tone inexplicably exciting her as it always did.

His hands grabbed hold of the bow of her top and he undid it and slid it off her shoulders. He went behind her and unhooked the clasp of her demi-cup and let it fall to the floor. He took off her choker and laid it carefully on the coffee table. He knelt at her feet and she balanced herself with one hand on his shoulder as he slipped her shoes off. He stood then and removed his T-shirt. Then with just his hands as she stood quietly naked in the middle of his living room, he began to touch her; caressing her belly and hips, kneading the soft flesh of her ass, cupping her heaving breasts, stroking her quivering thighs. He reached from behind her, from under her ass to stroke a finger against her cum soaked slit. She bucked and shook and his finger left her. He went in front of her and stroked the wet finger against her lips and she licked the cum off, breasts rising and falling, her nipples pebble hard and swollen in arousal.

In the next moment, she let out a gasp of surprise as he smoothly picked her up and began to walk with her in his arms to his bedroom. As she put her arm around his shoulder, she realized again that she enjoyed being carried like this. It made her feel vulnerable and feminine, and very horny. Cum flowed out of her pussy in anticipation, adding another layer to her already soaked inner thighs.

But Deji did not stop in the bedroom, he moved straight on through the open door into the bathroom with her.

Samira had made a disappointed sound when Deji had not stopped in the bedroom but as her eyes took in the filled tub with the scattered white and yellow rose petals floating on the lather, she brightened visibly, excited. She had taken showers with him before, but never a bath. The lights were turned down very low, but there were four huge aromatic candles lit around the oval of the tub, giving off a light hint of sandalwood, eucalyptus, lavender and peach as well as illumination. She smiled at him as he gently lowered her into the bubble bath – he had obviously taken note of what she had in her own bathroom and had gone to some length to make her enjoy this.

Samira’s hair was still in its bun so she had no need to tie it up as she settled into the water. The water was warm, and the bubbles rose up to her nipples. He had even put in bath salts, she realized as she felt the multiple points of effervescence in the sudsy water. The water was already beginning to relax her, unknotting and soothing muscles she did not realize needed unknotting. Even the somewhat pleasant soreness between her legs that she barely noticed nowadays was fading away. She looked up at Deji as he climbed in after her and she maneuvered herself to sit between his legs after he had settled himself in and reached for her. The water rose higher up the tub’s sides at the increase in volume as she lay back against him with a sigh, feeling his cock press against the small of her back. She turned her head and twisted a little, reaching over her shoulder to hold the back of his neck as she pulled him down to kiss her.

“This is nice, Mr. Adeosun.” she said, smiling at him when their tongues stopped dancing against each other.

“Glad you like it, Miss Bello.” He answered with a predatory smile as he picked up an obviously only recently bought foam sponge.

She sighed as he began to ‘wash’ her. He made her fold her legs in the water so he could scrub her feet and then he had her raise one leg up high out of the water and then the other, stroking them and her thighs with the soft sponge and his hands. He washed her stomach as he kissed her neck, caressing the soft flesh of her belly with his other hand as he used the sponge with the other. She giggled when he poked a finger into her belly button and wriggled it ‘clean’. He washed her arms, chest and neck, her sides and her hips, taking his time over each body part, drawing little whining noises out of her open mouth. She leaned forward so he could do her back and went up on her knees so he could work the cheeks of her butt before she lay back against his chest again. He stopped regularly so he could plunder her mouth with his lips and tongue and she moaned and mewled against his mouth as he continued to caress and fondle her in the water.

Samira writhing against him grew more agitated, desperately wanting to feel him administer to her breasts or the wet heat of her sex with his hands and the sponge, but knowing he was studiously avoiding them. The anticipation was becoming overwhelming when he cupped one boob with one hand and started stroking it with the sponge in the other. He took an ordinate amount of time on that one soft mass of flesh, rubbing firmly at a turgid nipple with the sponge as he held and squeezed her tit, nuzzling her neck. Samira felt like she was about to have an orgasm right there and then, and she shook in the water, eyes squeezed tight as she whimpered in his arms.


****To Be Continued****