The sheets felt like nothing she’d ever experienced before.

Smooth as silk, but softer and warmer, almost begging her to envelop herself into them. She fell forward, burying herself into the purple blankets and brought her knees up until she was kneeling, face first, in downward dog position. She was quite aware she was in an embarrassing condition- half drunk, and half asleep.

“I love these covers,” she mumbled into the sheets.

They smelled good, too, like a mixture of his sweat, laundry detergent, and cologne. Sleepily, she swayed her butt back and forth in the air rhythmically, too tired to care.

From behind, he was tempted to reach out and smack her on her ass, covered only by the stretched scarlet boyshorts. Immediately he mentally reprimanded himself and averted his eyes in guilt. He couldn’t think of her in that way, especially in the drunken state she was in. Suddenly, she fell on her side and curled into a ball, ripping the sheets out and pulling them over her.

Now I have to remake the bed,” he scowled.

Sorry,” she slurred, batting her eyelashes flirtatiously.

He just frowned in response. Quickly, she shot out of bed and hurried to the bathroom door before hurling all over herself. His nose scrunched up in disgust as she looked down at herself in dismay. Unfortunately, this is when she began sobbing and howling loudly, tears smearing mascara down her face.

Oh, ssshhhh,” he snapped, irritated at how childishly she was behaving. But she was a child. At twenty six, she was twelve years younger than him. She was silent instantly, and looked up at him with her huge, innocent brown eyes.

I’m sorry,” she pouted, tears welling up in her eyes again.

It’s fine,” he said drily. He looked down at the now soiled condition of her clothes and then looked up at the glass skylights, as if praying God would help him.

We need to get you in the shower.

But I don’t wanna take a-” she stopped abruptly as he shot her a stern look.


He took her hand and led her to the bathroom, where he picked her up and sat her on the countertop as he turned to turn on the water. He adjusted the dials until hot water sprouted from the shower head. On the countertop, she frustratedly tried to yank her tight cocktail dress off to no avail. He grabbed her and set her down on the floor, where he took her hands away from the fabric.

Here, let me help you,” he said, grabbing the bottom of the dress and slipping it slowly up her legs. As he pulled it over her head, he saw she was wearing no bra, and blushed as he forced himself to avert his eyes, although he definitely noticed how sexy her breasts were. She seemed amused, even in her state. He turned away, dress in hand, and went to leave the bathroom.

Get showered. I’ll leave clothes in the bedroom for you when you’re done.”

He’d about closed the door on her when she said, “Wait, I need your help.”

I’m sure you can take a shower by yourself,” he replied.

The bottles confuse me, and if the water’s too hot, I won’t be able to change it.

He rolled his eyes and huffed, “Fine, do you need me to sit in the bathroom while you shower?

Well… you could just shower with me,” she smiled slyly. He turned and shot her a look through the slit between the door and the wall. She pulled open the door and grabbed his hands, pulling him into the bathroom. Then she reached behind him and shut the door.

Please?” she murmured. He studied the wall behind her intently.

I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

But I’m tired… would you ever forgive yourself if I fell and hurt myself?” she asked innocently.

He sighed. “Fine.” She smiled triumphantly and stripped out of her underwear. He turned away, feeling more uncomfortable by the second. When she’d stepped into the shower, he began taking off his own clothes. He’d taken off his dress shirt and slacks and was folding them carefully and deliberately as he stood, almost naked, in his boxers.

Are you almost done undressing?” she asked from behind the glass shower door. He didn’t reply, but made himself slowly pull down his boxers and set them on top his neat pile of clothes. He slid open the glass door and stepped in with his back to her.

“Get my back?” she asked behind him. He turned to see her, with her back to him. Guiltily, he allowed himself a quick look at her ass. She handed him a sudsy sponge, and he began rubbing it in circles around her shoulder blades as she held her hair out of the way. He slowly rubbed down to her hips, admiring the view, before handing the sponge back to her.

Thank you,” she said, turning towards him.

Now I do you.” She started cleaning his chest with the sponge, and he felt himself flushing all over his body. She kept rubbing down further and further, before finally dropping the sponge. Then she dropped down into a crouch and grabbed his length suddenly. He jumped back in surprise, almost falling.

Wha-what are you doing?” he asked, shocked.

I just want to taste it,” she smiled slowly, coming closer to him again. Water poured down the crevice between her perky, barely B-cup breasts. He itched to reach out and grab them, with their half size, chocolate areolas and hard nipples. This time, he didn’t bother looking away, and she noticed him staring with a satisfied smirk. Slowly, she parted her thick, dark lips and pushed them around his tip. Her tongue swept over him, carefully inspecting the first inch of him. He felt a boner coming on quicker than ever, building by the seconds. She opened her mouth wider and let more of him go inside her. Now she sucked gently, pushing more and more of him into her mouth. Suddenly, she leaned forward and he felt his entire dick being pushed inside her mouth. The tip touched the back of her throat for a moment before she pulled her head back again. She started sucking faster, swirling her tongue around his massive boner. He couldn’t help but let out a low moan of pleasure. Her hands drifted up to his balls, which she tugged on gently. Her sucking became more desperate, making loud slurping sounds. He felt his pre-cum spurt into her mouth, which she greedily swallowed down. His boner was raging now, and he was harder than he’d ever been. He groaned as she licked the entire length of his cock, taking it all the way into the back of her throat again and again.

I-I’m going to cum,” he warned her breathily. He was shaking as she continued to suck him with more pressure. Right as he was about to finish, she removed her mouth and stood up, smiling slyly at him. He was panting, but he didn’t cum.

Why did you stop?” He asked angrily. His boner still stood rock hard, demanding to be satisfied. She just turned and stood under the water. He was more outraged than ever at having his climax so greedily taken away, and stared at her. He was so mad, so horny then, he grabbed her waist and pushed her against the wall, her breasts smashing against the fogged glass door. She let out a yelp of surprise as he hastily grabbed her ass. He became even hornier as he saw her swollen, red pussy lips from behind, almost begging to be fucked.

Spread your legs,” he growled into her ear. She obeyed, moving her long legs far enough apart for him to push his long, hard dick into her tight hole. She moaned as he rammed himself into her as hard as he could. Her body slammed against the wall. He felt the inside of her hot, wet pussy wrapped tightly around his dick as he pushed into her again and again. This time, he announced his climax with nothing but a loud groan into her ear before pulling out of her. He watched in pleasure as his cum leaked out of her and down the inside of her thighs. She stood against the glass, legs shaking as she let out a quiet moan. Her wet hair was plastered to her breasts, which rose up and down as she breathed heavily. They stared at each other in silence for a moment before he slid open the door and stepped out on to the plush rug, wrapping a towel around his hips.

Meet me in the bedroom when you finish.