imageHello guys!

This would be the first post on this blog where I address you beautiful, amazing readers in real time.  I couldn’t help myself because I have learned the art of celebrating small achievements. I officially have 150 people subscribed to this blog, you can’t feel my excitement till I explain it properly. 150 people get email notifications every time I post a new story, and that is aside the people who have me bookmarked me or have me as a constant open tab on their desktops. Now, do you understand? No? Then, why are you even here?  I’m as excited as the first time I experienced an orgasm! Hehehehe!

I didn’t set out to write erotica. I do enjoy writing a lot. But I still don’t have the self confidence to share my other pieces, erotica is a genre that I’m very comfortable with. Yes, adult literature is my comfort zone. I’m not a sex expert or anything, I’m more of an enthusiast. And sex is such a broad subject, I’m just excited to learn about it all the time and what better way than fiction. Twisted thinking, I agree but if you do read my stories and you’re not moved? Sigh… Oh well, I could always write another one until it hits the right spot. And I LOVE to hit the right spot. At least once😊

I want to thank you for all the emails, comments, shares, referrals and the suggestions! Dang! You guys have amazing suggestions. Thank you so much for always reading.

A faithful reader of this blog recently got engaged! Here is to you Katie!!!

Wishing a lifetime of multiple orgasms Katie xxx

Wishing you a lifetime of multiple orgasms Katie xxx