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Quickly, she ran up the stairs and went past the ticket booth to the entrance. There were even less people lined up. But no Deji.

Leaving so soon, Ma?” one of the huge bouncers, with the scar over his eye, asked. “The night’s just starting.”

“Don’t worry. I’m coming back now now.” she said, smiling at the large man before she continued looking around for Deji.

Oh okay.” the guard answered, turning away to pat down the man in a couple before he let him in.

She saw Deji to her right, leaning against a car little distance away. He saw her and, slowly got off the car and walked on until he disappeared around a corner. Samira, casually started walking after him, feeling her heart beat faster the closer she got to the corner. She turned it and nearly cursed out loud when she did not see him immediately. Then she saw looking at her from the mouth of a darkened street (five feet away from her). He grinned and moved into it, out of sight. Samira moved quickly to follow him and entered the street to discover that it was an empty dead end, the only illumination a fluorescent light bulb far up on an apartment building six floors up and the silver light barely reached down to the second floor. Feeling her pussy begin its familiar contractions in anticipation, her naughty side cheering her on, Samira decided that it was more than private enough. Deji was leaning on his side against the wall, looking at her with his familiar predatory gleam.

Samira let out a moan and nearly ran to him. She pushed him up against the wall and began to kiss him, hands going down to feverishly unzip him out of his pants. He kissed her back, kneading her breasts through her top, licking at her lips and her licking and sucking hungrily back as she reached into the fly of his jeans and boxers to pull out his dick. He froze as she began to stroke his full length and then gently pushed her away to the perpendicular wall that made the street a dead end.

No. Later, Samira.” he said after a deep breath, swiftly returning his member back into his pants and zipping up.

Samira stared at him, confused and trembling. Then she smiled devilishly and began to hike up her skirt till it was bunched around her hips. She was wearing a particularly tiny thong and she moved the lace to one side, exposing the parted and wet gleaming lips of her vagina.

“I need you, Mr. Adeosun.” she whispered as she began to stroke herself, eyes locked on his. “I need you to fuck me.” She plunged a finger into herself and shuddered as her other hand went up to cup and squeeze one of her boobs through her top. She fondled her soft flesh as she continued to piston her finger into her pussy.

Please?” She kept her eyes on his through her shuddering and the low moans in her throat. She smiled as he took a step towards her, the hunger in his eyes reflecting her own, and her finger exited her pussy and began to circle around her clit. She leaned her back against the wall and bent her knees so he could see her more clearly in the very dim light.

Deji reached her in a rush and Samira once again single-mindedly reached for his zipper. But she never got more than a quickly lost hold of it as he went to one knee in front of her, his head bending towards her glistening pussy. Samira gasped when his tongue touched her, and then whimpered as his lips followed to kiss her swollen clit and suck at her slippery wet folds. Samira held his head with her hands as he ate her, thankful for the wall and her heels, eyes squeezed shut and shaking and quivering as he worked her pussy with his mouth. She had begun to cry out softly when his mouth left her, making her whimper in protest. She opened her eyes when she felt his hands grip the French-cut waist band of her panties and she obligingly lifted her ass off the wall so he could slide them off her hips and again obligingly stepped out of them when they got to her ankles.

Her eyes were already closed in anticipation when he hitched up one leg to rest on his shoulder and he moved his head between her legs again. She heard him sniff her in deeply as he invariably did – something her naughty side had come to love – before he continued lapping, sucking and kissing at her cunt. She gasped aloud when his tongue rasped against her clit again and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming when he pressed down on it with his lips. Her weight was now completely balanced on the wall and on one leg, the other leg resting over Deji’s shoulder to keep her open for his marauding mouth. She struggled to open her eyes to look down at the man between her legs, his head moving as he inundated her with pleasure. It was one of the most erotic sights she had ever seen. And the fact that practically anybody could take three steps into the street and see her with her skirt hiked up around her waist, getting her pussy eaten while standing up against the wall had her naughty side turning cartwheels in her head. It was just so wanton and wicked … and it excited her no end. Abruptly, she closed her eyes again and bucked against his mouth as she felt her orgasm come rushing at her.

Samira let out a sharp squeal as she began to cum, shuddering and shaking wildly as wave after wave of pleasure crashed into her. That she was on her feet in a none-too-clean street having her pussy licked and sucked only seemed to enhance the intensity of her orgasm and she barely managed to keep herself upright as Deji’s mouth continued the assault on her pussy. And so she was barely aware of him moving his mouth away from her until he slid … ‘something’, up inside her.

It felt knobbly and ribbed, and about one and a half times as thick and long as a man’s finger. Samira went as stiff as a board in startlement, and she looked down, somewhat alarmed, at Deji as he carefully fitted and tied what looked and felt like a tie-on string bikini with extra lycra straps around her waist and hips.

What …?” she asked, breathlessly, still recovering from her orgasm.

I got you something.” Deji said as he fitted and tied the last strap, and Samira realized that all the extra windings and tying were meant to keep the … ‘thing’ … inside her firmly in place – the ‘bikini’ and the ‘thing’ were, in fact, one and the same. He straightened and stood up. “Trust me” He held her by the waist and bent his head to kiss her, pulling her close.

Samira kissed him back, putting her arms around his neck, mind churning. She tasted herself on his lips and mouth and as usual she took her time to lick and get it all off. Strangely enough, despite her initial alarm, she realized she felt no anxiety. He had been inside her more often than all but one of the other man she had ever been with combined, and it certainly looked like he was going to be fucking her a great deal of a lot more. Quite simply, she had to trust him.

But what is it ..?” Samira began to ask when she suddenly felt the ‘thing’ begin to expand inside her, growing longer and wider and twisting as it got bigger in size. “Oh …!” It rapidly grew until it had pushed its way three more inches into her pussy, and then just as suddenly it shrank, twisting the other way. Then it expanded again, twisting so she could feel the deliciously ribbed knobs of the ‘thing’ moving inside her, and Samira threw her head back, crying out at the exquisite pleasure it was inflicting on her. And once again, as she trembled in reaction, it shrank back to its original size. And then it was still.

Let’s go back to the club.” Deji said when Samira opened her eyes, staring up at him, shock and wonder on her face as she realized just how twisted his mind could get.

You expect me to go back with … this ‘thing’ … inside me?!” she whispered, scandalized.

Yes, Miss Bello.” Deji said firmly. “And you’re going to spend the whole night with it.”

But, my friends …!

It will only come on when I’m this close to you.” Deji cupped her butt cheek and grinned evilly. “And make no mistake, Miss Bello. I do intend to dance with you for quite a while.” He squeezed her soft flesh through her skirt, “This close.

Samira could envision exactly how she would be spending the next hour or so in the club. While she would be dancing with him, he would be masturbating her with his creation in plain sight without anybody being any the wiser. Except that she would be writhing, bucking, shuddering and possibly screaming in his arms in full sight of her friends and everybody else on the dancefloor. She felt the familiar hungry warmth settle in between her legs again. She should have been mortified at the thought, but instead it excited her. A lot.

You are so nasty …” she finally said with a smile of acquiesance, playfully curling her lip and wrinkling her nose at him.

Guilty as charged.” he replied before his mouth descended on hers again.

They re-entered the club, ten seconds apart. The huge scarred bouncer smiled in recognition at Samira and waved her in without any ado. He, however, stopped Deji for a cursory re-search before he left him in. As he walked in, Deji watched Samira descend the stairs to the dance floor, watching the seductive sway she put in her hips because she knew he was watching. When she got to the bottom, she looked over her shoulder and quickly kissed her full lips at him before she disappeared into the club’s interior.

Their entire encounter had taken just over fifteen minutes.

Where have you been?” Natasha demanded when Samira finally got to her friends after taking a detour around the other side of the dance floor so she could look like she just came from the ladies room.

Little girls’ room, remember?

Were you having a baby?” Bianca inquired, her new-found beau nowhere in sight for the moment. “Or taking a sh…?

Hold it, Bianca. Kai!” Queen raised an admonishing hand. “Let’s not get too graphic!”

They all laughed, Samira thankful none of them could even begin to guess at what had really happened in those fifteen minutes she had been gone from them. The thought of it brought heat to her cheeks and her nipples began to swell to full hardness in renewed arousal, especially as she felt the ‘thing’ inside her pussy. Even lying dormant it felt good.

The five women began to dance together when a song they had all loved in University came on the speakers, singing the chorus out loud and giggling at each other. They danced together and laughed for the next three songs. But the next song brought back Lola’s man of the night and Lola allowed herself to be led away with an apologetic grin to her friends. Natasha was the next to go off, surprised and delighted by her Osasu showing up. She introduced him to Bianca and Queen before she led her man away.

Samira felt the hairs rise at the back of her neck when Deji suddenly put his hands on her bare hips. She did not need to turn her head to know it was him. But she still turned her head around to look at him as she started to casually grind back at him behind her. Her friends all giggled and she giggled back at them when suddenly, the ‘thing’ inside her got bigger and twisted. She gasped, eyes popping out, and as she trembled, it abruptly stopped.

Are you alright, Samira?” Queen asked, looking a little alarmed.

Yeah …” Samira said, continuing to grind back against Deji as if nothing had happened. “I’m … I’m fine.” His dick was hard against her ass and she could feel it grow as he pressed his crotch against her softness. Cum was flooding her pussy around the intruder inside it and her nipples were halfway to standing at full turgid attention.

Are you sure?” Bianca asked, concern on her face as well.

Yeah, I’m sure.” Samira assured them, wondering if she would be able to survive the rest of the night; Deji was going to be ruthless in torturing her with his diabolical creation. He was fond of doing just that; arousing and exciting her until she was reduced to near begging. He had once had her impaled on him on her couch and, exercising a control that still amazed her, held them both still until Samira was blubbering and pleading for him to start fucking her properly and let her cum.

Her two friends looked at each other, shrugged and continued dancing.

Three minutes later, Bianca’s own man for the night found them, found her and dragged her off. Queen, finding herself alone without a male dance partner, finally allowed a man come close enough to dance with her – at more or less arm’s length – two minutes afterwards.

Samira saw Bianca wrap one leg around her dance partner, salsa like, as they danced; obviously indicating that she was definitely taking him home that night, while Lola was already kissing her date on the dance floor. Natasha was being held from behind, smiling and grinding against her Osasu, who obviously could not dance beyond a few simple steps.

Samira wanted to turn around and throw her arms around Deji’s neck when he leaned over her shoulder to whisper into her ear. “Come with me.”

She gestured to Queen that she was going with the man who had been dancing behind her as he began to drag her away. Queen eyed her sharply pointing nipples and gave her an encouraging grin and wink – obviously thinking Samira had found a man to sing her ‘Happy Birthday’ like her own Abdul had done. Samira allowed Deji to lead her further unto the dancefloor into a somewhat darkened corner where the music was much louder than where they had left. Samira went into Deji’s arms immediately and like he promised, he held her close and within seconds, the ‘thing’ was moving inside her cunt, swelling and twisting its ribbed knobs inside her as she cried out, gasped, and bucked in pleasure against him.

A minute into it Samira did not know if she would survive her ‘dancing’ with Deji. Her sex was sending all sorts of distracting sensations through her body from the twisting of the ribbed and straited ‘thing’ stroking through her as it swole and shrank inside her pussy. Deji abruptly made it stop and restarted it without warning throughout their ‘dancing’, making her shake wildly each time it started moving again. Her knees buckled more than once and the last time she had to bury her face in his neck, stifling her cries as he lifted her off her feet and held her writhing form. He turned her around to dance with her from behind and Samira continued to squeal and cry out as he grinded against her, one hand holding and caressing her by her bare belly. The music drowned out her cries and whimpers as the ‘thing’ in her pussy fucked her steadily while she danced with who was controlling it, hungrily grinding her ass against him to feel more of his completely engorged and hardened member.

His other hand, the one that was not on her belly, began periodically moving up to cup and squeeze one of her breasts and then just as casually return to her waist before going back up again. She was aware that anyone looking could see her allowing herself to be fondled like a wanton slut – but she was already beyond caring. In the end, she spun around and pulled his mouth down on hers, wrapping one leg around him and feeling his hand cup her ass and squeeze as she writhed at the ‘thing’ relentlessly continuing its tortuous swelling, twisting and contracting inside her, moaning loudly against his mouth.

Samira did not know whether to be thankful or to curse out loud when the ‘thing’ suddenly stopped moving inside her and Deji stepped back away from her after breaking the kiss. She was breathing hard, lips trembling, her pussy was pulsing with cum, her nipples swollen hard and pointing their full aroused one inch through her top. Horny did not begin to describe how she felt.

Deji smiled at her. Then he leaned forward to say in her ear, loudly over the music. “I’m going to fuck you, Samira Bello.” Words that have come to send a thrill through her each time she heard him say them. “But don’t be too late.”

Ssmira could have hit him for the smugness of his grin. She continued to tremble as she watched him weave his way through the dancing crowd. Her pussy felt like a wet and raging inferno and images of Deji plumbing away inside her in every way flooded her mind as she watched him move away from her. She unconsciously started to push her way through the crowd after him, when she felt a hand grab hers.

It was Bianca. “Who was that guy?” she asked, shouting over the music, curiousity bright in her eyes.

I don’t know …” Samira lied again.

Liar!” Bianca snorted disbelievingly. “I saw you two!”

Samira felt the heat rising on her cheeks and decided to try another tack; “He gave me his number.” Not exactly the whole truth, but the truth.

And?” Bianca smiled naughtily.

I think I’m giving him a call when I get home.” Samira grinned back. “Tonight.”

Great!” Bianca laughed, but then she pulled at Samira’s hand and started dragging her away. “Come on, birthday girl. We’re all waiting for you!”

Samira took a deep breath to calm herself, resolving to steel herself to get through the next – she looked at her watch; 11:56 – two hours. And then make her way as fast as possible to Deji’s apartment afterwards. In her mind’s eye, she saw herself being carried around Deji’s apartment, naked and impaled on his cock as he carried her to his bed. Then she saw herself being taken from behind as she bent over the back of his couch and he pounded mercilessly into her…

Bianca pulled her along through the throng of dancing bodies back to their table where Lola, Natasha and Queen were sitting expectantly, waiting for her. On the table was a small cake with a candle in the middle of it and ‘Happy Birthday Samira!!!’ written in icing on top. Despite the images of sex rushing through her mind and the haze of her arousal, Samira felt tears well up in her eyes as she hugged and kissed them all. They used Samira’s watch to countdown to her birthday and when it came she blew out the candle as her friends loudly sang ‘Happy Birthday’ over the music to her. People watching clapped and the bartender sent down drinks. Natasha had brought her digital camera and they all took turns taking pictures of her with the others and then they got Natasha’s Osasu to take a picture with all of them in it and the cake. After, Samira cut the cake with a knife the bartender had kindly lent them, and she gave them each a slice, with one going to the bartender and another going to Osasu. Afterwards they danced and laughed and then sat down again to talk before a song they liked got them up to dance again.

Throughout, Samira was intensely aware of the empty feeling in her vagina despite the ‘thing’ now lying quiescent inside her. She found herself squirming in her seat as she felt the cum coating her inner thighs at the nasty thoughts running through her mind. Deji was going to be inside her within ten seconds of her laying eyes on him, whether it be in his apartment, the parking lot, the corridor of his apartment building or on the street outside it. Her nipples were almost painful in how hard they were and it was all she could do to stop herself from rushing to the toilet to touch and stroke herself to relief.

By the time Natasha was telling the rest of them that she had to go, holding Osasu’s hand and exchanging looks with him that told all that they were not planning to sleep when they got to their hotel, Samira was having to forcefully push aside thoughts of dragging the nearest man into the bathroom with her. It may be only an ‘arrangement’ she had with Deji, but Samira had found that she was not willing to share herself with anybody else until it was over. But if he suddenly showed up again in the club, Samira was not certain she would be able to stop herself from spreading herself on the table right then and there, uncaring of how many people were watching. As she contended with the image of Deji fucking her in the club as she somehow balanced herself and spread her legs on a barstool like some pornstar, she promised herself that she would find a way to pay him back for doing this to her.

*****To Be Continued*****